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Skiptrace (2016) Online

Skiptrace (2016) Online
Original Title :
Jue di tao wang
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Renny Harlin
Cast :
Jackie Chan,Johnny Knoxville,Bingbing Fan
Writer :
Jay Longino,Jay Longino
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 47min
Rating :

A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.

Skiptrace (2016) Online

Still blaming himself for the untimely demise of his best friend after nine long years, the veteran Hong Kong police detective, Bennie Chan, still finds himself on a wild-goose chase, trying to expose the elusive criminal kingpin known only as "The Matador". So far, nothing has changed, and Bennie's main suspect--the corrupt entrepreneur, Victor Wong--is, above all, legally untouchable. However, when Samantha--his late partner's only daughter--has a brush with the mob, Bennie will have no other choice but to seek help from an improbable ally: the flamboyant American gambler, Conor Watts, who has serious problems of his own with the Russian mafia. Now, the unlikely duo must cross the vast landscapes of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert to return to Hong Kong in one piece, as the Matador is still unknown. Will Bennie ever find the hard evidence he needs to put him once and for all behind bars? {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan - Bennie Chan
Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville - Connor Watts
Bingbing Fan Bingbing Fan - Samantha Bai
Eric Tsang Eric Tsang - Yung
Eve Torres Eve Torres - Dasha (as Eve Gracie)
Winston Chao Winston Chao - Victor Wong
Jeong-hun Yeon Jeong-hun Yeon - Willie (as Junghoon Youn)
Shi Shi Shi Shi - Leslie
Michael Wong Michael Wong - Tang
Dylan Kuo Dylan Kuo - Esmond (as Pin Chao Kuo)
Zoe Zhang Zoe Zhang - Ting Ting (as Zhang Lanxin)
Wei Na Wei Na - Officer Wu (as Na Wei)
Charlie Rawes Charlie Rawes - Sergei
Michael Gor Michael Gor - Dima (as Mikhail Gorevoy)
Sara Maria Forsberg Sara Maria Forsberg - Natalya (as Sara Forsberg)

Seann William Scott was set to star as Connor Watts but dropped out. Johnny Knoxville replaced him.

Bennie commented that he cannot swim. In real-life, Jackie Chan cannot swim.

The Mandarin/Chinese song that Johnny Knoxville sings that can be seen in the trailer is actually Jackie Chan's song "Ming Ming Bai Bai Wo De Xin" (Please Understand My Heart). Back in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan sung this song to great acclaim.

On December 17, 2014, Cinematographer Kwok Hung Chan drowned while on a shoot for this movie.

Jackie Chan and Director Renny Harlin had scheduled filming a fight scene for the abandoned film "Nosebleed" on the roof of the World Trade Center the morning of the 9/11 attacks. Instead re-scheduling the shoot for the next day as Jackie Chan came up with new stunt and fight choreography ideas using a window washing lift.

Jackie Chan came up with the name "Bennie" for his character, so, at some point, his partner's daughter Samantha to called him "Uncle Bennie". This is an homage to Kim Chan, who played the character "Uncle Benny" in American movies including L'arme fatale 4 (1998). He only changed the ending -y to -ie out of courtesy.

This movie reunites Director Renny Harlin and Jackie Chan after shelving "Nosebleed", which would have been the only Hollywood movie to allow Chan to use his signature 1-2 "Super Stunts".

This movie setting spans three countries (China, Russia, and Mongolia) and six territories (including Macau, Hong Kong, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region).

The character Dasha was played by Eve Torres, who is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and was previously in WWE as a wrestler.

First theatrically released movie for Eve Torres (Dasha).

Hollywood movie debut of Jeong-hun Yeon (Willie).

Eric Tsang and Richard Ng also appeared with Jackie Chan in several 1980s movies like Winners & Sinners (1983), Wheels on Meals (1984), and My Lucky Stars (1985).

The entire journey that Bennie (Jackie Chan) and Connor (Johnny Knoxville) took (from Siberia, Russia to Zamiin-Uud, "China Border") is supposedly over two thousand kilometers (one thousand two hundred forty-two miles).

Director Renny Harlin replaced Sam Fell.

First movie written by Jay Longino and BenDavid Grabinski.

