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Broke and Famous Johnny Depp (2017–2018) Online

Broke and Famous Johnny Depp (2017–2018) Online
Original Title :
Johnny Depp
Genre :
TV Episode / Biography
Year :
Cast :
Victoria Bacon,Erin Blaak,Marshall Craft
Writer :
Debra Felstead
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Broke and Famous Johnny Depp (2017–2018) Online

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's biggest talents, equally at home playing quirky character roles or swashbuckling his way through movie blockbusters. So when news broke in 2017 that he was in deep financial trouble the world was stunned. Court documents blew the lid on his out-of-control spending, but there was more behind Johnny Depp's troubles than a reckless spending habit. His tortured artistic soul and desire for privacy were in constant and damaging conflict with his worldwide fame and sex-symbol status. So who - or what - was really to blame for Johnny Depp becoming Broke and Famous?
Episode credited cast:
Victoria Bacon Victoria Bacon - Lori Anne Allison
Erin Blaak Erin Blaak - Amber Heard
Marshall Craft Marshall Craft - Wes Craven
Simone DaSilva Simone DaSilva - Kate Moss
Wade Groux Wade Groux - Young Adult Johnny Depp
Cameron Le Roy Cameron Le Roy - Young Johnny Depp
Kiyra Lynn Kiyra Lynn - Herself - Celebrity Contributor
Shannon Murphy Shannon Murphy - Winona Ryder
Sean Rey Sean Rey - Johnny Depp
Mike Rivington Mike Rivington - Hunter S. Thompson
Max Steinberg Max Steinberg - young Johnny Depp
Marisa Sullivan Marisa Sullivan - Herself - Contributor