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Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) Online

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) Online
Original Title :
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Don Michael Paul
Cast :
Elisabeth Röhm,Yancy Butler,Paul Nicholls
Writer :
David Reed
Type :
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :

Reba the poacher is back, now an E.P.A. Agent. Black Lake has turned into a crocodile sanctuary, surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school ... See full summary

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) Online

Reba the poacher is back, now an E.P.A. Agent. Black Lake has turned into a crocodile sanctuary, surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school field trip bus unknowingly enters the park. It's up to Reba and the Sheriff to save the kids from becoming crocodile chow.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Elisabeth Röhm Elisabeth Röhm - Sheriff Giove
Yancy Butler Yancy Butler - Reba
Paul Nicholls Paul Nicholls - Loflin
Poppy Lee Friar Poppy Lee Friar - Chloe
Benedict Smith Benedict Smith - Max
Caroline Ford Caroline Ford - Elaine
Scarlett Byrne Scarlett Byrne - Brittany
Daniel Black Daniel Black - Drew (as Dan Black)
Jeff Stewart Jeff Stewart - Deputy Nermal
Robert Englund Robert Englund - Jim Bickerman
Ako Mitchell Ako Mitchell - Dennis
Sewell Whitney Sewell Whitney - Coach Macklin
Elena Boeva Elena Boeva - Tina
Peter Ladjev Peter Ladjev - Joey
Kitodar Todorov Kitodar Todorov - Gus

First Lake Placid film with returning characters.

Poppy Lee Friar and Paul Nicholls both star together in British drama called Ackley Bridge (2017-)

User reviews



I highly enjoyed the first film, it was a lot of fun and I loved Betty White in it. I on the other hand hated the second film and while the third film was a step up I didn't think much of that either. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is not as good as the first, but considering as I was prepared to hate it it was the best of the three movies following. The film by all means is not perfect, the film does start off rather slow with no signs of the crocodiles until about 35 minutes in. And while we are waiting we do have some sluggish pacing and two romances that in all honesty I was left indifferent to. Some of the effects on the crocodiles at times do look less than brilliant as well, but I have seen much worse. Problems aside, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is actually one of SyFy's more tolerable movies of late. The crocodiles are actually quite menacing, and their attacks are very gory and nail-biting with lots of chopped off heads, ripped out limbs and tearing people to pieces. Not for the squeamish, but those who are looking for this as part of the entertainment will not be disappointed. The film does look decent too, with atmospheric scenery and the editing is already an improvement over most SyFy movies in terms of quality. The score is intense, and the script is surprisingly fun, the one-liners are witty and the exchanges are humorous. I also liked that some scenes were hilarious, the scene where a crocodile is beaten to death with a gun is very silly but not to the point that you are left frustrated. The story is more than decent too, it doesn't feel like a rehash, after the 35 minute mark it never gets dull, and while predictable in places it makes up for it in spirit and suspenseful atmosphere. The characters are clichéd in a way, the Sheriff character is one that I have seen one too many times, but actually are much more likable than the usual SyFy character. This is helped by the better-than-average acting, especially from Robert Englund and Yancy Butler. So overall, not a great movie but when it comes to SyFy Lake Placid: The Final Chapter even with its foibles is one of their better overall movies. 6/10 Bethany Cox


The Black Lake is isolated from the local inhabitants by an electric barrier built by the Army engineers. The engineer Ryan Loflin (Paul Nicholls) and his son Max (Benedict Smith) are working in the protection barrier and Sheriff Theresa Giove (Elisabeth Röhm) is trying to exterminate the crocodiles from the lake working with the former poacher Reba (Yancy Butler). When the sheriff's daughter Chloe (Poppy Lee Friar) accepts the invitation of her schoolmates to go to a camping party by the lake, the reckless driver does not pay attention on the road, crosses the gate and mistakenly stops by the Black Lake. Meanwhile a group of poachers led by the hunter Jim Bickerman (Robert Englund) also trespass the gate to hunt crocodiles and seek worthy crocodile eggs. Soon they are attacked by giant crocodiles.

