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The Toyman Killer (2013) Online

The Toyman Killer (2013) Online
Original Title :
The Toyman Killer
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Farhad Mann
Cast :
Sarah Carter,David Haydn-Jones,Magda Apanowicz
Writer :
Roma Roth,James Womer
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 25min
Rating :
The Toyman Killer (2013) Online

When psychologist Kate Kovic is asked to evaluate the sanity of a young girl on death row who is exhibiting signs of multiple personality disorder, she has only seven days before the scheduled execution to determine whether the girl is faking her condition to avoid the death penalty or if her personalities are in fact the missing clue to the unsolved murders of The Toyman Killer.
Credited cast:
Sarah Carter Sarah Carter - Kate Kovic
David Haydn-Jones David Haydn-Jones - Detective Ray Santana
Magda Apanowicz Magda Apanowicz - Christine Solter
Tom Butler Tom Butler - Detective Turbinado
Garwin Sanford Garwin Sanford - Dr. Brazer
Rondel Reynoldson Rondel Reynoldson - Ms. Soams
Michael Soltis Michael Soltis - Evidence Attendant
Kyla Wise Kyla Wise - TV Reporter
Catherine Lough Haggquist Catherine Lough Haggquist - Judge Mangold
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jeffrey Ballard Jeffrey Ballard - Adrian Fisher
Peter Benson Peter Benson - Martin Callings
Mark Brandon Mark Brandon - Reporter
Ryleigh Gillespie Ryleigh Gillespie - Young Kate

The license plates used in the 2013 movie "The Toyman Killer" with the slogan Beautiful Evergreen State, but no actual state name, were originally conceived and used in the 2008 movie The Passengers. The slogan is s hybrid creation of the slogans "Beautiful British Columbia" and "The Evergreen State"-Washington. The original slogan search only yielded the 2008 movie reference.

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Attractive blonde psychiatrist Sarah Carter (as Kate Kovic) reluctantly agrees to investigate the case of supposedly "multiple personality" disordered convict Magda Apanowicz (as Christine Solter). Scheduled to be lethally injected in one week, we don't know if the convicted woman is pretending or really possessing herself, a young man nicknamed "Fish" and his mentally challenged younger sister. After a few meetings with Apanowicz, Ms. Carter becomes convinced she is innocent. Now, it becomes a race against the execution clock. Carter begins investigating "The Toyman Killer" who apparently killed the "personalities" inside Apanowicz' head (among others), with help from likewise unmarried police detective David Haydn-Jones (as Ray Santana)...

At the opening crime scene, which occurred six years earlier, we meet Mr. Haydn-Jones and fellow officer Tom Butler (as Dennis Turbinado). Watch as Haydn-Jones checks the wrist of one of the victims. A stickler for details would make a mental note of this and wonder whether he was checking for time, the fish tattoo or the bracelet. Also of interest is why what he saw made the detective angry. But, don't expect any explanation of minor details. A major detail would be the general release of Apanowicz, should she be declared not guilty due to her mental problems; certainly, you would expect the young woman to remain in a psychiatric facility for a period of time. However, director Farhad Mann and the cast perform very well, especially in the basement.

****** The Toyman Killer (7/20/13) Farhad Mann ~ Sarah Carter, David Haydn-Jones, Magda Apanowicz, Tom Butler


The writers of this movie should go practice before they make any attempts at writing a movie script again. We basically knew the killer from the first time we saw the person, but that's not the worst part. The story is unbelievable and badly disjointed, and the acting isn't much better. Now, we have seen several of the actors in other stuff, so we blame the direction and the writing. There's only so many ways you can dress up a turd.

There are a few brighter spots; the trailer was so good we actually stuck with the movie, even though my husband kept pleading for me to turn off the TV ( I kept hoping the suspense of the trailer would manifest itself, but alas!). Also, the girl on death row actually delivered a pretty good acting performance in spite of the circumstances. And we have reenacted several of the worst scenes today, to our mutual great amusement.

I think the worst part of this movie is the lack of suspense. You would expect it to be exciting at least, but even the great reveal is just blah.

And that kind of sums up the whole thing: blah.