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Vilko bilietas Loose Ends, Part 1 (2007–2013) Online

Vilko bilietas Loose Ends, Part 1 (2007–2013) Online
Original Title :
Loose Ends, Part 1
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Jeremiah S. Chechik
Cast :
Jeffrey Donovan,Gabrielle Anwar,Bruce Campbell
Writer :
Matt Nix,Craig S. O'Neill
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Vilko bilietas Loose Ends, Part 1 (2007–2013) Online

Michael focuses on arranging a meeting with Phillip Cowan, the paranoid agent who presumably burned him. When Mike's mother receives a covert threat, he asks Nate to look after her. Meanwhile Sam gets only Fiona's help for Gillian, his special forces friend's friend. She is blackmailed with her friend Melissa as unwilling accomplice in her Marine partner Kent's Turkish heroin smuggling. When it turns out the plot is more devious, Michael accepts to help counterattack. The meeting with Cowan takes a dramatic turn.
Episode complete credited cast:
Jeffrey Donovan Jeffrey Donovan - Michael Westen
Gabrielle Anwar Gabrielle Anwar - Fiona Glenanne
Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell - Sam Axe
Sharon Gless Sharon Gless - Madeline Westen
Richard Schiff Richard Schiff - Phillip Cowan
Seth Peterson Seth Peterson - Nate Westen
Maya Stange Maya Stange - Gillian Walsh
Nicholle Tom Nicholle Tom - Melissa Fontenau
Jeffrey Johnson Jeffrey Johnson - Kent Fontenau
Bruce Blauer Bruce Blauer - Ray Wagoner
Mark Salem Mark Salem - Weasely Guy
David Yuzuk David Yuzuk - Security Guard
David Andrew Nash David Andrew Nash - Gate Guard

The case for the drugs is actually the transit case for a AN/USM 323. This is the military version of the Hewlett Packard 8640M. By the way she is carrying it, it is completely empty. The empty case weighs about 25 pounds.

Although press releases, on-line listings and cable/satellite companies billed this as "Loose Ends," the official web site, as of October 2007, billed this as "Dead Drop."

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