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Éxtasis (1996) Online

Éxtasis (1996) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Mariano Barroso
Cast :
Javier Bardem,Federico Luppi,Silvia Munt
Writer :
Mariano Barroso,Joaquín Oristrell
Type :
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Éxtasis (1996) Online

Three friends, two young men and a young woman, are bored by the normal world of their parents and want to flee in order to start living somewhere else. Thus they make a pervert plan: rob their own families. After that they flee without any destination and without having really planned where to go to.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Javier Bardem Javier Bardem - Rober
Federico Luppi Federico Luppi - Daniel
Silvia Munt Silvia Munt - Lola
Daniel Guzmán Daniel Guzmán - Max
Leyre Berrocal Leyre Berrocal - Ona (as Leire Berrocal)
Alfonso Lussón Alfonso Lussón - Tío de Rober
Guillermo Rodríguez Guillermo Rodríguez - Quino
Juan Díaz Juan Díaz - Hermano de Ona
Carlos Lucas Carlos Lucas - Hombre
Elia Muñoz Elia Muñoz - Empleada
Macarena Pombo Macarena Pombo - Ayudante
Pep Cortés Pep Cortés - Padre de Ona
Paco Catalá Paco Catalá - Dueño pensión
Fanny Condado Fanny Condado - Chica fiesta (as Fany Condado)
David Pinilla David Pinilla - Camarero

User reviews



Javier Bardem shows an incredible range as the leader of a group of petty thieves,he is sexually exciting and aggressive...almost intoxicating in his presence,you believe he could seduce anyone into anything.He poses as the long lost son of Federico Lupi,the great Argentinan actor, and an incredible development in the story takes place as Javier begins to like his new life and the real son becomes a threatening menace.There are moments where you feel Lupi is having his doubts about Javier's identity yet continues to play along...this is the son he always wished he had...leading up to the very tragic climax.Incredible use of camera work to pull the story along as well as a clever use of the play,Life Is a Dream.It seems that Spain is consistently turning out Top Notch Directors...Theirs must be the best school in the world.


Mariano Barroso, the director of this film doesn't break any new ground with it. Perhaps because the screen play he wrote with Joaquin Oristell doesn't hold any surprises for the viewer. No doubt there might have been good ideas as a project, but as it plays on the screen, it loses its viewers early on.

Naturally, the only interest in watching this Spanish feature were Javier Bardem and Federico Luppi, two of the most interesting actors working in the cinema these days. But alas, nothing makes much sense, or really grabs the viewer's attention. The mercurial theater director, Daniel, played by Mr. Luppi fares much better than Bardem, whose appearance will not add anything to his fine work in better films than this.

Watch it at your own risk.


Mariano Barroso had two important assets in his third film: Javier Bardem, that was a little bit unexperienced but full of strength and nerve; and Federico Luppi, one of the best actors alive (in my opinion). But as well as those two great actors he had a powerful story with some nice ingredients for making a good drama: the abandoned son, the selfish father that wouldn't look after anyone but himself, his ego and his passion: theater. Friendship and jealousy, and a certain air of Greek tragedy.

The script could be better, as well as some of the secondary characters, but the results are optimum in general. Anyway, as I said before, the presence of Federico Luppi is in itself the best reason for watching "Éxtasis".

*My rate: 7/10