User reviews



Okay, the plot is a little bit all over the place at times but it still had some pretty neat fights (Jackie Chan always delivers some good stunts for his films) and some fun humor (often within said fight scenes).

There was some dubbed scenes in the first 20 minutes where they clearly weren't speaking English as they would have had no reason to being just Chinese present but luckily that didn't last too long.

I'm guessing the studio thought that Johnny Knoxville fans couldn't handle reading too many subtitles so they dubbed every other scene that was Mandarin sometimes more obvious than others (in the first dubbed scene they avoid the obviousness by simply picking shots that avoid the lips of the cast when they speak).

But I guess that makes it feel a bit like the classic early 90's Jackie Chan movies where they did similar things for the international versions.

Anyway all in all I was mostly entertained and that's why we watch these kind of movies after all and it's worth watching it to see Jackie Chan sing Adelé alone.

6.5/10 for me.


'SKIPTRACE': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new Chinese-American action-comedy buddy film, starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville. It was directed by Renny Harlin, and written by Jay Longino, BenDavid Grabinski and Wen-Chia Chang. The film tells the story of a Hong Kong detective, that's forced to team up with an American gambler; in order to stop a Chinese crime boss. The movie also costars Bingbing Fan (a popular Chinese actress and pop singer), Eve Torres (a popular WWE wrestler, model and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter) and Eric Tsang. The movie received mostly poor reviews from critics, but it was a blockbuster at the Chinese Box Office. I enjoyed it.

Bennie Chan (Chan) is a Hong Kong detective, that's been pursuing a Chinese crime boss, known as 'Matador', for many years. He became obsessive about the case, when the notorious criminal killed his partner, Yung (Tsang). Bennie believes that a businessman, named Victor Wong (Winston Chao), is the 'Matador', but he doesn't have the evidence he needs to prove it. When Yung's daughter (Fan) gets in trouble with the crime boss, for letting an American gambler, named Connor Watts (Knoxville), steal from her, Bennie must track the gambler down in order to help her. Bennie and Connor then reluctantly team up, and of course bond on their new adventure.

The movie is everything you'd expect from a Jackie Chan buddy movie; it's reminiscent of 'RUSH HOUR' and 'SHANGHAI NOON', but not quite as good. Knoxville is great playing the comic relief, in action buddy flicks like this (he also did it in 2004's 'WALKING TALL', and 2013's 'THE LAST STAND'), and he and Chan have great chemistry together; it would have been interesting to see Sean William Scott in the role too though (who Knoxville replaced). Renny Harlin is of course very qualified to direct this type of movie as well, and he does a good job. It's a fun movie; not great, but fun.

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I enjoy this movie but only because I've been a Jackie Chan fan.

The movie features his trademark comedy moves and gags, but as an action martial arts flick his moves against goons are now much slower than his past movies due to his age (respectfully so). The man is still doing his own stunts and the end credit routine showing the bloopers is always a treat for me.

Knoxville portrays a crook very believably well and the pair of opposite do attract and contrast sometimes to keep the story flowing.

Jackie Chan should join forces with all the other old stars such as Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung and make united flick franchises like R.E.D., The Expendables...

In conclusion, Skiptrace is a bit like From Russia to Hongkong in 80 days, with some bits of China tourism ads/commercials thrown in, plus regular Jackie Chan favourite flavours. If you enjoy Jackie Chan, watch it to support him.


Hong Kong police detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) loses his partner Yung in a deadly bombing. He suspects that businessman Victor Wong is criminal Matador responsible for the death. He's been investigating for 9 years to no avail. World-traveling thief Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) is on the run from the Russian mob after sleeping with the daughter of the boss. In Macau, he gets involved with Yung's daughter Samantha who is infiltrating a casino connected to Victor Wong. He steals her card to access a private floor where he witnesses Esther Yee's murder. He escapes by getting taken by the Russians. The casino accuses him of stealing money and Samantha asks Bennie to track him down.

