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Accident (2008) Online

Accident (2008) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Musical / Romance / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ramesh Aravind
Cast :
Aporup Acharya,Ramesh Aravind,Dinesh Babu
Writer :
Rajendra Karanth,Deepak Venkatesha
Budget :
INR 30,000,000
Type :
Rating :
Accident (2008) Online

After the death of his activist wife, in an unfortunate accident, Sawanth must cope up with his tremendous loss. At the same time, he must figure whether his wifes accident was no accident at all.
Credited cast:
Aporup Acharya Aporup Acharya - Drunk Man
Ramesh Aravind Ramesh Aravind - Sawanth
Dinesh Babu Dinesh Babu - Police inspector
Pooja Gandhi Pooja Gandhi - Pooja (as Sanjana Gandhi)
Rajendra Karanth Rajendra Karanth - Villian
Mahesh Kumar Longa Mahesh Kumar Longa - Villain - Khader Bhai
Mohan Mohan - Friend
Thilak Shekar Thilak Shekar - Friend (as Tilak)
Rekha Vedavyasa Rekha Vedavyasa - Vasundhara (as Rekha)

User reviews



I Watched this film yesterday at a multiplex. The film was mind blowing. I was shocked to see such quality in Kannada cinema.

This film is basically about an RJ who suffers the loss of his wife and figures out that she was murdered. The film then is a trip down the rabbits hole through many conspiracy theories and derivations. The suspense is nail biting and is well maintained through the end.

Music by newcomer is extremely great. I fell in love with the Maleye song and the Garba song. Sonu Nigams voice is beautiful. The background score is very effective. Direction is superb, the film moves forward very fast. Ramesh was great in this film and he is definitely the high light. What I liked most about the film was, even though there were fights, there was no gore and excessive bloodshed in the film.

This film definitely deserves a 10/10 rating, and we must encourage more such films in the industry.
grand star

grand star

The movie revolves around the quest of a radio jockey and his friends to seek the killers of his social activist-wife. With a good story, commendable camera-work and decent cast, the movie does to some extent keeps you guessing the end. But weakness in editing, direction and music show up now and then. Ramesh Aravind's role as the truth seeking husband is natural. I was impressed with Rajendra Karanth's performance as the corrupt health minister and also the dialogs he has scripted for the movie. Other roles are don't need much effort to be present on screen. It sure is welcome break from the current genre of movies we watch on Kannada silver screens.

A thriller that needed to be made some more passion.


This is the only kannada film I've seen and by Jove....I liked it.It was really good. The film is a murder mystery that revolves 6 best friends,one of whom is killed in an accident(who happens to be the Sawant the protagonist's wife).Soon Sawant realizes that it was by no accident his wife died but a brutal murder,and he sets about investigating with his friends,and the findings he makes as the film moves on,are too surprising and even shocking. Ramesh's Aravind's acting and direction-both are good.The music is remarkable.I feel though the film could have been made even more suspenseful by omitting some scenes.

Worth a watch.