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Not So Dusty (1956) Online

Not So Dusty (1956) Online
Original Title :
Not So Dusty
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Maclean Rogers
Cast :
Bill Owen,Joy Nichols,Leslie Dwyer
Writer :
Wally Patch,Frank Atkinson
Type :
Time :
1h 17min
Rating :
Not So Dusty (1956) Online

Comedy. Two dustmen come into possession of a valuable book but the donor's sister wants it back. Starring Bill Owen and Leslie Dryer with Joy Nicols.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Bill Owen Bill Owen - Dusty
Joy Nichols Joy Nichols - Lobelia
Leslie Dwyer Leslie Dwyer - Nobby
Harold Berens Harold Berens - Driver
Dandy Nichols Dandy Nichols - Mrs. Clarke
Ellen Pollock Ellen Pollock - Agatha
Bill Shine Bill Shine - Alistair
Tony Quinn Tony Quinn - Cobb
Roddy Hughes Roddy Hughes - Layton
Totti Truman Taylor Totti Truman Taylor - Miss Duncan (as Totti Truman-Taylor)
Wally Patch Wally Patch - Porter
William Simons William Simons - Derek
Diana Chapman Diana Chapman - Receptionist
Scott Sanders Scott Sanders - 1st Actor
Michael McKeag Michael McKeag - 2nd Actor

User reviews



Dusty and Nobby are a pair of dustmen who come into possession of a valuable book.

A standard British comedy of the time featuring television stars and up and coming actors of the day. The jokes are forced one-liners taken straight out of stage comedies and the plot is superficial to support the jokes.

As long as you are not expecting too much this is an enjoyable film with satisfactory performances. Dandy Nichols steals the show and gives us a taste of her talent which was particularly suited to Sit-Com's on television such as Till Death Us Do Part and In Sickness And In Health, both with Warren Mitchell.


One of a long list of "churn em out quick and cheap" films of the fifties. Bill Owen is amongst the cast of dustmen who make a few quid from a rare book.The book " does the rounds" as it passes from one person to another before ending up in the right hands. The only odd piece of casting seems to be the girl playing Lobelia who somehow looks out of place amongst a cast of chirpy cockneys.

Also notable for featuring actors who found fame later in life. Bill Owen as Compo in Last Of the Summer Wine, Leslie Dwyer as the kid's entertainer in Hi De Hi, Dandy Nicholls as the silly moo in Til Death, Harold Berens in the Prisoner and William Simons ( Derek the schoolboy) as PC Ventress in Heartbeat


NOT SO DUSTY is written and directed by the hard-working Maclean Rogers, who seemed to single-handedly prop up British B-movie cinema back in the 1950s. It's a remake of a '30s comedy about the escapades of a couple of unlucky bin men who come into possession of a rare book and subsequently are involved in plotting by various characters each attempting to win it for themselves.

Needless to say that the laughs are broad and dated in this film, with lots of humour that would be considered tired and predictable by modern viewers. Saying that, the naturalness of the jokes feels effortless in places and the good cast do very well at bringing their caricatures to life. Bill Owen in particular seems to be channelling the spirit of Compo in an early turn while Leslie Dwyer is ever impressive. The supporting cast includes plenty of familiar faces such as Dandy Nichols, Wally Patch and Roddy Hughes from the TOFF films, and child actor William Simons, later to become a mainstay of British TV for his role in HEARTBEAT.


This is a remake of the 1936 film which starred and was co written by Wally Patch.What ever possessed anyone to produce this remake is beyond me.It is supposed to be a comedy but fails to raise a single laugh.It has a reasonable cast including Leslie Dwyer,Bill Owen and Dandy Nichols who are unable to salvage anything from this woeful car crash of a film.It is probably only of interest to residents of the Twickenham area from the 1950s.Towards the end the dust cart careers through the streets of the area allowing those who are familiar with the area to see how it has changed in the ensuing 60 years.Little wonder the British film industry was struggling at this time if all they were capable of producing was films like this.