"Lake Placid: The Final Chapter" is a TV Movie with lame effects and a very funny story. Yancy Butler is awful in the role of the non- charismatic Reba. The cast has names such as Robert Englund) and Elisabeth Röhm. Despite the reference to the final chapter, the conclusion seems to indicate a possible sequel of the franchise.My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Pânico no Lago: O Capítulo Final" ("Panic in the Lake: The Final Chapter")
watching to future

watching to future

At the end of the third film we are left to assume the feisty "cougar" Reba is dead- This is not the case. The fourth film opens with her having survived the attack and now working with the local authorities to contain the vicious reptiles. Enter the new sheriff of the city, her daughter and a ruthless, out for himself poacher played by Robert Englund of Freddy Krueger fame.

This film is better than the standard SyFy fare, and as for the franchise better than parts 2 and 3. Yancy Butler is once again an entertaining and ass kicking force. If you suffered through the last 2 sequels then give this one a chance because as far as entertainment value goes it's way beyond the previous offerings (except of course the first.)


It is, by no means, a movie I would refer to as "great", but, compared to the other "Lake Placid" sequels, this is, indeed, a significant improvement.

I liked the original with Jane Fonda; that's why I kept watching the sequels, but, up until now, the sequels have been simply horrendous. Perhaps, that's the reason why I actually liked this one; it was a significant upgrade from the previous sequels.

Yancy Butler was, of course, the highlight of the movie. I don't think it would've been worth watching without her.

I thought the main downside was the fact that the movie lacked the subtlety of the original. This one was clearly going for more action and more gore. And that was a mistake if you ask me.

Also, I'm not sure why they called it "The Final Chapter" as the ending suggests a potential sequel.

To summarize: A below-average movie if viewed by itself. If, however, you watch it having seen other "Lake Placid" sequels, you will be pleased to find that this is basically the only sequel that's watchable.


Terrible acting, terrible graphics, terrible storyline. They should have stopped after the first movie, but this one is by far the worst. What a waste. You can predict everything that is going to happen and when it will happen. This has to be the worst movie I have ever watched. I wanted to turn it off after the first ten minutes but I was holding out hope that it would get better. Spoiler alert: A lot of people die and there is a lot of fake blood. The "protagonists" live and the "antagonists" die. If you really have nothing better to do for 90 minutes and want to think that this movie will be good, then go ahead, watch it. But that's 90 minutes of your life that you will never get back.


Miraculously surviving from the previous "Lack Placid 3" (2010) movie, salty and snarling Yancy Butler (as Reba) kills the offending crocodile. After the credits, Ms. Butler's marksmanship has landed her a job assisting beautiful blue-eyed Elisabeth Rohm (as Theresa Giove), the new Lake Placid sheriff. The killer crocodiles are still around, but have grown bigger and more blood-thirsty than ever. Authorities have enclosed them in a fenced area, hoping to starve them to extinction. They've survived by eating each other, but still prefer humans. Butler thinks handsome fencer Paul Nicholls (as Ryan Loflin) has a "nice ass." We never receive positive confirmation of this from director Don Michael Paul, but female buttocks are very nicely represented...

Butler takes a back seat, as we focus on two co-starring couples. First up, an attraction develops between Ms. Rohm and Mr. Nicholls. Then, their grown-up children also become attracted to each other. Her daughter is pretty Poppy Lee Friar (as Chloe) and his son is cute Benedict Smith (as Max). The four are individually well-cast, but there is a problem with Nicholls and son Smith. Whenever they share the screen, they send off a strong gay vibe. This is mostly due to the two actors appearing too close in age to be playing father and son. They also look nothing like a father and son – in fact, in all their scenes together, they look like a couple. Nothing wrong with this, of course, but it seems slightly off-kilter...

Possible subtext aide, writer David Reed and the Syfy TV movie team make this sequel a little better than the last two. The story has better development and the characters are generally appealing. Continuity is provided in a nice scene with Ms. Friar's swim team (aka crocodile bait). As a bonus, "Nightmare on Elm Street" star Robert Englund shows up as another nutty member of the "Bickerman" family. None of these improvements are earth-shattering, however, and they don't make "Lake Placid: The Final Chapter" much more than mindless trash. The special effects are worse, if that's possible. The cheap-looking monster crocodiles are unimpressive. You get blood and gore, but no suspense. Finally, this doesn't seem like "The Final Chapter"...

**** Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (9/29/12) Don Michael Paul ~ Elisabeth Rohm, Paul Nicholls, Yancy Butler, Benedict Smith


Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Lake Placid still has a croc problem but it's apparently safer now that the government has put up a huge electric fence around the lake. The only problem is that a group of teens are on a field trip and end up behind the fence so a group has to go in after them. Also within the gate is a poacher (Robert Englund) needing some baby croc eggs to sell. LAKE PLACID: THE FINAL CHAPTER is a major improvement over the last two installments and for a SyFy production it's actually very well made. I was really shocked to see the film rebound so well and especially after the previous film, which was just downright horrid on all levels. I thought this film offered up plenty of a fun, a decent story and several characters that you could actually root for, which is rare for this type of film. Horror fans are certainly going to love the kills in this because they're rather graphic and extremely gory for a TV movie. We're given quite a few croc attacks including one poor guy who gets his junk bitten off. Another memorable scene has a young woman hanging upside down and the aftermath isn't all that pretty. The story itself has one major logical problem after another but do we really need to be thinking during a film like this? For the most part I thought we had some pretty good characters to root for with the main focus being on a Sheriff (Elisabeth Rohm) and her teen daughter (Poppy Lee Friar). Both characters are ones you enjoy but both actresses also deliver fine performances. Yancy Butler returns from the previous film and manages to get across a few good jokes and even Englund is good here. The fourth film in the Friday THE 13TH series had "The Final Chapter" added to it and I'm going to make a prediction that this series keeps on moving just like it.


A tree hugger, fish and game representative, and a sheriff are all out on a cold northern lake looking for giant crocodiles... My criticism of the cold blooded nature of reptiles surviving in a cold climate has been addressed in this film with one word: mutation. Thank God as these films were starting to get silly.

Reba (Yancy Butler) is a survivor from the previous film where this one picks up some time later. There is a huge "Jurassic Park" fence around the area. The sheriff (Elisabeth Röhm) encourages her daughter Chloe(Poppy Lee Friar- Seriously? This is her real name?) to go on a senior camping trip by that other lake without said crocodiles. Meanwhile Robert Englund leads a team of poaches in an attempt to get some DNA from the creature to sell. My goodness. How do get these far fetched subplots to collide?

Chloe likes a cute boy who is going on the trip. He has a girlfriend (Slytherin's Pansy Parkinson) with "gator bait" practically written across her forehead. Not that these things are predictable. Reba has the best lines and attitude in this film, which it could have utilized better. Not as good as "Lake Placid 3." It is the "Piranha 3DD" to "Piranha 3D", billed higher but delivers less. The film boasts two memorable scenes, 2 more than most films in this genre. The girl whose foot gets snared in a trap. Then there is the cell phone inside the croc, reminiscent of the ticking clock in "Peter Pan." Thumbs up.


Released to TV in 2012 and directed by Don Michael Paul, "Lake Placid: The Final Chapter" chronicles events at the crocagator-infested Black Lake, Maine, after the entire lake has been fenced-off with a huge electric fence. Things go awry when a bus containing the Marshfield High swim team accidentally goes to Black Lake instead of Clear Lake. Elisabeth Röhm plays the sheriff, Poppy Lee Friar her daughter, the heroine-by-accident, and Yancy Butler the sassy & droll game warden. Paul Nicholls plays the sheriff's beau and Benedict Smith his son, the latter seeming to have a thing for the heroine. Robert Englund is also on hand as a greedy poacher.

This is the fourth movie in the Lake Placid series and it's about on par with the original 1999 flick, as far as story goes, but it lacks that one's production values. The film features an interesting group of females in the cast, but they're sub-par compared to the previous two installments, although Röhm (the sheriff) and Scarlett Byrne (Brittany) are worthy. As the third sequel hindered by a TV budget it's a throwaway horror flick, but it's generally entertaining for what it is, part serious, part amusing and part campy. It surprisingly even tries to throw in a couple of reverent, moving moments.

The film runs 86 minutes and was shot in the sticks outside Sofia, Bulgaria.



LAKE PLACID: THE FINAL CHAPTER is another silly and sloppy monster flick made by the SyFy Channel. It's the fourth in the series and the last to date, I think; at least I hope so, because the quality has significantly dropped over the instalments (although I never did like the original's jokey tone to begin with). An aged Yancy Butler returns from part three as a tough-talking warden hunting for killer alligators, and various B-characters get involved in the plot which mainly consists of them running around and getting chomped one by one. The story is a mix of bits and pieces from here and there, with references to JURASSIC PARK 3 at one point. The CGI, in terms of both monsters and gore, is very poor indeed, on the level of a '90s computer game. The only enjoyment I got out of this were the presence of actors Robert Englund (reliably grouchy) and Paul Nicholls, a British actor formerly of EASTENDERS, fairly convincing as an all-American hero.


