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Original Title :
Red Widow
Genre :
TV Series / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Cast :
Radha Mitchell,Sterling Beaumon,Clifton Collins Jr.
Type :
TV Series
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A widow learns that her husband was a mobster, and soon finds herself in the world of organized crime as she takes her revenge on those who murdered him.

Red Widow Online

A widow learns that her husband was a mobster, and soon finds herself in the world of organized crime as she takes her revenge on those who murdered him.
Series cast summary:
Radha Mitchell Radha Mitchell - Marta Walraven 8 episodes, 2013
Sterling Beaumon Sterling Beaumon - Gabriel Walraven 8 episodes, 2013
Clifton Collins Jr. Clifton Collins Jr. - James Ramos 8 episodes, 2013
Luke Goss Luke Goss - Luther 8 episodes, 2013
Suleka Mathew Suleka Mathew - Dina Tomlin 8 episodes, 2013
Erin Moriarty Erin Moriarty - Natalie Walraven 8 episodes, 2013
Jaime Ray Newman Jaime Ray Newman - Kat Petrova 8 episodes, 2013
Jakob Salvati Jakob Salvati - Boris Walraven 8 episodes, 2013
Lee Tergesen Lee Tergesen - Mike Tomlin 8 episodes, 2013
Wil Traval Wil Traval - Irwin Petrov 8 episodes, 2013
Rade Serbedzija Rade Serbedzija - Andrei Petrov 8 episodes, 2013
Goran Visnjic Goran Visnjic - Nicholae Schiller 8 episodes, 2013
Camille Sullivan Camille Sullivan - Newton 7 episodes, 2013
Erin Cahill Erin Cahill - Felicity 5 episodes, 2013
Natalija Nogulich Natalija Nogulich - Elena 5 episodes, 2013
Pedro Pascal Pedro Pascal - Jay Castillo 4 episodes, 2013
Vince Nappo Vince Nappo - Vincent 4 episodes, 2013
Fernanda Andrade Fernanda Andrade - Eva Ramos 3 episodes, 2013
Edi Gathegi Edi Gathegi - Leon 3 episodes, 2013
Ken Pogue Ken Pogue - Old Laszlo / - 3 episodes, 2013
Branka Katic Branka Katic - Alexandra 3 episodes, 2013
Rodney Rowland Rodney Rowland - Bob / - 2 episodes, 2013
Alexia Fast Alexia Fast - Bliss 2 episodes, 2013
Danny Wattley Danny Wattley - Logan 2 episodes, 2013
Darcy Laurie Darcy Laurie - Pablo 2 episodes, 2013
Shaun Omaid Shaun Omaid - J,J, Johns / - 2 episodes, 2013
Patrick Sabongui Patrick Sabongui - Cristos 2 episodes, 2013

Based on the Dutch series: Penoza

User reviews



I was glad that one of our public broadcasting networks in my country (the Netherlands) was finally able to produce a darn good drama TV show.

The tone, atmosphere, casting, dialog, pacing and direction were to a very high standard and helped tell the intriguing story. For the first time in history a dutch drama series was able to measure up to the quality of production of the first season of "the Wire"! It's really a shame that this show got in the wrong hands with ABC. It was a really misguided decision to adapt a foreign TV show that has only 1 solid story (first season, effectively an extended mini-series) and no real reason to tell the story after that. HBO is the only US channel I know, that could do a story like this right.

What we end up with is ABC and Melissa Rosenberg? I've read that Melissa Rosenberg, the developer of the US adaptation planned to fill 7 seasons! The production team clearly doesn't understand how to effectively tell this story. Why choose San Fransico as a location for telling a drug smuggling mafia story, most credibility is lost right there. Some roles have been grossly miscast. The tone is too lighthearted and is at times even campy. The pacing is so far off that you're not able to follow the story, let alone connect with the characters...

...It's a shame that the US has been robbed of a good TV show by ABC and Melissa Rosenberg.

...It's a shame that this bland mess is now associated with my country.


I have been forced (by my wife) to watch every single episode of this turkey. The scenario is preposterous, the acting mediocre, and the casting is absurd - don't they think we know what a Russian accent sounds like? Could anyone look at her father and find him threatening? Sunday night, Marta - who is living in a multimillion dollar house in San Francisco and has no income, no skills, no work history, and no prospects - gives away a $100 thousand necklace and in a fit of stupidity destroys $75 thousand worth of stolen cocaine, knowing that several people have been killed (including her late husband) over it. Then when Schiller says he wants it back...she is surprised? WTF? If there were a death penalty for bad writing, the writers of "The Red Widow" would be in big trouble.
Hidden Winter

Hidden Winter

Can Marta successfully transform herself from soccer-mom suburban housewife to big-league drug smuggler? She's quite delicious, and convincing, too, as she struggles with her new, and very much unwanted, role. She fumbles and stumbles, and we agonize over her struggle, rooting for this very nice young mother to succeed in the world of tough drug smuggling. Talk about being out of one's depth! But she is, after all, the daughter of a Russian mobster, so evidently she's got the genes for the job. "Marta, you've changed," her father says, impressed with her new toughness. Indeed! And we get to root for her to be successful in a serious criminal activity. I have to wonder how the writers will resolve the dilemma of allowing a criminal action to succeed, while not offering any approval of heroin smuggling.

