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Le capitaine Fracasse (1943) Online

Le capitaine Fracasse (1943) Online
Original Title :
Le capitaine Fracasse
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Abel Gance
Cast :
Fernand Gravey,Assia Noris,Jean Weber
Writer :
Gian Bistolfi,Abel Gance
Type :
Time :
1h 48min
Rating :
Le capitaine Fracasse (1943) Online

Cast overview, first billed only:
Fernand Gravey Fernand Gravey - Le baron de Cigognac / Il barone di Sigognac
Assia Noris Assia Noris - Isabelle / Isabella
Jean Weber Jean Weber - Le duc de Vallombreuse / Il duca di Vallombrosa (as Jean Weber Sociétaire de la Comédie Française)
Roland Toutain Roland Toutain - Scapin / Scapino
Lucien Nat Lucien Nat - Agostin / Agostino
Alice Tissot Alice Tissot - Dame Léonarde / Donna Leonarda
Paul Oettly Paul Oettly - Matamore / Matamoro
Josette France Josette France - Zerbine / Zerbina
Sylvie Gance Sylvie Gance - Yolande de Foix / Jolanda de Foix (as Mary-Lou)
Jacques François Jacques François - Vidalenc
Philippe Rolla Philippe Rolla - Malastic / Malastico (as Philippe-Rolla)
Pierre Labry Pierre Labry - Hérode / Erodo
Jean Fleur Jean Fleur - Blazius / Blazio
Roger Blin Roger Blin - Fagotin / Fagottino
Paul Mondollot Paul Mondollot - Pierre / Pietro

Contrary to the custom of the time, Italian actress Assia Noris was not dubbed for this film. This is due to the fact she spoke very good French. One can detect occasionally a trace of accent in certain scenes however.

User reviews



My generation knows the 1960 version starring Jean Marais directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit.That version was closer to Gautier's plot:for instance,it's Vallombreuse who's seriously injured in the final duel ,and it's the duke's father who reveals the secret of Isabelle's birth.But it's minor quibble:Abel Gance's version is extremely superior to Gaspard-Huit's.

Gance warned us "it's "le Capitaine Fracasse" seen through Abel Gance's eyes.Abel Gance ,a director who always was a pioneer .He used models for the film sets and it shows: the old castle and its silhouette recalls a Disney Cartoon.There are elements which have not worn well,but some scenes remain impressive today:

-The Matamore's death -only a grave on the road in the 1960 version- is given a gloomy eerie treatment.

-The duel in the graveyard where Gance uses Alexandrians :he would repeat the process in "Cyrano et d'Artagnan" (1963) ,all the lines of which are in verse;it perfectly segues into the scene on stage where the comedians are playing Corneille's "l'Illusion Comique"

-The final scene which verges on fantasy.

Gaspard-Huit's movie was made "for the family" .Gance displays a much more demanding talent:he insists on the fact that if you were a comedian in those years,you were bound to be damned.When the troupe asks the baron for refuge ,his servant mumbles :"they are just heathens!";when the nobles go a hunting in the woods and meet them ,they say :"they are excommunicated!" .The Matamore will not have a priest to pray over his grave.Even the great Molière (1622-1673) did not have a church funeral.

Abel Gance was the true "researcher" of the French cinema.Godard,you can forget it!