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TV Series / Drama
Cast :
Macha Grenon,Roy Dupuis,Rémy Girard
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TV Series
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Scoop Online

La vie d'un grand quotidien montréalais, L'Express. L'as reporter du journal, Stéphanie Rousseau, est aussi la fille du propriétaire, ce qui ne l'empêche pas de traiter de dossiers qui mettent son père en cause.
Series cast summary:
Macha Grenon Macha Grenon - Stéphanie Rousseau 13 episodes, 1992
Roy Dupuis Roy Dupuis - Michel Gagné 13 episodes, 1992
Rémy Girard Rémy Girard - Lionel Rivard 13 episodes, 1992
Francine Ruel Francine Ruel - Léone Vigneault 13 episodes, 1992
Martin Drainville Martin Drainville - Richard Fortin 13 episodes, 1992
Michel Barrette Michel Barrette - Serge Vandal 13 episodes, 1992
France Castel France Castel - Louise Duguay 13 episodes, 1992
Paul Savoie Paul Savoie - Claude Dubé 13 episodes, 1992
René Gagnon René Gagnon - François Dumoulin 13 episodes, 1992
Claude Léveillée Claude Léveillée - Émile Rousseau 13 episodes, 1992
Joëlle Morin Joëlle Morin - Alexandra Dumoulin 11 episodes, 1992
Pierre Powers Pierre Powers - Roméo Vachon 11 episodes, 1992
Raymond Bouchard Raymond Bouchard - Paul Vézina 10 episodes, 1992
Manuel Aranguiz Manuel Aranguiz - Enrique Lopez 10 episodes, 1992
Denis Mercier Denis Mercier - Gilles Bernard 9 episodes, 1992
Andrée Lachapelle Andrée Lachapelle - Yolande Rousseau 8 episodes, 1992
Diane Robitaille Diane Robitaille - Caroline Bélanger 7 episodes, 1992
Christine Paquette Christine Paquette - Réceptionniste 7 episodes, 1992
Deano Clavet Deano Clavet - Jimmy Fontaine 6 episodes, 1992
Charlotte Laurier Charlotte Laurier - Gabriella Salvatore 6 episodes, 1992
Julie du Page Julie du Page - Carla / - 6 episodes, 1992

-(L'acteur Emmanuel Bilodeau parle de son expérience de figuration sur "Scoop" à ses tout débuts de carrière): -" 'Scoop' a été ma première expérience de tournage. Je n'avais jamais été sur un plateau de ma vie. J'ai eu 22 jours de figuration sur cette émission qui était super, ça a été une belle expérience. Par contre, quand tu es figurant, c'est vraiment fâchant, car tu es traité comme du bétail. Je dis 'chapeau' aux gens qui travaillent dans la figuration, car c'est exigeant, c'est difficile, car tu n'es pas considéré comme un humain; tu n'as pas le droit de toucher à rien qui est de la nourriture, tu n'as pas le droit de parler aux acteurs, pas le droit de déranger personne. On t'appelle 'la figuration'. On te dit: "La figuration, venez-vous en là, dépêchez vous là, on attend après vous autres". Tu n'as pas le droit d'être en contact avec l'acteur, et on ne mange pas avec les acteurs. La figuration, nous sommes une sous caste. On était comme dans le film 'Titanic' (le film de 1997), en dessous, dans le fond du pit." (témoignage de Emmanuel Bilodeau à l'émission "Les enfants de la télé" du 8 novembre 2017).

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The authors of the successful "Lance et Compte" series, Fabienne Larouche and Rejean Tremblay (both real journalists), wrote this fiction about the world of journalism through its oldest form: the daily newspaper.

The intrigue evolves mainly about two caracters: Michel Gagne (Roy Dupuis, from Nikita fame...), comes fresh from rural Quebec to Montreal and gets a job in the prestigious newspaper L'Express (a send-off of real Montreal French newspaper La Presse). There, trying to find stories in all layers of society (including the Mob...), he falls in love with Stephanie Rousseau (Macha Grenon), the daughter of the newspaper magnate Emile Rousseau (Claude Leveille) who owns L'Express. Though he does not approve of this, he must resignate to his daughter's choice as the couple gives birth to the future heir of the Rousseau huge fortune, a son named Francis.

For the rest: a star journalist, Dumoulin (Rene Gagnon), wonders if his future remains with L'Express, as he is also tangled with his daughter's Alex (Joelle Morin) adventures and the love relationship he has with a sexy but tough accountant of L'Express (Sophie Lorain). The chief editor, Rivard (excellent Remy Girard), is a Lou Grant-type guy: tough but straight, always arguing with the tv critic (Francine Ruel) but at the end, stays fair (however, he's hiding a gay life...). A rather klutzy journalist, Tintin (Martin Drainville), makes also its way into this world, falling in love with a colleague called Gabriella (Charlotte Laurier). And the president of the Express, Louise Duguay (France Castel) must face a tough decision of Mr.Rousseau to include a former Union Leader, Vezina (Raymond Bouchard), to increase the sales volume of the newspaper by any means, including job cuts and the menace of a strike, as the newspaper has hidden financial problems due to new and upcoming electronic media (we are in 1992 here, Internet was just close to become a "in" thing...)

Add on some intrigues, like a Canadian government MP's suicide, the management of a boxing champ by the Mob and other stories (even hockey is involved) and you got a passionnate, moving story about the journalistic world and its implication. You might be surprised how they can influence the People's way of thinking...

I've seen all the four series and it's great. Good acting, well written, and gives you a thought of how it is hard to deliver a good story to the public...

Only journalists can do that...
Wooden Purple Romeo

Wooden Purple Romeo

Scoop is steamy romance, crime uncovered, media concentration, illegal immigration and scandal all wrapped up in an hour-long package.

Dubbed in English, Scoop covers the issues of the day while digging into the lives of reporters of a fictional daily Montréal Newspaper, The Express.

Stephanie Rousseau (Macha Grenon) and Michael Gagné (Roy Dupuis) find love and conflict in their professional lives at the newspaper office and in the bedroom. The fact that Stephanie's father is the wealthiest man in Québec and owns The Express becomes temporarily, immaterial.

In one episode their relationship appears cemented when Michael is trapped in a mine while covering a story on mine workers and Stephanie waits in hope of good news on the surface.

Michael becomes the "bad boy" when he leaves Stephanie and their baby to live on his own. Will they get back together?

Will Richard (Martin Drainville) ever find fulfillment in writing an arts column instead of sports? Will the source of desk editor, Lionel's (Rémy Girard) drinking on the job and mystery of his roomate come to light?

All this and the reporters continue to cover corrupt government deals, racial discrimination, homelessnes, organised crime and abused women and children.

Fans of the "Lou Grant" series should see this one!