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Killer Is Dead (2013) Online

Killer Is Dead (2013) Online
Original Title :
Killer Is Dead
Genre :
Video Game / Action
Year :
Directror :
Suda 51
Cast :
Ryôtarô Okiayu,Yûko Kaida,Aki Toyosaki
Writer :
Mary Claypool
Type :
Video Game
Rating :

Mondo Zappa is an executioner who receives jobs to killing dangerous criminals and assassins from around the world.

Killer Is Dead (2013) Online

Mondo Zappa is an executioner who receives jobs to killing dangerous criminals and assassins from around the world.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ryôtarô Okiayu Ryôtarô Okiayu - Mondo Zappa (voice)
Yûko Kaida Yûko Kaida - Vivienne Squall (voice)
Aki Toyosaki Aki Toyosaki - Mika Takekawa (voice)
Unshô Ishizuka Unshô Ishizuka - Bryan Roses (voice)
Chie Nakamura Chie Nakamura - Mondo (Kid) / Jubilee (voice)
Hajime Iijima Hajime Iijima - Giant Head / Tokio (voice)
Kanako Tôjo Kanako Tôjo - Natalia / Mondo's Mon (voice)
Miyuki Sawashiro Miyuki Sawashiro - Moon River / A Girl (Moon River) (voice)
Yasuhiro Mamiya Yasuhiro Mamiya - Robert / Dr. Walter (voice)
Asami Shimoda Asami Shimoda - Alice / Alisa (voice)
Katsuhisa Hôki Katsuhisa Hôki - TM-551 (voice)
Kei Shindou Kei Shindou - Dolly (voice)
Mai Nakahara Mai Nakahara - Koharu (voice)
Makoto Naruse Makoto Naruse - Takeru (voice)
Manami Numakura Manami Numakura - Scarlett (voice)

User reviews



Suda 51 is well known for games that are bat S### insane and we love him for it. what you may not like is that his games are not really that deep preferring style over substance. lollipop chainsaw, shadows of the damned, killer 7 and no more heroes are some of his more crazy games and killer is dead is no exception but has suda gone too far? or has he finally found the right balance of visuals and flash.

Story: vampires, assassins, cyborgs all make for one over the top nutty storyline. play as mondo and carve a path of destruction killing killers. all in all there is not much to comment at its not fantastic but entertaining. characters are fun (some annoying) funny dialogue may be offensive to some but if you like his other games you know what to expect and will keep you through the 9-12 hour game. 7/10

Gameplay:extremely flashy sword fights make up the bulk of combat with sidearms acting as your long range gun. the swordplay covers most of the basics while having its own satisfying feel with some especially satisfying counter moves. this is sudas deepest game yet and it shows but with no jump it feels like it could have opened up more with aerial combat. something that I need to comment on is the gigolo missions again if you don't know suda you will feel a little pervy and wrong and out of place. they are side missions but they have sub weapons as rewards. I wont go into the whole objectifying women thing but it is a blemish on an overall great game play experience 8/10.

Graphics: this game does not have the best graphics or frame rate and has some issues with screen tearing but it has a fantastic art style that makes up for some of its graphical and performance shortcomings. the game as a manga type art style with a few really nice effects (purple explosions rock). 6/10

Lasting power: its not too hard to platinum all the trophy's what it comes down to is how much you enjoy the swordplay or style of the game as there is not too much replay value. 5/10

Verdict: fast, fun, funny and a little offensive but if that's your bag I can dig it, could be better under the hood but you can look past it your in for a solid adventure. 7/10


Killer is Dead isn't an easy game to review, at least from a narrative standpoint. Which is a shame. Considering this is a Suda51 game, the narrative is the most interesting thing about it. Between all of the opaque commentary, off-putting and thought provoking satire, as well as a downright gorgeous aesthetic to every aspect of the game that compliments said commentary, there's a lot to note, and quite frankly, a lot to really love here.

Gameplay wise, Killer is Dead is a linear, level-based hack 'n slash game, with health and weapon upgrades, as well as some wildly inventive boss fights. The action is fast, smooth, and the gorgeous high-contrast visual style doesn't hurt a thing. It would be nice if it ran at 60fps, or if the screen tearing were absent, but as it stands, Killer is Dead is an enjoyable hack 'n slash game, and one of the best in the genre if you allow yourself to be taken in by its convoluted narrative.

