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Anything Goes (2005) Online

Anything Goes (2005) Online
Original Title :
Anything Goes
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Directror :
Phil Barry
Cast :
Cathy Barry,Savannah Gold,Jem Stone
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
2h 11min
Rating :
Anything Goes (2005) Online

Cast overview:
Cathy Barry Cathy Barry - Herself
Savannah Gold Savannah Gold - (as Natalie Heck)
Jem Stone Jem Stone
Laura Michaels Laura Michaels - Dealer
Lucy Lucy
Karen Karen
Cerys Cerys
Cynthia Cynthia
Pascal White Pascal White - (as Pascal)
Monty Ferrory Monty Ferrory - Quizmaster
Chuck Loads Chuck Loads - Britain's Oldest Porn Star

User reviews



England inspired much of the "Reality TV" that clutters our video screens nowadays, and British Pornographers jumped in with this lamentable spoof of TV game shows. It's fairly hard to sit through.

A project by the team of local superstar Cathy Barry and her husband Phil, the feature suffers from tons of repetition. The segments of different contestants answering quiz questions and either winning prizes or suffering sexual forfeits is regimented and done over and over with no variation. But why the same inane questions are asked over and over again reflects a complete absence of any creativity.

Some sexual punishments are desirable, such as humping with Cathy Barry herself or familiar porn star Pascal White. Mostly it's spanking, stripping, getting some dildo action and the like. True booby prize is having sex with "Britain's oldest porn star" Chuck Loads, a fate worse than death that an unlucky femme rejects out of hand.

Monty Ferrory is the lousy quiz-master who merely adds to the boredom and pretty eye candy of Laura Michaels (like Cathy, a familiar porn actress) and a girl named Anna is merely okay. Whether the contestants are journey-woman porn stars or amateurs is irrelevant.

Overall it reflects how lame the British porn scene was in the first few years of this millennium, a fact reinforced as I've watched recently the output from that era from labels like Pumpkin, Relish and Union Jaxxx - all bottom of the barrel purveyors.