» » Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn Crystal Attack, Black Lady (2014– )

Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn Crystal Attack, Black Lady (2014– ) Online

Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn Crystal Attack, Black Lady (2014– ) Online
Original Title :
Attack, Black Lady
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Miho Hirayama,Munehisa Sakai
Cast :
Kotono Mitsuishi,Ryô Hirohashi,Kenji Nojima
Writer :
Naoko Takeuchi,Mutsumi Ito
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn Crystal Attack, Black Lady (2014– ) Online

Everyone is shocked at the realization that Black Lady is in fact Chibiusa. Black Lady summons Saphir and Prince Demande to subdue the Sailor Guardians. Black Lady reveals Mamoru is under her control. Mamoru strikes Usagi using the Cutie Moon Rod. As Usagi falls to the ground, Black Lady proceeds to kiss Mamoru. Usagi apologizes to Chibiusa for being so selfish, but it is of no use. Black Lady summons another Malefic Black Crystal and makes it plummet to Earth like the two previous ones. Usagi prepares to defend the Legendary Silver Crystal Palace. Wiseman orders Black Lady to summon another Malefic Black Crystal. Demande had kept a lucid mind all along. He objects to the summoning of another Malefic Black Crystal because this would destroy the 30th century Earth. Demande is forced to kill his brother who attacks him by orders of Black Lady. Demande seemingly defeats Wiseman. It is revealed that Wiseman's real identity is the planet Nemesis itself. At the door of Time, Sailor Pluto ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Kotono Mitsuishi Kotono Mitsuishi - Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (voice)
Ryô Hirohashi Ryô Hirohashi - Luna (voice)
Kenji Nojima Kenji Nojima - Tuxedo Mask / King Endymion (voice)
Hisako Kanemoto Hisako Kanemoto - Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury (voice)
Rina Satô Rina Satô - Rei Hino / Sailor Mars (voice)
Ami Koshimizu Ami Koshimizu - Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter (voice)
Shizuka Itô Shizuka Itô - Minako Aino / Sailor Venus (voice)
Youhei Oobayashi Youhei Oobayashi - Artemis (voice)
Ai Maeda Ai Maeda - Sailor Pluto (voice)
Misato Fukuen Misato Fukuen - Black Lady (voice)
Mamoru Miyano Mamoru Miyano - Prince Demande (voice)
Tsubasa Yonaga Tsubasa Yonaga - Saphir (voice)
Hiroshi Iwasaki Hiroshi Iwasaki - Wiseman (voice)
Shôko Nakagawa Shôko Nakagawa - Diana (voice)
Mami Koyama Mami Koyama - Queen Serenity (voice)