» » Tiere bis unters Dach Waldläufer (2010– )

Tiere bis unters Dach Waldläufer (2010– ) Online

Tiere bis unters Dach Waldläufer (2010– ) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Family
Year :
Directror :
Brigitte Dresewski
Cast :
Enya Elstner,Fynn Henkel,Lotte Hanné
Writer :
Sebastian Andrae,Bele Nord
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Tiere bis unters Dach Waldläufer (2010– ) Online

Wandering in the Black Forest, the kids spot a roe deer. Playing Hobbits patrol, the boys try their slings on it, Jonas accidentally wounds it. His father Vinzent wants the doe eliminated as it eats his Christmas tree saplings, yet he hates hurting wildlife. Dr. Philip Hansen is caught between fires, as his daughter brings the doe in for help, but the mayor is qualified as municipal huntsman to control and cull problematic game. Jonas's big brother Jacob not only unilaterally invited his girl friend on a fugue, Janine also brought the pet her own folks wouldn't accept: black rat Rico, and his mother is no more enthusiastic.
Episode cast overview:
Enya Elstner Enya Elstner - Greta Hansen
Fynn Henkel Fynn Henkel - Jonas Grieshaber
Lotte Hanné Lotte Hanné - Lilie Hansen
Floriane Daniel Floriane Daniel - Annette Hansen
Heikko Deutschmann Heikko Deutschmann - Dr. Philip Hansen
Sanne Schnapp Sanne Schnapp - Josefine Grieshaber
Michael Sideris Michael Sideris - Vinzenz Grieshaber
Maximilian Bilger Maximilian Bilger - Luka
Eyüp Ertan Eyüp Ertan - Cem Akcay
Zora Achtnich Zora Achtnich - Celine Raichle
Bea Albermann Bea Albermann - Natalia
Nele Guderian Nele Guderian - Emma Löffler
Olga von Luckwald Olga von Luckwald - Janine
Leon Glatzeder Leon Glatzeder - Jakob Grieshaber
Irene Rindje Irene Rindje - Frau Heidelbach