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The Mechanical Man (2011) Online

The Mechanical Man (2011) Online
Original Title :
The Mechanical Man
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Josh Frisch
Cast :
Brian Agamie,Emi MacLeod,Josh Frisch
Writer :
Josh Frisch
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Mechanical Man (2011) Online

When Dillon (Brian Agamie) is forced by his best friend and colleague, Kyle (Josh Frisch), to go to a costume party he doesn't expect to have any fun, but a chance meeting with an upbeat and out-going girl, Rachel (Emi MacLeod), changes his point of view. Little does he know, that's not all she's going to change. Through a series of awkward, yet hilarious events, Dillon, Kyle, and Rachel discover together that Dillon is a robot. What does this mean to Dillon? How is this even possible? How can he live his life the same way knowing that he's a robot inside?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Brian Agamie Brian Agamie - Dillon Deckard
Emi MacLeod Emi MacLeod - Rachel Reese
Josh Frisch Josh Frisch - Kyle Quaid
Mike Weitzman Mike Weitzman - Adam Boddicker
Greg Bowen Greg Bowen - Dr. Dick Stanton
Meghan Morrison Meghan Morrison - Sexy Nurse
Sol Winer Sol Winer - Scott Pilgrim
Way Spurr-Chen Way Spurr-Chen - Karate Kid
Rachel Verhaaren Rachel Verhaaren - Masquerade Bowler
Katherine Marmion Katherine Marmion - Minnie Mouse
Alice Dennard Alice Dennard - Black Sheep
Brandon Wallace Brandon Wallace - Kanye Potter
Zach Urtes Zach Urtes - Zombie
Aleks Safarova Aleks Safarova - Sassy Stewardess
Noni Boynton Noni Boynton - Magenta