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Monsieur La Souris (1942) Online

Monsieur La Souris (1942) Online
Original Title :
Monsieur La Souris
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Georges Lacombe
Cast :
Raimu,Aimé Clariond,René Bergeron
Writer :
Georges Simenon,Marcel Achard
Type :
Time :
1h 46min
Rating :
Monsieur La Souris (1942) Online

On a rainy night, eccentric tramp Mr La Souris finds a corpse. But the body soon vanishes in his car leaving only his wallet. While the police start investigating a missing person report, La Souris concocts a plan to secure his find.
Complete credited cast:
Raimu Raimu - Monsieur La Souris
Aimé Clariond Aimé Clariond - Simon Negretti (as Aimé Clariond Sociétaire de la Comédie Française)
René Bergeron René Bergeron - L'inspecteur Lognon (as Bergeron)
Paul Amiot Paul Amiot - Le commissaire Lucas
Pierre Jourdan Pierre Jourdan - Frédéric Muller
Marcel Melrac Marcel Melrac - Jim (as Melrac)
Jo Dervo Jo Dervo - Fred
Micheline Francey Micheline Francey - Lucile Boisvin
Marie Carlot Marie Carlot - Dora
Charles Granval Charles Granval - Laborde
Gilbert Gil Gilbert Gil - Christian Osting
Raymond Aimos Raymond Aimos - Cupidon (as Aimos)

User reviews



A minor but nonetheless interesting director ,Georges Lacombe made at least two very good movies " Pays Sans Etoiles " and "Le Dernier Des Six ";with screenplays written by Pierre Very or the master HG Clouzot (even Tarentino pays a tribute to two of his movies in "Inglourious Basterds"),you play safe anyway.

Like the two aforementioned works ,"Monsieur La Souris" is based on a great writer's book ,Georges Simenon adapted by Marcel Achard.For all that ,the story is not that exciting,being a derivative whodunit with an unexpected twist a la Agatha Christie .The reason why you would watch this is Raimu.Thanks to his huge talent,you never yawn from boredom:he portrays a tramp -his nickname is "La Souris" (the mouse)- on the street ,who gets involved in a criminal affair and plays the occasional detective :he is better at it than the Police (Poirot and Japp,no less).

Raimu's final (very long)lines are priceless and are worth the price of admission alone.