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On the One (2005) Online

On the One (2005) Online
Original Title :
On the One
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Charles Randolph-Wright
Cast :
Billoah Greene,Darien Sills-Evans,Novella Nelson
Writer :
Monica Lengyel Karlson,Kevin Heffernan
Type :
Time :
1h 43min
Rating :
On the One (2005) Online

A pair of estranged twins driven apart by the death of their parents find reconciliation and redemption after following radically different paths in life.
Credited cast:
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Bull Sharky
Tichina Arnold Tichina Arnold - Desiree
Rosa Arredondo Rosa Arredondo - Rachel
Denise Burse Denise Burse - Sister Marcie
Eugene Callendar Eugene Callendar - Elderly Reverend (as Rev. Eugene Callendar)
Laura Dias Laura Dias - Shana (as Maya Days)
Jane Fergus Jane Fergus - TV Reporter
Peter Jay Fernandez Peter Jay Fernandez - Booker Lee (as Peter J. Fernandez)
Dennis Jay Funny Dennis Jay Funny - Himself (as Dennis Funny)
Craig muMs Grant Craig muMs Grant - Sharif (as muMs da Schemer)
Janine Green Janine Green - Kia
Billoah Greene Billoah Greene - Teshawn Tucker / Zulunatic
Kevin Heffernan Kevin Heffernan - Amish Man
Marva Hicks Marva Hicks - Cora Lee
D. Jamaar D. Jamaar - Young Wesley (as Derek Jamaar Taylor)

Production filming ended only hours before the blackout of the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada of the summer of 2003.

User reviews



Just saw this at the 9th annual American Black Film Festival in Miami, and really enjoyed this -- good acting all round, funny, family-friendly, and beautiful cinematography as well. Harlem's historic and contemporary cultural vibrancy is nicely worked into the scenes (in one scene, Zulu courts a young woman who works at the Studio Museum of Harlem, where they talk in front of Kara Walker's silhouette paintings).

It's an accessible mainstream-type comedy with a lead actor who might be the next Denzel Washington (he's certainly handsome enough, as is the actor who plays his brother).

There's a theme of redemption at work here. Two brothers, one a hip-hop star called Zulu and the other the Baptist preacher at a Harlem church, have had conflict in their relationship for years, but when Zulu's life is endangered as the result of a contract dispute with a record company owner, they have to work through their problems and help each other. The minister brother's church is losing membership and has become stagnant, but Zulu's presence attracts curious teens and Zulu revitalizes the gospel choir. Each brother finds a way to help the other. Lots of entertaining secondary characters, light violence, some sexually suggestive humor (akin to what you might see on many broadcast TV shows).


The story line was perhaps not Oscar quality but certainly could have held its own sans the profanity and references to one female character's anatomy.

I admit that I didn't do a thorough enough job of researching this movie before holding a fund raising event for the FAMILY MINISTRY of my church.

I was appalled (as were many of the people who attended our event) at the filthy language and lewd sexual references included in this movie.

I almost literally held my breath during certain scenes as I waited for the "naughty language" lines to end.

There is a supposition that a movie with a title including the words "Preach" and "Choir" would be suitable for anyone to watch without being offended by its content.

I've learned a very valuable lesson about making such suppositions and will be much more discriminate in the future.

I'm saddened that veteran actors and artists lent their talent to a work which displays such a blatant lack of respect of the world of worship.

The writers and producers of Preaching to the Choir could benefit from some of the old fashioned teaching and respect for church and church folk that most of us were at the very least, exposed to "back in my day." (Yes, I am a baby boomer)

If the intent was to draw a younger crowd - and to send a message of redemption, I believe it may have been lost on some who never heard or saw an apology, or even an acknowledgment of the inappropriate language. Saving one weak and nearly missed line during a scene in the church's sanctuary.

You don't have to be 21 to be able to appreciate rappers and hip hop music as long as it story line.

The message may have been lost on some by having to try to filter the totally unnecessary use of profanity.


The title of this movie and basic outline -- of two brothers dramatically affected in different ways by painful events in their childhood -- dangles the promise of an interesting story idea, but then goes on to destroy that promise offensively.

When the two brothers grow up, one becomes an uptight pastor at Harlem church, and the other becomes a rapper whose most prominent promo item is a drawing of his face with a satanic feel. The rapper gets in trouble (predictably) as a result of his behavior, which leads to the brothers confronting their relationship with each other, amidst a background of cardboard church people.

The synthesis coming from this clash of opposing minds is not redeeming at all. The movie seems to say that good and evil aren't really good and evil, that the pastor is in essence just as bad as the rapper, and the best approach is to average out the good and evil without examination. To what do they average, I wonder?