This is classic Jackie Chan. The action is still there and so is his sense of humor. His fights still have that pep and his fights with Eve Torres are actually funny. It's nothing new except this time's guilo is Knoxville. I expected better chemistry but the two deliver enough comedy. The story doesn't really work and the movie tries very hard to make it into a muddle. The guys end up in the Mongolian desert for no particularly good reason other than it's exotic cool. It's great to see Jackie staying in fighting shape but it's not much better than that.
Der Bat

Der Bat

It's always a crap shoot whenever a Hollywood film tries to bring martial arts into mainstream North America. Jackie Chan has for the most part bridged that gap successfully while integrating comedy. Unlike with his past comedic partners in crime from Owen Wilson and Chris Tucker. Johnny Knoxville fails miserably. It's not entirely his fault. It's the film itself. It seems to me Renny Harlin is trying to mash bits of Shanghai Noon with Rush Hour with a dab of Supercop. The film doesn't gel at all. The flow is all over the place and scenes are too implausible. Each scene, seems to be a gag. There's conversation/joke/story line implied then at the end of the scene, the punchline. Then it moves on. Action scenes are obvious Chan-born, which sometimes do not feel unique unlike his past Hollywood films. Feels too contrived, not original enough. I am a big fan of Jackie Chan - Johnny Knoxville is coming along trying to be taken seriously, but Renny can't seems to improve either actors and that shows in this outing. His last decent film, Long Kiss Goodnight should be used as reference to make better action movies.
Lahorns Gods

Lahorns Gods

Skiptrace finds Jackie Chan trying that odd Chinese-American combination yet again, but unfortunately he fails miserably this time. Johnny Knoxville fails to fire up that natural flair of comedy that Owen Wilson had so effortlessly aced in the Shanghai franchise. Unfortunately the movie falls like dominoes owing to a bland plot and an unvarying disconnect that rips apart whatever Skiptrace was trying to walk upon.


The direction of Skiptrace is absolutely pathetic. Renny Harlin isn't really sure what he wishes to show. You can see that confusion in his frames. Or maybe that element of clarity is missing from his head that clouds his judgment. Editing will compel you to shake your head. It is that bad.

Humour is quite confined, always acting contrary to our expectations. With Johnny Knoxville in the vanguard to stay as the primary entertainer of Skiptrace, expectations naturally shot up high. But Johnny made it all mediocre. You keep waiting for something funny, but then the wait becomes punishing.

The plot is forced upon to entertain a deliberate road trip. You feel the emptiness of it all when you see nothing substantial emanate from any corner. We are always heading towards something, so that's kind of good.

Chan and Knoxville create an okay chemistry though it is hard to compare their pairing up with the likes of what you have seen over the years.


Gone are those days when Jackie used to be young, and his fight scenes used to be the ogling kind. It always sends me back in time, when I try to remember all of his arresting fight sequences from the likes of Project A series, Who Am I, City Hunter, Armour of God and Police Story franchise. He still manages to entertain us nevertheless, but the quantum of combat bits in his movies has seen a gradual decline over the years. Maybe old age is doing that to him. It is in a way sad, because even when his movies didn't bank on a good storyline, he used to still uplift them with his jaw-dropping brawls. We miss that profusely.

Now that I think of it every Jackie Chan movie is ending up like that. Maybe for a change he should use a stunt double so that he doesn't hurt himself delivering those parkour like stunts, as is quite evident from his end credit scenes.


Skiptrace makes for a passable watch, preferable when you are fine with your brain taking a holiday for a change. You cannot help but think, it is time Jackie Chan amp up his entertaining quotient, by partnering up with either Owen Wilson or Tucker again. At least that magic was working for him.


Look, I am a huge Jackie Chan fan and I have seen quite a few of his films that were accessible to American audiences. He has done some remarkable movies in his day. Anyone the hasn't seen Police Story 1 or 2 is missing some of the most hardcore action ever put to film. Legend of the Drunken Master is a classic film. Project A, Armour of the Gods, Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour, and on and on and on. I love Jackie Chan.

This film however is bad. I mean capital B A D. The action sequences are poorly filmed. The dialogue is terrible. The story progression is horrendous. The acting is atrocious. I wanted to like this movie...I really did. Jackie Chan has broken down so many barriers. His comedic style is something that has given me laughs upon laughs for years. But it just doesn't work this time.

I chalk it up to a poor script, the fact that he is probably slowing down some in his older age, and just bad direction, bad writing, and horrible editing.

Watch at your own risk.


This film tells the story of a Hong Kong policeman who has to catch an American con man, chasing him from Macau to Russia. Along the way, they encounter trouble with Russian gangs and Mongolian tribes. They have to do everything to survive.

