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Gunsmoke The Town Tamers (1955–1975) Online

Gunsmoke The Town Tamers (1955–1975) Online
Original Title :
The Town Tamers
Genre :
TV Episode / Western
Year :
Directror :
Gunnar Hellström
Cast :
Milburn Stone,Amanda Blake,Ken Curtis
Writer :
Paul Savage
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Gunsmoke The Town Tamers (1955–1975) Online

Marshal Dillon, with another colleague, face the task of bringing law and order to the wild western town of Hilt. When Dillon arrives he discovers the marshal is an old friend, Luke Rumbaugh. Together the two set out to clean up the town. Once the two marshals manage to bring a measure of peace to Hilt, Dillon leaves while Rumbaugh stays on. One day Rumbaugh discovers that an old friend and love interest, named Martha, has arrived in town with her son while on their way to San Francisco. Confronted with his love for her again, he must decide whether to marry Martha before she leaves. Meanwhile, men Rumbaugh threw out of town plot to return and take their revenge on the marshal.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty
Ken Curtis Ken Curtis - Festus
Buck Taylor Buck Taylor - Newly
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Jim Davis Jim Davis - Luke Rumbaugh
Jean Allison Jean Allison - Martha
Ike Eisenmann Ike Eisenmann - Caleb
Rex Holman Rex Holman - Aikens
Leo Gordon Leo Gordon - Badger
Sean McClory Sean McClory - Sham
James Jeter James Jeter - Barker
Kay E. Kuter Kay E. Kuter - McCurdy (as Kay Kuter)
James Chandler James Chandler - Preacher
Julie Bennett Julie Bennett - Kate

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Matt is sent to the town of Hilt that has experienced some large growth but has no formal law in the town. In fact Hilt is like a lawless gang where everyone does what they wish with no consequence. Matt will meet up with another Marshal by the name of Luke Rumbaugh (Jim Davis) and they will both be trying to clean up the town.

It takes a few weeks but Matt and Luke finally get the town under control. Luke will be staying in Hilt to make sure everything stays calm as Matt heads back to Dodge. Soon a woman, that Luke has loved but never married because of his job, and her son come to Hilt to say good-by as they are heading west to start a new life. Luke has a change of heart and decides to marry her and be a father to the boy.

But it is not long before more trouble starts in the town. When Luke is injured the town begins to return to the lawless city it was previous. Matt is again called to Hilt to restore order and arrest the people responsible for Luke's injuries.

Even though the episode drifted off in the middle to become some what of a love story- it was action packed enough to keep the interest going. Wish they had done more with the problems of cleaning-up the town because that was entertaining to the hilt, or should I say to the town of Hilt. Good watch.
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mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK

Marshal Matt Dillon and fellow Marshal Luke Rumbaugh come to restore order to an untamed frontier town. They arrive to town early without wearing their badges to see what they're up against. They find out that it will be hard work to clean up the savage town. Luke runs into a woman that he once loved (Martha) and her son Caleb still wants Luke as his dad. Luke is hesitant to rekindle his love for Martha, since a marshal's life is fraught with hardship. However, with some urging, he marries Martha. Luke runs into trouble when outlaws try to kill him. They succeed at severely wounding him. Luke decides to quit as marshal, leaving the wild town that he was to bring law and order to still untamed. How will law prevail? Watch the episode to find out. Jim Davis, better known for playing the part of Jock Ewing on the TV show Dallas, plays the part of Luke Rumbaugh.


I really like this episode. Matt and a second US Marshal, played by the great Jim Davis, are called upon to tame a free wheeling town with a really strange way of banking. Once things aettle down, Matt heads back to Dodge with Luke, Jim Davis, staying on to keep order. Thinks get complicated when an old falme shows up with plans that Luke must pass on, doing the "right thing" Things take a dramatic coupie of turns, and Matt with a wrath. Do take the time to watch this episode, it is one of the best written and acted episodes.


Jim Davis usually plays the rough tough guy. This episode has him as not only a lawman, but a family man. It shows a "good" man takes on the responsibility of a ready made family. It takes a special kind of person to be a lawman & a special kind of woman to be a lawman's wife. I don't think I have ever seen Jim Davis play a part that he backs down from anyone. At first I wish they had not had the young boy get mad & think he was a coward but when I thought about it & put myself in the mind of a small boy, this is more than likely the reaction a child might have. In the days of the West I am sure there were a lot of women that were left alone with a family to raise and they were very lucky to have a man take that on. Although, there have been other episodes that a man took on a ready made family and they were mean to them & I know this happened in real life.