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Workout (1982) Online

Workout (1982) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Creative Work / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Sidney Galanty
Cast :
Jane Fonda,Steve Brourman,Beverly Brown
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Workout (1982) Online

Jane Fonda's Workout is the original Workout program inspired by her best-selling book. The program includes a 30 minute Beginners' class and a 60 minute Advanced session. Include segments for toning arms, waist, abdomen, legs and hips. It is designed to build strength, develop flexibility, and increase endurance.
Cast overview:
Jane Fonda Jane Fonda - Herself
Steve Brourman Steve Brourman - Himself
Beverly Brown Beverly Brown - Herself
Carol Gutierrez Carol Gutierrez - Herself
Penny Lynn Hauge Penny Lynn Hauge - Herself
Leslie Lilien Leslie Lilien - Herself
Ed Oster Ed Oster - Himself
Doreen Rivera Doreen Rivera - Herself

User reviews



BRANDY'S LEOTARD RATING FOR THIS TAPE IS 10+++ leotards! Personally, I think this was Jane Fondas Best Tape! Jane Fonda is the one who started me using video Exercise Tapes as well as the industry. She put a lot into this first workout, as she did with her next two tapes, New Workout & then Challenge! This is the tape that started the whole Video Tape workout industry! I wonder if Jane had any idea of the mega industry she was creating?

I kind of thought Jane felt we were all ex-dancers or gymnasts, and that we were in better shape than a lot of us may have been! I really learned how great of shape Jane was in! She was almost a double jointed and very flexibly! This is a challenging Tape! There is no Stupid Dancy Steppy Crap here, that all came later thankfully! Excellent Excellent Excellent! Great music, a great tape to add to your collection. A true collectors item as well still selling regularly on Ebay from $20.00 -35.00!! I really like this tape as I do Jane's other early tapes including her pregnancy tape. Try it and enjoy. Brandy, Fitness Instructress.