"Skiptrace" is in English but it is clear that it is aimed at the Chinese market. The film itself is adequately entertaining, with a lot of action scenes done in a funny way that makes you chuckle. However, it just looks like every other recent Jackie Chan film, even the action sequences are beginning to feel strangely familiar. It is an adequate choice to kill an evening, but don't expect too much because Hollywood action films have moved on but this hasn't.


Okay bear with me on this one, this is one of those films that I enjoyed yet I fully understand an argument against me doing so.

You see Netflix decided to make another buddy duo with Jackie Chan, he's done great work with Chris Tucker, Owen Wilson and even Lee Evans before so it made sense. There is just something about him that screams buddy movie, so here they pair him with Johnny Knoxville which has been met with a very mixed reception. Do they have chemistry? I personally thought so.

It tells a rather generic action movie story (As they tend to do) with lashings of comedy to keep it interesting and in my view both of these leads excel in that department. They both have great natural comedic timing despite not really coming from that background, Chan from martial arts and Knoxville from.......stunts?

An old school buddy movie with over the top sequences, the odd couple dynamic and Chan's trademark comedy stunts/fight scenes I was enthralled but the films flaws are overwhelming.

Many jokes miss their mark, some moments seem awkward, the fights are considerably tamer than we're used to (Chan's age no doubt a factor), and the whole thing has a really PG vibe to it. Truth be told the movie has a lot more flaws than I'm letting on but it's qualities outweigh them and I found it an enjoyable, fun, throwback movie.

I understand the criticism, but I really enjoyed it and would love a sequel.

The Good:

Leads do a great job

Eve Torres is ageing like a fine wine

Some funny moments

Awesome buddy movie dynamic

The Bad:

Littered with flaws in pretty much every area of the film

PG cuteness hurts the film


I was honored by my friend, Daniel Wu (coldwar, Police Story), to show me a screener of this movie.

any real Jackie Chan fan knows a good movie! I have been watching all his movies since I was 7, lol. From Drunken Kung fu master to Rush Hour and the recent Dragon Blade. this is far the realest Hollywood movie Jackie has made. Despite the ones with Chris tucker, which made Jackie a sidekick..

Jackie is no side kick. If anyone has watched his Hong Kong movies that were translated to English and debut in the late 90s and mid 2000s in USA.. you would Know Jackie CHAN is the leading action star in all his movies.. But he is humble, he gives creds to his co stars In all his movies despite what other critics say. I doubt they actually sit thru his movies. They just combine other critics viewpoints with their own and say they sat thru the whole movie! Johnny Knoxville is the perfect match, action comedy buddy since Sammo Hung Gung BO ( Jackies childhold friend, From China's Kung Fu School).

Sammo makes a brief appearance in this comedy caper. From the beginning to the end I couldn't stop watching this movie.. reminds me of all his movies from Rumble in the Bronx to his Police Story sequels.

What's weird is, Jackie doesn't care that his movies had been going directly to video on demand in US. It seems like in uS they don't want an Asian Action leading man star. Suffice to say in US, its still kinda sad and racist of the Movie industry.. Think back in 1997 time, when Jackie was coming back to America, The studios were re Releasing all of his Dubbed Chinese movies in English way before RUSH hour hit the scene.. WHY you say? Because studios back then actually promoted him.. Now everyone is promoting anime and cartoons and superheros instead.

Sad how the system works, but luckily for JACKIE CHan, his movies open normally in other countries in REAL Theatres.. SO Hollywood, wake the F up, lol JACKIE Chan is a movie star despite the Hollywood studios in USA that doesn't think he is! The duo are the best buddy/ cop compadres I have seen in years.. And its by RENNY HARLIn ( Cliffhanger with stallone , Die Hard movie), HELLO Mr action Jackson himself. SO glad Jackie got renny to direct this non stop action comedy movie, we all deserve from JACKIE.

Cant wait to see this in theatres on SEPT 2, 2016.


I actually saw the first half in Chinese and the other half in English. Dare I say, dialogues in Chinese dubbed conveyed more sincerity.

What I don't understand is the philosophy behind the villain like why he faked his own death in the first place and why did he kill himself again, why didn't he take care of his own daughter and left her to his so-called "friend" and why aren't the Hong Kong police talking in Cantonese, why can't that be subtitled as well.