Lake Placid just seems to have a reputation to live up to. By now the crocodiles are kept to themselves in a nature preserve. These crocs are not just big...they are huge. (Bad CGI or what). Just lounging and getting fat. Fun loving Reba (Yancey Butler) is still around and this time is a game warden. Poacher Jim Bickerman (Robert Englund) is somehow still around Black Lake. Nuttier than ever and a bit disabled, all because of the love of crocodiles.

An electric fence guarding the crocs is accidentally left open and an area high school field trip bus unknowingly enters the sanctuary. Those huge crocodiles are in the mood to taste something different. Now it will be Reba teaming with the new sheriff in town, Sheriff Glove (Elisabeth Rohm), to protect students and the Lake Placid area population from being devoured by the biggest crocodiles ever.

There is nothing scary about this flick. It is a fun watch, maybe because the crocodiles seem so cartoon-like. There is even moments you have goodwill toward Bickerman. There is some violence of course along with raw language and scenes of nudity/sexuality to earn an R rating.

Also in the cast: Paul Nichols, Poppy Lee Friar, Benedict Smith, Sewell Whitney, Scarlette Byrne, Caroline Ford and Kitodar Todorov.


This film in my opinion has been one of the better films that I've witnessed in a while.

The plot was excellent and compelling as we follow the protagonist who is... er, well that's not exactly clear but we follow people and it's cool.

I really enjoyed the CGI effects and thought that they were top notch, Star Wars Episode VII has a lot to contend with when it's finally released. The crocodiles looked so real that I genuinely was scared that they would appear out of the television screen into my living room!

The 2 romance plots were really great as well and I felt like they were truly believable, I ended up almost shedding a tear towards the end because the young woman Chloe gave the gentleman the best gift a man can ask for (I won't spoil this).

I'd say that it's one of the best films released not just during the 2010's but also of all time. It's plot is extremely intricate and deep and the CGI effects are astonishing.

In my view this is a much watch I'd give it a solid 9/10 I only avoid giving it 10/10 because the eyebrows of one of the actresses freaked me out.


Having discovered the existence of the crocodiles living in the local lake, a former hunter joins forces with the town's sheriff to keep the crocodiles at bay when both a relentless poacher and a group of teens descend on their nesting grounds.

This one was a really great entry that manages to get a lot right about it and doesn't have a whole lot of flaws. In fact, it's only got the true flaw of these Sci-Fi Channel entries in the atrocious and truly terrible CGI used for the crocodiles, which doesn't even come close to the real thing and used for scenes that really shouldn't have needed them. The shots of the crocs on land are certainly obviously done here and require it done, but the simple shots of it just floating on the lake surface really could've been done through other means than horribly pixelated CGI that looks horribly bad like the rest of the CGI here. Beyond this, though, there's a lot to like here including the fact that this one manages to feel as though it's a true continuation of the series, not only spouting off events that previously happened in the series but also continuing off on threads introduced there and presenting itself as a true follower of the previous entries, which is rarely seen. The big profession chance is a decent enough one, but to acknowledge previous entries in story-line terms and the need to have the fence built all make for a rather easy connection to the others. As well, this one has some outstanding action scenes throughout here featuring the hunters stalking the crocs both in the water or on land in the first half. As well, there's even more fun to be had throughout the film as the creatures chasing after the stranded teens in several really fun sequences starting with the early scenes taking them out stealthily before getting to the main ambush scene. Starting with the attack on the speed-boat to the croc storming through the campsite attacking everyone leading to some really bloody attacks as the chases provides some really exciting action attempting to get to safety which makes this highly fun and enjoyable as a centerpiece sequence. Other fun scenes include the confrontation in the abandoned camp where they get caught up in the traps set for the creatures as well as the creatures appearing in the pit trap set-up there that make for a fun time, while the encounter in the house is a lot of fun with the big surprise ambush from the kitchen leading into the battle to get away and eventual escape. With that leading directly into the finale where they battle the creatures out in the lake as they come out to save them in the last big rescue attempt while finally showcasing the other attack in the kids resulting in a rather fun showdown gunfight that finally puts them down. In addition, there's plenty of croc action which allows for some nice bits of gore and a couple nice stalking scenes throughout, which is always a lot of fun to have here and makes this one quite enjoyable. Plus, along with a frenetic pace and a ton of cheese, these here provide the last positive points for this one, perhaps making this the best entry in the series.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.


