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Doom Patrol Donkey Patrol (2019– ) Online

Doom Patrol Donkey Patrol (2019– ) Online
Original Title :
Donkey Patrol
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Dermott Downs
Cast :
Diane Guerrero,April Bowlby,Joivan Wade
Writer :
Neil Reynolds,Shoshana Sachi
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Doom Patrol Donkey Patrol (2019– ) Online

The Chief has disappeared and the only clue that the team has to his whereabouts is an average donkey.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Diane Guerrero Diane Guerrero - Crazy Jane
April Bowlby April Bowlby - Rita Farr / Elasti-Girl
Joivan Wade Joivan Wade - Victor Stone / Cyborg
Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk - Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody / Narrator
Matt Bomer Matt Bomer - Larry Trainor / Negative Man (voice)
Brendan Fraser Brendan Fraser - Cliff Steele / Robotman (voice)
Timothy Dalton Timothy Dalton - Niles Caulder / Chief
Riley Shanahan Riley Shanahan - Robotman
Matthew Zuk Matthew Zuk - Negative Man
Phil Morris Phil Morris - Silas Stone
Julie McNiven Julie McNiven - Sheryl Trainor
Kyle Clements Kyle Clements - John Bowers
Curtis Armstrong Curtis Armstrong - Ezekiel the Cockroach (voice)
Sydney Kowalske Sydney Kowalske - Clara Steele
Gabrielle Byndloss Gabrielle Byndloss - Patty

Phil Morris who plays Silas Stone in this episode also played another prominent DCU character Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz in the CW series Smallville (2001).

Easter Egg: Superboy and Krypto are mentioned through a headline, but not by name.

User reviews

The Sinners from Mitar

The Sinners from Mitar

So far in these 2 episodes this has to be the best DC adaption I have seen on t.v. !!! The character development in these 2 episodes is fantastic, and the mystery focused around all these characters is intriguing.

The comedy is great the acting is great and the storytelling is great ! So far so good.


I can positively say I have never watched something like this show. I was expecting a lot of things, but NOT what the villain turned out to be. I feel like it's on a very thin line between being utterly brilliant and completely crazy, but loving it so far!

Also, there were two moments in this episode that made me pause the TV and burst out laughing. Props for that.

What a show.


Wow, simply amazing! Must be the best episode of any show or movie and Netflix show whole season i ve seen in a while, didnt know these characters before this show, except Cyborg; glad to see that DC is finally on to something with their live adaptations. Love the music too.


This show, so far has rewritten the entire playbook for DC-Universe streaming. Titans was/is good and has tons of potential, and you would imagine other shows would basically be just about the same on a fundamental level anyway. Not this series, its nothing like anything I ever expected. This series is gripping, entertaining, extremely well written and directed. I personally feel Netflix and Disney are going to have to up their games. Netflix cleaned house with all marvel titles (series) and Disney starting its own streaming service sometime this year (2019) will produce some great competition. DC is on to something incredible for us comicbook, SYFY fans..There is so much potential here and the sky is the limit. Doom Patrol is the best show I've watched (SO FAR) since Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I hope it keeps delivering the awesomeness we've seen so far. Disney's shows are going to have to really step up their game to compete with this powerhouse. I know they are going to do a Star Wars series on Disney. I hope they pick up the Marvel titles from Netflix, because if they do not. They are going to get clobbered by the quality work from DC Universe. For the record I never read much DC, I was/am a devout Marvel fanboy but I have to give credit to DC for really stepping up their games. The CW shows and now their own streaming service along with the movies have proven to be a huge surprise that is enjoyable for everyone. They way they keep dropping Easter eggs in each series must be intentional. Justice Leagues mentions, Superboy, Batman, are the obvious ones, others you have to look and listen for. I can't help but wonder if the CW shows are going to end up here. One thing I believe to be true is that Doom Patrol is the game changer for DC Titles, at least they seem to be so-far..I am completely blown away by this show. I honestly thought it sounded and looked like a total joke before I started watching it...I am so glad I was wrong


PSSST! You wanna have a hit TV show? Put a donkey in it.

Sorry, there's no anthropomorphised bespectacled simian in this show. Just a bunch of average -- uh, sorry -- BELOW average superheroes trying to get their Chief off the bus.

Enter a superduper Detroit dood who's got metal in his head and various parts of his body, except possibly a detachable penis, no wait! That's another show called The Wilbur or something with some robo-romeo. He's been going around stopping bad guys ripping off people getting money out of their local ATM. Apparently he's been best buds with Niles Caulder for a while, and of course those of us who pay attention know that Caulder is the Chief. So there's your connection.

And the meantime, we got this bad guy who not only has the terrible habit of explaining his eeevil plan, has a tendency to narrate the story. So, not only is he EEEVIL, he's annoying as hell. But very edgy. We like edgy. He's also the guy with the Donkey. Worse, the donkey has deadly green tinged flatulence. Plus, the Donkster is the KEY (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I'll say no more, say no more!

If you've been wishing the Academy would just CLOSE, it's too late: they released all their episodes in a massive seed spreading failure. Stick with the Patrol. They may be total #LUSERS, but we love 'em, just the same. Just like when you went out with that special someone in highschool, you didn't see them ALL DAY LONG FOR A WEEK! Nahh, you dated for a few months and you took your time, making your date the highlight of the week. DOOM PATROL is like that.


Loved first episode. But if the narrative continues I won't be watching much longer