Yes, the film seemed like a "Rush Hour" layout with more rural beautiful scenery of China. The actions and fight scenes were great, don't get me wrong but it's really hard to make a good Asian-American film. Not enough scripts going around, I guess?


I know the modern millennials, the intellectually inept, and also the emotionally unstable will not get it, but this little gem is a return to a time when movies meant to entertain rather than degrade.

Yes the acting is simple and fun, but this isn't a history piece. Yes the story line is quick and nostalgically pure, but it isn't a melodrama. But here's what this film is not: it is not full of disgusting pornography and unnecessarily perverted innuendos to keep today's "youth" entertained by pulling on their neanderthal limbic responses to get a bite. There is no blood or gore as we see it today that can ruin even an adult psyche by today's idea of cinematic "morals". It does not inject politically correct ethical impurities to persuade those of lesser IQ and mental instinct to clap at every pop culture reference toward popular political brainwashing dogmas. It does not pretend to be anything but what it is, a wholesome and entertaining flick.

It is what movies used to be like and what I respect Jackie Chan for continuing to do even today, and that is make movies that a normal set of parents can go see with their adolescent kids and not worry of at any second two men that look like women will try to force some insanity of pseudo logic and propaganda on my family.

This movie reminds me of what movies were like when actors didn't get paid $30 million apiece (even if these actors did - who knows) just to show up and "act". This movie reminds me of when going to the movies meant joy and entertainment, even if it wasn't necessarily deep.

perfect for families and it made me smile, because it brought back a touch of hope that maybe, just maybe, movies may one day return to a time when no agenda needed to be pushed and simple entertainment for a family audience was the only desired effect.

This is not Citizen Kane or Casablanca, but I still give it highest marks for doing that which in today's chaotic time of violence, filth, greed and social degradation may be considered "boring" by people who have passed the event horizon of stupidity. That alone earns it a ten in my book.

There's hope.


First of all if you like the old style Jackie Chan Films, you most likely would like this one!

The pilot and sub-pilot is nothing to write home about, OK and fun, but not that special. But pace was just right, you never get bored even when the action happen to stop for moment. -Romance parts, all are feel little bit forced, but then again, you(I am anyway) are here to watch Jackie Chan movie, not some romantic drama. -Action was solid, but bit slow then Chan's old films, he does get old it seem. -comedic parts was also OK! Few here and few there, just to keep things light, which is good, I really didn't like what they did in Rush Hour, which many comedic moment feel very force and way too many! -And for a "old" person that grow up watching Chan's movie, this movie has almost zero Blood or Gore, which is actually refreshing now days.

Over all it's light, fun(with some kong-fu action)and entertaining Film!


I have to start by saying I have a vested interest: I like breathing.

That said, this movie made me want to stop breathing.

First the two main actors have ZERO chemistry, in fact some scenes look like the are blue screening against each other and it was filmed with each actor in a different country. It really is that bad. Jackie is also looking a little 'tired' - when you see a 62 year old Grandfather in an action movie lead; a little bit of hero status gets chipped away. As for Knoxy, he too was looking a little jaded at 45 he is beginning to look more like 'Max Headroom' (UK Channel 4).

The plot, well, if you take a scene from all JC's movies in the last 20 years, then you get the exact plot of this movie. Only this one is sooooo much worse.

The Director, not wanting to blaspheme and also be sued for libel. I must say the director had plopsy slopsy to work with, but he even made a pigs ear of that.

Even the costumes were clunky and cliché - not purposeful.

Jackie, I have to say you are a hero of mine, please don't do this, you have more to loose than the other starlets or desperados in this movie; I am sorry Jackie, but I cannot lie. Please be true to yourself.

Other than that perhaps this movie could be used as a training exercise...

I only hope that someone was able to retire on the back of that.


Skiptrace is the result of a collaboration effort between Chinese talent and American filmmakers. The movie is directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) and written by Jay Longino (Bachelor Party 2) and BenDavid Grabinski (Cost of Living).

Jackie Chan returns to play the kind of role that made him famous in America. The movie's format is also reminiscent of Rush Hour. A series that Jackie was famous for in America following Rumble in the Bronx. Johnny Knoxville is seen here as the goofball reminiscent of Chris Tucker's role as Carter in Rush Hour. The film also stars famous mainland Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who plays as the adopted daughter of Jackie Chan's character.