It is extremely clear that no one of any influence on this production is Christian, or understands in any way what it means to be a Christian. As a result, the movie displays some superficial trappings of religion but no deeper reality. Sadly, there are many real instances of problems in the church where the members and leadership act in ungodly ways (I know - I've been victimized by them), but this movie turns that into a farce. Further, there are no roles demonstrating someone with a true, life-changing belief.

If you are in any way a believing and acting (i.e. "real") Christian, I strongly urge you to avoid "Preaching to the Choir". If you are not, be advised that what you see in this movie represents only the secular world relabeled as Christianity, so the writers/producers don't have to take responsibility for their own attitudes.


I got this movie basically because it looked pretty good as well as interesting...the whole story about 2 brothers with 2 very different outlooks on things where one becomes a preacher and the other a famous rap-star. And the whole musical promise that came with it got me to watch it. It was overall, okay....but i just couldn't see why they needed to add the swearing and the sexual reference. I mean,it's supposed to be a Gospel movie and i thought it went too far when the swearing came much more than a couple of times. But the music was great as well as some of the funny parts. Overall,it could have been a very inspirational movie...they could have done better. I'd rate it a 5 out of 10.


"I haven't had sex in ________ years," says the elderly woman in church. "See me after (choir) rehearsal," says the young black male.

These kinds of bits in the film, while probably seen by those who produced and sold it as "just comedy" or "edgy" (that's the latest industry buzz word), really reveal how far it is possible to miss a targeted audience - even offend them. Having a casual conversation in a church about screwing an old woman? Is there any story context that would mitigate the impropriety here? Or does "Christian" mean anything anymore?

The latest in the secular-meets-saintly hybrid widget in the urban genre, this movie strikes me as an attempt to make a project about gospel music, without having to respect the Gospel itself, and to sell shock value and sizzle - at the expense of the serious-minded urban Christian community.


I loved it. It points out how two people closely related can process the same tragic event in their mind and heart and react to it differently. I cannot say enough about these brothers and the beautiful relationship that continued non stop with their aunt. The level of respect they had for her was wonderful to see. She spoke they listened. I thought both brothers had so much to offer others. They were different in so many ways yet so much alike. I was glued to my television as I watched the drama unfold.

I cannot say enough about Eartha Kitt whom I adore. I loved the musical selections as well. There was one scene of the brothers in church talking. I must have watched that at least 50 times and laughed every time I viewed it.

Enjoyable for entertainment, excellent acting, soundtrack, picture quality and story content. True to life. Depicts hope, love, encouragement, family, and humor


I liked the movie. It was pretty good, showing redemption and how one can be lifted out of adversity. I liked the acting although Zulu's love interest was a bit 2 dimensional. My parents and brother watched it and said that they were glad it wasn't too preachy and that they could actually watch it.

The premise of two brothers reconciling to each other was in fact something I can relate to. Also, Sisters Marcie and Emma were two dazzling women who reminded me of the Greek Chorus who would be the voice of reason and have the hero or heroine think about their actions. I considered it a great nod to reconciliation (as the Corinthian church needed) as well as drawing people to the church even if it weren't for the right reasons, those people will weed themselves out over time.

A+++ really good, believable characters and I loved the singing. Also, Chester though he didn't speak was a character in his own right. I think that Gospel plays are increasing the number of silent characters in their plays (I don't know why) also the part with Eartha Kitt saying: I haven't had sex since 1972 and Te saying "me and you after rehearsal" was in character for him, and I wouldn't nod to it as offensive.


I've seen this movie . Not because I like gospel so much , ( the contrary) besides Mahalia Jackson. I watched this movie because Eartha Kitt would be in it , but WHERE was she ? Only that tiny little bit she had to play. Too short almost to be noticed and too DULL for herself to be able to let see what acting she CAN do. I wasn't upset because of a certain use of language. The film is NOT about "being Christian" , the film is a story with singing gospels. It's a dull movie ( sorry for you, Eartha , you tried your best ). This movie is just not inspirational and will be okay to rent or to see on TV , IF it makes it to that item....


If you are preaching to the choir you're trying to convince people who already agree with you. Or maybe the title is a mere play on words. If not, then it is unclear who is doing the convincing. Could what is portrayed in this movie be taken as representative of what goes on in churches? One is almost overwhelmed by the level of vice among 'the faithful'. I come away with a distinct feeling of impurity after most of the church scenes. The normal association between virtue and religion is weak if not absent. Although the message of reconciliation does come through eventually, the plot seems to 'wander through' too much negative elements to produce that positive nugget. One wonders if this is not just another church-bashing flick. This movie seems to be making a mockery of religion.