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Private Film 15: Golden Triangle (1994) Online

Private Film 15: Golden Triangle (1994) Online
Original Title :
Private Film 15: Golden Triangle
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Directror :
Pierre Woodman
Cast :
Linda Adamovicha,Sue Ann,Alain Deloin
Type :
Creative Work
Rating :
Private Film 15: Golden Triangle (1994) Online

Credited cast:
Linda Adamovicha Linda Adamovicha - (as Linda)
Sue Ann Sue Ann - (as Su Ann)
Alain Deloin Alain Deloin
Barbara Doll Barbara Doll
Silvio Evangelista Silvio Evangelista - (as Silvio)
Mark Hansen Mark Hansen - (as Marc)
Julie Julie
Lolita Lolita
Rebecca Lord Rebecca Lord - (as Rebecca Carré)
Natacha Natacha
David Perry David Perry - (as David LeCogneur)
Alberto Rey Alberto Rey - (as Alberto Ray)
Jack Slater Jack Slater - (as Jack Striker)
Philippe Soine Philippe Soine
Franck Versace Franck Versace - (as Franky Versace)

According to director Pierre Woodman, the production was plagued with problems: shooting in Bali was delayed when customs officers confiscated much of the camera equipment and demanded thousands of dollars for its release; Woodman himself was arrested on "morals" charges because Bali, an extremely conservative Buddhist island in a Muslim country, did not allow nudity to be filmed there let alone hardcore pornography, and the punishment for doing so was a heavy fine and jail time (and the police demanded a $10,000 bribe before they let Woodman out of jail); one of the film's leading actors was so freaked out by the troubles the production was having that he hopped on a plane and flew back to Europe before the film was finished; and there were allegations that Natacha, a Russian model who was the leading actress, was underage. Consequently, the film was never released in France and, according to Woodman, would probably never be released on DVD.