I watched this movie just a half hour back on TV, which is what medium the movie was made for. And it is worth just that. First off, definitely better than Lake Placid 3, and a lot more fun. Many hotter chicks in this one and Reba is definitely bearable in this one compared to 3. The discontinuity in the movie is mind-boggling. The corny dialogues and predictable plot makes it boring towards the end, but I watched the movie just for the hot (and boring) Poppy Lee Friar, who plays Chloe in the film. I could envision this film being remade in Bollywood, which goes to show how crappy this movie is. The cast in IMDb should be increased to include the hot chick at the end because I was definitely interested in her. A lot of times throughout the movie, they've shrouded the sets with what appears to be fog (pretty sure it's dry ice) which gives the movie a depressing feel. The crocodiles throughout the movie are a bag of fun, with the horrible CGI making it an enjoyable experience for me. I enjoy such crappy movies if it has hot actresses, and I definitely enjoyed this one.


This movie is so badly done it should be listed in the top 10 B movie Hall of Fame. Everything from people not handling firearms or shooting them like they really work, to things like we are in a boat on the lake and now back on shore right where we took off from time arrangement screw ups left and right. Its really REALLY bad. I also like how they are in dire threat of getting eaten by the gators, yet from time to time just stop and decide to stand around and have a discussion. The harpoon boat scene is really funny also. You see a lot of boats readily available with a harpoon gun mounted to them. I guess when they shot the gator with it they pulled it like a water skier since they are going like 35 mph. It also looks like the director would have hired a firearms trainer to at least show Yancy Butler how to hold a gun and operate one like it was really firing. You also see Rohm shooting and there is amazingly no recoil, dang, I want one of those please!


It has long been my assertion that Betty White owes a lot to Lake Placid. When the horror film about a large crocodile terrorizing a small town was released in 1999, Betty White was far removed from her Golden Girls run and was bouncing around in various forgettable mid-season television pick-ups that went nowhere (anyone remember Maybe This Time? ). But then she took a role as the croc loving Delores Bickerman in the 1999's Lake Placid alongside Oliver Platt and Bridget Fonda and we were reminded just how fun, energetic and in-on-the-joke the aging actress could be.

That was 14 years ago, and more unimportantly, three sequels ago as the fourth installment, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter was thrown out to DVD waters in 2013. Brought to us by the always high-standard revering Syfy Channel, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter was a TV Movie starring Yancy Butler (reprising her role from Lake Placid 3), Elisabeth Röhm, Poppy Lee Friar and Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund in the continuing struggles of the Lake Placid area in keeping the crocodile deaths to a minimum.

The plot for this latest endeavor is about as smart as a dung beetle. Picking up exactly -where the classic-should-have-been-nominated Lake Placid 3 left off, The Final Chapter has poacher Jim Bickerman (Englund) in rustler heaven when he arrives at the local lake that is seemingly populated by man-eating crocodiles.

Complicating the dung beetles plot are a female sheriff (Röhm) and her wide-eyed daughter (Friar) who both find themselves in harm's way as the large aquatic tetrapods munch their CGI way through a body count that would have Jason Voorhees nod in appreciation.

The Syfy Channel and their made-for-television films have a tendency to be McDonald's type meals. Quick and easy. And Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is both. It is barely 80 minutes long and it doesn't push any envelopes on its way to PG-13 glory.

The kills are unimaginative and created with such bad CGI that your head might turn away from the screen not for the brutality, but for the saving grace of not having to watch ridiculously fake CGI blood splash so foolishly around edited body parts.

It's hard to say that The Final Chapter is the worst Lake Placid of the series. But it is also hard to imagine that the idea has spawned three sequels. Lake Placid 4 is just as bad as Lake Placid 3 which was just barely worse that Lake Placid 2.

If you have children on the cusp of appreciating more graphic and engrossing horror fare, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter might be a worthy babysitter that is not likely to do much damage to your child's sleep time. But for adults, this was a waste of 80 minutes where you wish the bullets fired on screen towards the crocodile's would be used against the producers who might suggest 'A New Chapter'.