On paper, Skiptrace sounds like a great movie. I love Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing and I also love the Rush Hour movies. What can go wrong? In reality the movie ends up disappointing. Jackie Chan turns in a decent performance but typical of his earlier action movies. Johnny Knoxville's acting was sub-par but I did buy the whole scumbag gambler routine. Fan Bingbing was far and away the best performer (in terms of acting) in the movie but she was relegated to a damsel in distress role.

What I enjoyed most in the movie is seeing China's beautiful countryside as well as a brief look into Mongolia and it's people. The film overall is very run of the mill buddy cop flick. I didn't feel connected to Benny Chan's tragedy, which is central to his motivation for going after the crime boss Matador. I warmed up to the characters midway through the movie when it was more humorous. The plot twist was predictable and the ending gave me a bitter taste in my mouth.


The odd buddy cop movie, and partial road trip comedy, is something one would expect from a decade ago, along with "Rundown" or Jackie's own "Rush Hour". It has the apparent goal to deliver action comedy while presenting beautiful location as the backdrop. Unfortunately, the shady plot and awkwardly crafted fight scene along with odd pacing hamper the movie every step of the way.

Bennie (Jackie Chan) is a cop with obsession to capture a drug dealer who kills his partner, but in order to do so he must chase a conman Connor (Johnny Knoxville). This might sound like a cliché cop story, because it is. Furthermore, it's riddled with consistency and logical issues, but nevertheless the movie pushes along since it needs to showcase more tourist locations.

The strongest assets may be the cinematography, it's shot in various stunning places, which is already a boon for any movie. Activity such as the lantern or mud festival is bound to attract viewer, as much as it does to tourist. The problem is stringing these scenes in orderly fashion. It often stumbles due to editing or simply a missed piece in the plot.

Same thing happens with comedy aspect as well. The movie may offer a few chuckles here and there, but too much is spent of the buddy cop relationship that is not particularly appealing. It can be attributed to the clash of multiple languages and the untimely delivery, even looking like the audio is a mismatch.

As for the trademark Jackie's stunts, "Skiptrace" does have them. This once popular gig is now more of niche since most action movies have incorporated wilder style. The addition of poor green screen for obvious large scale scene feels too outdated at this point. Characters involved are rigidly played, ranging from drug lord to Russian mafia, most of them are highly underutilized or simply too stereotypical to be effective.

"Skiptrace" feels more like a promotional tour with mediocre cop story and odd buddy gimmick thrown in as excuse for the travel.


No matter that it was filmed largely in China, 'Skiptrace' hews closer to the Hollywood action comedies that Jackie Chan was making for a predominantly Western audience in the early 2000s than the big- budget Chinese historical epics that he has been making thereafter. Like 'Rush Hour' or 'Shanghai Noon' therefore, Jackie is here accompanied by an American sidekick whose main and perhaps only purpose is to serve as his comic foil – and that honour this time round has been bestowed on 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville. Yet even though it plays completely according to formula by allowing Jackie and Johnny to bicker and joust together and against each other, there is something distinctly diminishing about their 'odd-couple' enterprise this time round, such that the Renny Harlin-directed film is never quite as exciting or amusing as it needs to be in order to be entertaining.

To be sure, it does begin on a high by introducing Jackie's Hong Kong police officer Bennie Chan in the midst of a raid on a drug trade happening in one of Tai-O's stilt houses. It is nothing spectacular to be frank, but seeing Jackie do what he does best is always a treat. Just as Jackie, Johnny's character also gets an extended introduction that establishes him as the disarmingly charming hustler Connor Watts, who arrives in Macau with Russian gangsters on his heel for owing a debt to their boss Dima. Connor is twice unwittingly caught up in Victor's affairs by being at the wrong place and the wrong time to have seen Victor shoot dead a female with apparently incriminating evidence against the latter, which also explains why he opts to go with the Russians later on. It is this turn of events that sets Connor up as a prized witness for Bennie as well as a target whom Victor sends his henchmen (led by Leo Ku) to eliminate.

Bennie's initial run-in with the Russians that kicks off the middle act is probably the most lively action sequence among the three elaborate ones that Jackie stages throughout the course of the movie. Jackie is as playful as ever in these scenes, whether stuffing Connor in a bin and rolling him down the pavements or using a life-sized Russian doll to evade the blows of a tough leather-clad female opponent dubbed the 'Siberian Terminator' (Eve Torres), but this is unfortunately also the point where it (sometimes literally) starts going downhill.