Or will she succeed? If she does not, how will she keep her family safe? Who shot her husband dead? Who took the 75 kilos of heroin that had been stashed in her boat? Man, am I hooked on this show.

It helps that Radha Mitchell is intensely desirable. If there's a serious flaw in the plot, it's the way Bob shrugs off her advances, as she tries to befriend him, planning to bribe him to be a partner in the crime. It's hard enough to believe that Marta could enjoy a luxurious life in an expensive Marin County home while never noticing that her husband's rental-fishboat profession cannot possibly support such a rich lifestyle. It's much harder to believe that any man with normal hormones could blithely brush off the advances of such a woman, slender, sexy, and clearly interested in him. That just does not compute.

Marta is the heart of the show, and manages to be credible at both soccer-momhood, and wannabe-drug smuggler. One moment she's laughing with ice cream and her children – and then the phone rings, and she's back in the drug-smuggling world, and utterly terrified. That's what makes the show work. We love her, and we really want her to succeed in this awful Russian-mobster role. I can't wait until Sunday, and the next episode.



I felt obligated to give a positive review, being Dutch and proud of a Dutch product being sold to the US, BUT I just cannot. All I could think was, what did they do to the original? I understand adaptation, i get change, but this is just: taking a good thing and shredding it to pieces, leaving us with??? Some parts are too glossy, to fake, some too fast. Character development is very weak.

(Sean Bean as the husband would have rocked the first episodes.)

Maybe ABC wants this to be the next 'days of our lives' 'bold and the beautiful' etc. Then I should take back my review and conclude that this is just not for me and that Red Widow was never meant for me to begin with.

I will try one more episode, just because I feel like there might be hope for the Penoza- vibe yet.


I want to like this show but I just can't. I watched the premier which was 2 hours and Sundays 1 hour episode. There is no cliff hanger / edge of your seat feeling with this show. It's dull to me. I want to like it but just cannot. Unfortunately, I think this will be cancelled. There are too many shows out there that by episode 3 have you wrapped into the show. Issues:

  • Characters have not been developed to the point the audience is invested in them emotionally. They do not go very deep.

  • The acting is poor by many characters. Just not believable.

  • There is no cliff hanger what so ever. The son saw the red stripe on the bottom of a shoe at one point and had a flash back - we should have been excited by this but it seemed to blah to me.

  • The story line could be interesting but they just do a poor job in developing the script into action.

This show will definitely be cancelled.

They director/producer should watch Homeland / Lost / etc -- get some tips - come back and produce a show. These are the shows you are up against. If you don't compare or better yourself than those - ppl will get bored. And my guess is, anyone watching Red Widow is someone who would also be into Homeland, Lost, etc etc.

Try again.


I was "held hostage" to this premiere of Red Widow for the whole 2 hours! It will be one show I will be watching every week as long as it is on! Hopefully it will remain on the air. Seems as though every new show I get involved in is cancelled - maybe this one will make it even tho the ratings on IMDb do not reflect my opinion.

This show is about a married woman with a family, who was not aware of the depth her husband was involved in with the Mob and is left with a debt that has to be paid back after her husband is brutally murdered or there will be consequences to her and her family. She has relatives involved in the Mob and she goes to them for advice.


We've seen this a hundred times. The whole suspense is centered on the truth behind the opening event being withheld from the main character. And because of this undisclosed truth, the red widow embarks on an illegal and suspenseful journey. We are left with a few main characters and an idea that we must stay tuned as these characters are painfully developed, all while hoping the red widow will learn the truth! But, we all know she can't learn the truth until she is fully engaged and unable to leave her new life.

Unless: a nuclear bomb goes off like in "24", or a truly exceptionally twisted plot develops along with the characters like in "breaking bad", or an outrageous number of new interesting characters are introduced like in "game of thrones", OR the red widow starts kicking butt after a brain download like in the matrix....this will be a painful soap opera struggling to became a good action/drama. With a boring head bad guy and a lame group surrounding the mediocre red widow, I think it's clear this is likely to be a one season and done flop.


The series has some intriguing possibilities. The core cast of Radha Mitchell and Goran Visnjic is very solid - and Radha's (Marta's) family also has a range of better possibilities. The sleeper in this series might be Luke Goss' character, Luther. At this point, he is underused.

At present, the writers have too many illogical sub plots that allow potentially good characters to dangle. A good example of a misused character is Colin's portrayal of James Ramos. Even though the plot wanders, the acting is good. It's also refreshing to see some new talented faces rather than simply recycled actors.

If the writers would tighten up both the plot and characters, Red Widow has the potential to be a real winner.