This a very scary movie. The original Lake Placid is scarier. Lake Placid 2 is also scarier. Lake Placid 3 is also scarier. But still this movie is very scary. It has a great story line. It also had great acting. It also has great special effects. If you do not great scared of this movie then no movie will scary you. This is great monster movie. If you want to see a very scary movie. Then you need to see this movie. This a great movie. It a must see. Elisabeth R.o.h.m is a great actress. Y.a.n.c.y Butler is a great actress. Paul N.i.c.h.o.l.l.s is a great actor. Poppy Lee Friar is a great actress. Benedict Smith is a great actor. Caroline Ford is a great actress.


"You again, do you really want to do this?" Chloe (Friar) has finally decided to relax and go on a trip to a lake with her friends. When they get there they are all having fun until they see one of their friends eaten by a croc. When they find out they are at the wrong lake things go from bad to worse, then they meet Jim Bickerman (Englund). Another sequel, another croc, bad effects and worse acting. I will admit that my expectations were very low because after really when you start a series with Betty White there is no where to go but down. Also this is a SCY/FY channel movie and we all know how good those are. If you have seen the others then you might as well see this one, if you haven't stick with the first one. Overall, about what I expected, no better no worse. I give it a C-.


In order to keep the unique crocodiles away from the nearby town the Army Corps of Engineers has built an electric fence all around the lake to contain them. However, this doesn't deter a crazy poacher by the name of "Jim Bickerman" (Robert Englund) from assembling a small crew of men and then sneaking past the guard at one of the gates to get inside the containment area. Sure enough, he and his men soon find their dangerous prey—or should I say their dangerous prey finds them? Meanwhile, due to the carelessness of the guard the gate is accidentally left open and a bus en route to another nearby lake accidentally takes a wrong turn. Once again the crocodiles are more than happy to meet their acquaintance. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film pretty much followed the same standard format as its predecessors and subsequently suffered as a result. The by-the-numbers plot lacked suspense and the animation was pretty much hit-or-miss as well. As a matter of fact, about the only good thing about this movie was the presence of Elisabeth Rohm (as "Sheriff Giove) but even then her performance was enough to bring this movie up to a respectable level. As such I have rated this movie accordingly. Below average.


Director Don Michael Paul and screenwriter David Reed really do justice to this thrilling franchise with an outstanding production featuring a very strong cast. Elizabeth Rohm gives one of her best performances yet as the sheriff and mother bent on protecting the children and destroying the monstrous crocodiles that threaten their existence. Outstanding support is furnished by Robert Englund with Yancy Butler providing much needed comedy relief. This is a very dark and horrific film featuring some shocking sequences that may haunt audience members for the rest of their lives. One scene with an innocent young girl snared in a trap and hanging from her ankles while being savaged by alligators is deeply disturbing. That is only one of several terrifying incidents depicted in graphic detail and without mercy. However, the blooding is in no way gratuitous and serves the purpose of motivating Rohm and Butler to take enormous risks to complete their mission. Excellent cinematography and startling special effects help immensely to make this one of the years most truly frightening films. It is, in the end, Rohm's power house performance that will really engage the viewer and capture their unwavering attention. The fear, rage, and emotional turmoil of her character is all too real and Rohm has never been better in any role. It is tremendous work and should have garnered her an Emmy nomination at least.


Reba from the third installment wakes up in the supermarket where the final bloodbath took place. A giant croc approaches her, but Reba lets it know who is the boss.

Some time is elited. Reba is now working for the EPA, not entirely of her own volition (work for us or go to jail, that sort of thing). The new law is Sheriff Giove. Giove, Reba, and the 'tree hugger' Dennis capture a small croc for study using an anesthetic dart. They return to the shore and talk to the folks who are building and maintaining the electric fence around the lake. This includes Loflin.

The professional poacher Jim Bickerman and cohorts approach the same point when fewer people are present, then break in to kill at least one croc. They beat up Loflin's son Max to get there.

Giove sets up a chick flick night with her daughter Chloe, but Chloe goes off on a fun outing with a busload of other late teenagers. The bus goes through the gate opened by Bickerman and his allies. They tell ghost stories and have make out sessions. Giove, meanwhile, gets closer to Loflin.

The next morning, the party group at the lake is missing a member, and they call the sheriff. The sheriff, Loflin, and Reba arrive at the now-closed gate, and talk things over with the engineer who closed it. They attempt to rescue the idiots, er, the party goers.

