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La Hija (2016) Online

La Hija (2016) Online
Original Title :
La Hija
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
Luis Sampieri
Cast :
Gloria Berbuc,Julia Carcheti,María Laura Carhuavilca
Writer :
Luis Sampieri
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
La Hija (2016) Online

The Amado family decides to spend a weekend at their old and decaying country home in the outskirts of the city. The entire clan leaves reluctantly, not wanting to repeat the ritual that feels more like an obligation than anything else, but wanting to settle the sale of a small piece of land in order to alleviate some of their financial hardships. The family arrives at the house, but things take an unexpected turn when Dominga, the domestic employee that takes care of the family's patriarch, Mr. Arcadio Amado, gives birth to a baby in the kitchen. The unexpected event rattles and disrupts the gathering. Everyone is astonished and stunned, not knowing what to do whilst Dominga gives birth, with the help of Yola and Amelia. There is great commotion, while the 'men' of the family gather to assess the situation. Horacio and Mr. Amado talk nervously among themselves, worried about the strange turn of events. Little by little, the moral fabric of the family begins to give way, while Natalia...
Credited cast:
Gloria Berbuc Gloria Berbuc - Yola
Julia Carcheti Julia Carcheti - Amiga
María Laura Carhuavilca María Laura Carhuavilca - Dominga
Daniel Elias Daniel Elias - Horacio
María del Pilar Fiad María del Pilar Fiad - Natalia
Harry Havilio Harry Havilio - Don Arcadio
Santiago Paz Posse Santiago Paz Posse - Jorge
Carolina Paz Carolina Paz - Amelia