As an aside, I think this franchise would have a much better chance on CBS rather than ABC. CBS manages its drama franchises much better, including time slotting and lead-ins. Red Widow could be a great fit with this network's lineup. However, with more focused writing, Red Widow might help ABC find its way back to prime time ratings success.


I was willing to give this would-be thriller/drama a chance to develop. Damsel in distress. Check. Damsel has the potential to kick ass. Check. Menacing characters. Almost. Colorful characters. Meh. Sexual tension. Check.

Spoiler Alert!

First of all, it's ridiculous that Schiller went from being a menacing figure who presumably killed Marta's husband, to being a nice guy that she can take home to the kids. It leaves us without a mysterious villain..... Marta's dad killed her husband? She hardly seems bothered by it.

Secondly, they should not have killed Luther. If anything, they should have killed the brother. Killing Luther allows the show to have false closure regarding the death of Marta's husband. Marta's father ordered the killing and she knows it. I have no doubt that next season they'll gloss over this and she will reconcile with her father. There existed sexual tension between Luther and Marta - as much more so than with her and Schiller. It would have made for an excellent triangle. Instead the goofy bozo brother is still around.

By killing the dad's girlfriend they are further tightening the immediate family relationships. Dad embraces goofy brother. Mom wants dad back in her bed. Luther should have lived and the dad should have been in the ICU, with his girlfriend at his side.

Finally, the killing of Alexandra, was not surprising... but it serves to now unite the Schiller and Marta against Alexandra's family who will seek revenge. Yawn. Why don't they just get married?

Oh, and that last scene.... silliness at it's worst. You could almost see Schiller thinking: my future girlfriend's daughter sure has spunk!


Yet another TV show that is supposed to be taking place somewhere other than in beautiful British Columbia Canada where this series is apparently filmed.

It's starting to get ridiculous how many shows are filming up there. At least they don't have to bring in the potted plastic palm trees like they do in Psych (which is supposed to be in Santa Barbara) as Red Widow is supposed to be in San Francisco.

It seems like Red Widow is devoid of any good acting or character building and doesn't seen to have a plot worth staying awake for.

I watched the first 50 minutes and decided there wasn't anything worth spending any more time on.

I'd say this show will be a one and done...if it even makes it through the first season. This is not ABC's winner.


Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) comes from a crime family, and when her husband is gunned down, she finds herself entangled by his underworld business. Crime boss Nicholae Schiller (Goran Visnjic) blames her husband for stealing his drugs, and forces her to work for him. It turns out that her brother Irwin Petrov (Wil Traval) was actually the one who stole the drugs.

All the underworld crime drama isn't anything new. But in order to get involved, there has to be some rooting interest. The fact is there is nobody likable. Every character is problematic, even the kids. The girl is clueless. The boy is annoyingly idiotic. The family is completely dysfunctional. So who cares what happens to these people. Certainly not me.


So here it is, fine. I return to the IMDb, after some months -- or is it years?? Planning to make comments about a specific "Red Widow," character (irwin). But then the, IMHO, totally inaccurate ratings score, for the whole series, so far?? its bogus. It caught my attention. And what was that number??..I FREAKED OUT!!, lol! Because, WTF?? Reason??: the IMDb rating/score, was way too low!! Again, because, IMHO, this TV series is not anything less than AWESOME!! Newbies? Do NOT believe the seemingly eligible or the hype, that the moms demographic, is true! It is NOT!!.. And it's not their fault, OK.?? Because, maybe yes, I'm just a random video participating human movie director/producer who could use - in a gazillion different ways - a ratings boost? Fine. But plz. don't judge me & also pray the sincerity my super sincere coaches is easily revealed.


If this great cast of actors can't make Red Widow work, then they weren't given much to work with. I watched every episode, and aside from the fact that it's just not believable that the intelligent, involved, loving Marta would not know more about the source of her family's income - it's also not believable that she emerged from her horrific childhood as this confident, balanced, ordinary soccer mom...not to mention her sweet sister. The brother was believable as an egomaniac twisted with anger and a need to prove himself to be the top dog, and make his father proud. Schiller's character never did anything bad, but we were supposed to be afraid...very afraid. After the 3rd episode I only watched the show to see how on earth the actors were going to make the plot twists seem believable because the writing was terrible. With the excellent cast, this show had a chance, but even this cast of great actors couldn't sell this limp biscuit.


Just binge watched this and really enjoyed it.

Superbly wrapped up in the final episode with twist after twist.

Well constructed and executed storyline in the limited episodes.

Forgot Rahda is an Australian actress. Enjoyed her performance. Too bad she didn't get her kit off more often. What a body. Looks like doing yoga and being a vegetarian is very good for you. Inspired! Great emotional performances showing humanity and forgiveness in this diabolical world of crime and greed where misdeeds and betrayal can come from unexpected sources.

Loved the ending. What a family.

Messed up.

Well done team. You should be proud.

Like I said, I enjoyed it.