While the narrative may seem convoluted, especially for the first couple of hours, this isn't inherently a bad thing. The game really starts coming together a little over halfway through, if you've managed to gain enough interest in the story that's told here. It's easy to scoff and disregard a story about Moon gods, unicorns, vampires, and a villain that wants to conquer the Earth. It's a whole lot more satisfying to actually sift through the narrative pieces the game presents you with to unravel what's really going on, and what the writer is trying to say. Discussing the story and piecing it together almost turns into a meta- game, in that sense.

To me, that's the main appeal of Killer is Dead; unraveling all of its commentary, satire, themes, and, hell, even piecing together its base- level story. Initially, nothing seems to tie itself together. It seems as though things are happening just for the sake of it, and if you don't care to read into any of it, the whole game will likely appear this way to you. Believe me when I say that it's not random, though, and that there is a well crafted, smart, sexy, funny, and sometimes extremely dark narrative in place, here.

Without going into spoiler territory, Killer is Dead is about a man with simple, carnal desires versus a man with grandiose, sociopathic desires. The way all of the seemingly "random" characters, lines of dialogue, and settings all piece together by the end of this fever-dream type story is what makes this trip so worth it. If you allow yourself to be drawn into it, Killer is Dead and its story will really stick with you, effectively turning it into much more than your run-of-the-mill, mindless, hack 'n slash title. Killer is Dead is so much more than that.

Being a huge Suda51 fan, I find it only fair to compare this game to his other works. Killer is Dead certainly isn't a perfect game, or even the man's best work. However, it is close. Its only real problem (besides some odd performance issues) is its high entry level wall. Not with its gameplay, mind you, but (again) with its narrative. It doesn't play out as fast-paced, clear, or energetic as something like the fantastic No More Heroes, and it's not as full of outright ridiculous slapstick humor as something like Shadows of the Damned. The tone of this game is far more in line with Suda51's possibly most incredible work, killer7.

The reason to play Suda51 games aren't for the "lol so randumb" humor that most mistake these for. His games (particularly Killer is Dead, killer7, and No More Heroes) are filled to the brim with snide, unrelenting social commentary on video games, video game players, popular culture, politics, and so on. It's just all wrapped up in such an incredible and striking style that these things can be easy to overlook, at least for those uninitiated. However, they shouldn't be overlooked, as these are the traits that make Suda51 games truly worthwhile. Killer is Dead, along with killer7, are two of his most ambiguous titles, since your overall enjoyment from them won't necessarily come from their gameplay mechanics, audio design, or visual style. Rather, it will come from how much you're willing to read into what these games are saying from an artistic standpoint.

On that level, Killer is Dead is a near masterpiece. It does everything it set out to do, and it does it exceedingly well. For those that complain about the game's misogyny, sexist portrayal of women, or whatever else "game journalists" feel like throwing a pitchfork party over these days, these people are prime examples of those who completely miss the point. If you look at what these "sexist, misogynist" aspects of this game are actually trying to say within the narrative, there's simply a lot more to it than "omgz look! bewbz! This game is offensive!" In regard to the outcry of people complaining about this game's portrayal of women, way to take the Fox News/Mass Effect approach, everyone. Well done.

Killer is Dead is a fantastic game, and despite what you've been told, there's nothing "random" about it. It's all very meticulously crafted, and story segments are told in just the right order and in the right time span for what Killer is Dead is trying to say. Again, on that level, it's absolutely fantastic.


Just a quick review here as I have to admit that I gave up on "Killer Is Dead" after a couple of sessions.

I do like Suda 51's work. I played "No More Heroes" to completion and the first couple of levels of "Killer is Dead" promised the usual mix of fun gameplay and nonsense plot. But what killed the game for me was the button mashing required to revive the character and defeat an early boss (David on the Moon). I just couldn't successfully complete any of them. Not sure if it was something to do with playing the game on an Xbox One via the backwards compatibility process (online searches talked about framerate being a problem with doing this on PC, but nothing about any specific issue with my set up) but it was the end of the game for me.

At my age, with the limited amount of time that my family, job and life let me have for gaming - I'm afraid that any time spent where I don't progress on a game is time that I can't afford. So I stopped. I enjoyed what I saw, but that's barely enough to form a full opinion.