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Flicka (2001) Online

Flicka (2001) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Guido van Gennep,Marco Vermaas
Cast :
Halina Reijn,Victor Löw,Cas Enklaar
Writer :
Paulo van Vliet
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Flicka (2001) Online

Construction worker Carl knows it for sure. Flicka lives with him because she loves him, and not of out of opportunism. But Flicka, Swedish for girl, is only a computer program. Carl doesn't want anyone else however. He chooses her specifically. Carl feels he can really open his heart for her. Both decide to grow old together. But when Carl goes to the store to pick up some new food modules for the program, they are sold out. Flicka can't survive without them.
Cast overview:
Halina Reijn Halina Reijn - Flicka
Victor Löw Victor Löw - Carl
Cas Enklaar Cas Enklaar - Reparateur
Vera Beljajeva Vera Beljajeva - Russin
Nicole van Nierop Nicole van Nierop - Verkoopster

User reviews



This is a very odd little short film from the Netherlands. A lonely man installs a virtual girlfriend on his computer and over time, it begins to occupy all his time and attention--just like a real one. In fact, as time goes on, all his emotional and sexual needs (yuck) are satisfied by this program. The only trouble is, the designers of this super-realistic program require that you frequently buy updates, accessories and food for the virtual girl, so this becomes rather expensive. But, since the guy is in love with this "girl", he spends it without question. However, eventually, her model is phased out and newer models are released--but the guy isn't about to replace her and goes on a desperate quest for virtual food.

This is a very well made and interesting film--and rather prophetic when it comes to looking at the future of computing. In addition, it's also rather sad and thought-provoking. A good and very unusual film.


It reminds S.I.M.O.N.E.. In fact , it represents just a love story, less eccentric than you expect. The addiction. The real life reduced at virtual life. The sacrifices for a sort of illusion who is the only reality. A powerful film . Because it is a warning or a prophecy. Well crafted Seductive and dramatic.