Because Jackie has taken it upon himself to be China's unofficial ambassador to the world, 'Skiptrace' also carries with it his motivation to showcase the sights and cultures of the more native parts of China. And so, even though it defies narrative logic, Bennie's trek across China with Connor back to Hong Kong will include a dinner-and-dance with a Mongolian tribe where Jackie will perform Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' (believe that!) as well as a stopover at a Yunnan village where the people happen to be releasing 'kongming lanterns' that evening and celebrating the 'Mud Festival' and 'Hundred Family Feast' in the morning. In between, Bennie and Connor sneak their way on board a train, drive a rickety two-seater vehicle into the Gobi Desert, row down a fast-flowing river on a raft buoyed by inflated pig skin and even spend a night in a cave spooning each other to keep warm.

Yet even with these opportunities for bonding, one never gets a real sense of camaraderie between the two travellers. That is partly because Jackie often takes the moral high ground chastising Connor for not being a 'man of honour', partly because Johnny spends most of his time scowling for being dragged against his will across China, partly because the script by first-time writers Jay Longino and Bendavio Grabinski lacks character depth, and also because Jackie and Johnny do not quite share enough chemistry to turn the antagonism between their characters into the sort of 'love-hate' relationship that the movie needs. As a result, Connor's change of heart later on feels obligatory, be it a newfound sense of honour that motivates him to speak up for the truth or a renewed sense of loyalty towards Bennie to help a 'brother' in time of need.

Ditto the final setpiece set at a shipyard in Hong Kong – notwithstanding a late twist on the identity of 'The Matador', the action feels tired and uninspired, even with Jackie doing a lot of running around. His best sequences have always had an operatic grace and order to them, but Jackie's last hurrah here lacks elegance and comes across haphazard – and is even overshadowed by a girl-on-girl showdown between Torres and Mainland actress Zhang Lanxin. That is even more disappointing considering how Jackie and his director Renny (of 'Die Hard 2' and 'Cliffhanger') are supposed to be pros at staging such high-wire acts, but seem content to go out in a middling way here.

Alas that sentiment is true of the movie as a whole, which ultimately lacks the screen rapport (between Jackie and Johnny) so sorely needed to make the buddy-comedy pop. By the time he finally got this made, Jackie too seems exhausted, and those looking for his usual level of energy or inventiveness will surely go away empty. Even on the level of the Hollywood action comedies Jackie used to make, this probably ranks among one of his least, not as dire or embarrassing as 'The Spy Next Door' but not quite much better than 'The Tuxedo'. This is no 'CZ12' for sure, and seeing as how Jackie has already lined up 'Railroad Tigers' for the end of the year, you'll be better off waiting for that than this 'Rush Hour' reject neither fun nor thrilling enough to even justify a fourth instalment under the banner.


This movie was fun, plain and simple fun!

But some of the negative comments here... guys, give your heads a shake!

This isn't a dramatic psycho-thriller nor a serious action movie! It's a Jackie Chan movie - and silly action and (pleasantly) stupid comedy as such! He does his own stunts AND he's getting old, so give the guy a break! Learn to classify your comments accordingly and appropriately!

Then add Johnny Knoxville, and the humour and stupidity just multiply exponentially to 'let-your-self-go-FUN'... I couldn't stop laughing out loud! And I have to say, the story-line/plot was also very well done.

What I really enjoyed about this movie better than Rush Hour, was the added plot of the Russians, and particularly the location shoots in some of the most beautiful and awed scenery in China.

I was going into this movie expecting another enjoyable Rush Hour, but was pleasantly surprised at how much more I enjoyed it!

I will be seeing this one at least one more time with family and friends and recommending it to everyone.

A well deserved 9/10!