During the process, they meet Dennis again, who was working on his project, and not at all helping the overall order of the proceedings.

Will Loflin be re-united with his son Max? Will the sheriff and her daughter survive? Will there be enough crocs left over for Lake Placid: the Final Chapter, part II?


Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly quite good, but not the CGI.

Sound: 7/10 The actors are well-miked, and the incidental music usually appropriate to the occasion whether it be creepy, foreboding, or pleasant.

Acting: 6/10 Roehm, Butler, and Nichols were fine, as was England, though his role was on the short side. Benedict Smith, Daniel Black, and Ako Mitchell were not great, but were better than I expected.

Screenplay: 5/10 The dialog was not great, but was much better than one usually gets in such films. The interconnections of the poacher with the first films was interesting, as was the connection of the poacher to the tree hugger.


Its the final chapter in one of the best series going! Good ol poacher turned sheriff Mr Giove is back, this time hes the law! But there's some crocodiles who are out to prove him wrong, and when some hapless students wander to the lake turned crocodile sanctum uh oh there in for trouble with a capital T Some of director Stanley Rodriguez finest work with special effects second to some and well you can just see where most of this bumper budget went, but its surprising to get such an all star cast and these quality of special effects. The factual data behind this documentary is unreal and you don't usually get this kind of gore and detail in a true story, it boggles the mind. The finest film that holly-woods golden couple Dame Judy Dench and Robert Deniero have both appeared in. Unfortunately all of the nudity in this film is censored apart from the male genitalia if I rented this then I would take it back and hurl abuse and feces at the employee


This movie is so bad it becomes comical, hence why I can give it a vote well above the lowest possible. Also there are some half decent special effects. The story is nonsense about zombie crocodiles attacking people especially a group of students who have gone to the wrong beach. The acting is atrociously bad. Whoever directed or edited this film seem to have the continuity all over the place as at one time a rescue team is in a park then suddenly on a motor boat. The scariest thing about the film is the actress Yancy Butler, and almost all the players in this film are laughable and the longer this movie goes on the more I was cheering for the crocodiles.



I really enjoyed this one! It was quite fast paced & really kept you interested!

The film didn't begin with a death scene, but the supposed dead Reba who is still alive & awakes in the supermarket from the events of Lake Placid 3! She then kills the crocodile as leaving the supermarket!

This time, in the film the crocodiles now have been put in an enclosure to ensure they won't kill anymore victims! But while Reba & her group are hunting they kill a crocodile only to be pursed & chased & nearly killed by the crocodile!

The deaths in this film were a lot better than Lake Placid 3! They were more bloody gorier than the last which just had fake & crappy blood effects which weren't even that good, They were OK but not as good as this film! Like when one of the guys gets chewed up & the blood sprays across the coach & the part when the guy gets devoured by the tree! Very gory & just the way I like it! The Crocodile getting electrocuted was pretty cool! Liked that! Not to mention the baby crocodiles eating away at the guy in the lake after falling off his jet ski! And the girl getting her head bitten off after being trapped upside down from a rope trap!

At times the effects weren't great, like the Crocodiles which looked fake but not too fake, as the crocodiles looked a little bit more realistic than the previous 2 films! Like the part when Reba reversed into the Crocodiles at the beginning of the film, knocking it back you could clearly see it wasn't real & didn't blend so well! But hey, it was a low budget, cheap sifi film!

So in this film, the story line goes, that a coach driver drives into the enclosure gate way, which had been opened by Max previously, who went searching after hearing cries for help, from the poachers who sneaked in without Max knowing! One of them of which is played by Robert Englund! A Nightmare on Elm Street! Yes! The cousin of Mrs. Bickerman who met her well deserved demise in Lake Placid 2! Robert plays a greedy poacher who tries to steal crocodile eggs & become a millionaire by selling them for money! Max then gets dragged into the darkness & supposingly killed!

The film was pretty good I liked the idea of an enclosure! Pretty good concept! I also liked the end when the jogger got killed by a Crocodile & the ironic sign saying "Croc Free Lake" as well as the radio stating that it was also "Croc free!"

Overall I'm giving this a 10/10 it was the best out of the 4 to be honest! Reba putting a crocodile head on the living room wall! A Great film if you've seen the first 3! Hope there's going to be a Lake Placid 5 as they usually do go back on their word with Franchises like this!

Lets see...!