Renny Harlin's Skiptrace is big garland to crazy comedies of eighties. With a little scheme movie stays together mainly, because in some parts it actually is quite funny movie. Jackie Chan's fight scenes are well choreography, and it is hard to believe that he is already over sixty year old actor. Movie introduces beautiful and enormous China scenery beautifully and that is one of the best moments in this movie. Most surprising and cheerful moment of the movie happens in the middle of Gobi desert when Jackie Chan turn out to be big Adele fan. Adele's Rolling in the Deep hit smashes the movie to it's next level and makes it even more joyful. With a little confused plot the movie still have it moments. One of them is movies tongue-in-cheek attitude which is Jackie Chan's trademark. Also China's and Mongolia's scenery are breathtaking. With all the feebleness Skiptrace is actually a decent action comedy. With right state of mind it is very enjoyable movie. I can't recommend it to humourless persons, but to all Renny Harlin movie fans it is dandy crazy comedy.


"If I go back with you they're gonna kill me." Bennie (Jackie Chan) is one of the best detectives in Hong Kong and after the death of his partner he begins his hunt for a man known as the Matador. He is stuck until he hears about Connor Watts (Knoxville) and his problems. Now with an item and a suspect the two must do whatever it takes to find the man they think is the Matador, before it's too late. This is a movie that was pretty much what I expected. The trailer and the poster make it seem like a Rush Hour type movie with Knoxville instead of Tucker. That is basically what this movie is. The chemistry between these two isn't as good, Chan looks tired and Knoxville seems to try way to hard in this. That said, the movie isn't terrible and is worth watching but it does really tend to drag and get very repetitive. Fans of Jackie Chan will like this, but this should be that last movie like this he does. Overall, a slower and less exciting Rush Hour with worse chemistry between the two main actors, but all that being said its still a decent watch. Just tone down your expectations. I give this a C+.


One of the worst movies I've seen this year... actually it's more like this past decade. It's pretty obvious that a bunch of people were paid to give this a rating of 4/10 or better.

I like Jackie Chan but the stunts in this movie is beyond horrible, I guess you can't really blame Jackie because he's 62 years old.

Another failed Chinese copying attempt at making a blockbuster sequels like Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour.

Johnny Knoxville and Jackie Chan had zero chemistry, it felt like the both of them only agreed to make this movie after they saw the amount of zeros that was written on their paychecks



hmmmm a weird nane for a film especially a Jackie Chan film but as always Jackie delivers with fights, stunts, humour and this time actually a good buddy crime story with a little twist that even I wasn't expecting at the end.

Thoroughly enjoyed this film as I always do with Jackie Chan films so if you've got nothing better to do and what some enjoyable movie watching then you won't go far wrong with Jackie Chan.


I first heard of Jackie Chan from the Rush Hour movies. Since then I've watched him come out in a few good American movies. Not every movie can become a hit. SkipTrace falls in between his best and those that were not so good. The story line is not original, but how can it be with so many cop movies and TV shows out today, but bring in a little Jackie Chan humor and it becomes a decent movie. It's not a Hollywood blockbuster, but who needs Hollywood when you have Jackie. Johnny Knoxville is not known for being a great actor, but his performance is good enough to help move the movie along. I was never bored watching this movie, it kept my interest from beginning to end. That's all you can ask from some movies. I was surprised it was only released in Italy? and not the US? Was it straight to DVD after Italy? Doesn't matter, if you can't find anything on TV to watch, check out this movie it will help waste a couple hours of you life.


I really have no idea why there are so many nay sayers here criticising this film?!

This is pure fun and old school action, the sort of unimportant movie that is pure enjoyment.

Jackie and Johnny together at last! In a stress free and brilliantly choreographed film these guys shine. Stunts that are brilliant and locations that are wonderful. Seriously, what's the problem?!

If you cannot enjoy this film there's something wrong with you! Stick to the regular takes itself seriously bs because these guys are very clever and a lot of fun... ENJOY!!!


Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) is on administrative leave. He was attempting to bring down businessman Victor Wong, but his efforts proved futile and had a lot of collateral damage. Circumstances lead him to American Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) who has a smart phone that can only be opened by the head of the crime syndicate. Chan travels to Russia to escort Watts back, who doesn't really want to come back. They become chased by the law, the Hong Kong gangsters and occasional Russian which gives us a couple of conflicts between Chan and Eve Torres. Keep in mind this is a Chan movie.

The film starts out like a westernized grindhouse, but with Chan's slapstick fighting style, it can only be a crime action comedy. The Adele number was priceless.

Guide: No F-words, sex, or nudity. Killing, no gore. A "Wikipedia" of Chinese ceremonies and customs.