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The Flat Earth (2017) Online

The Flat Earth (2017) Online
Original Title :
The Flat Earth
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Ty Evans
Cast :
Jamie Foy,Carlos Iqui,Cody Lockwood
Writer :
Rob Brink
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Flat Earth (2017) Online

The Flat Earth starring Jamie Foy Carlos Iqui Chase Webb Mike Pulizzi Cody Lockwood directed by Ty Evans produced by Ghost Digital Cinema.
Credited cast:
Jamie Foy Jamie Foy - Himself
Carlos Iqui Carlos Iqui - Himself
Cody Lockwood Cody Lockwood - Himself
Mike Pulizzi Mike Pulizzi - Himself
Chase Webb Chase Webb - Himself

User reviews



I just couldn't believe these young men could so grossly amazing with their skateboards, I just couldn't believe how these young guys would be so brave and so skilled to challenge with their own limits to put themselves in such dangerous structures, forms and terrains to prove how human being could reach and achieve so many difficult and dangerous tricks with just their own skateboards. By watching these guys's skateboarding skills and their guts to deal with any possible object, obstacle, any structural form in the cities and in the wildness, wreckless bravery with strong, iron will power and 100% focus would be their ultimate goal. These guys, like all the other top players in BMX biking, snow boarding, skiing, rock climbing, surfing, sky diving....these most dangerous game playings in the world and the thrills rendered by these guys' almost impossible performances must be also seriously respected and treated like part of our human civilization. Playing with their own lives to entertain themselves and to the viewers of these documentaries are just nerve-breaking, breath holding, so intense that might cause heart attacks by just watching it.

I often wondered why these guys wouldn't be recruited by the military forces, because they'd be the best candidates for the Special Force, the Rangers, or the Navy Seals. Their guts and their willpower to achieve the impossibility are beyond believability. I often found myself forgetting to breath during watching these documentary films, they are the ultimate thrillers, not those so-called movie thrillers.


Everything about this is amazing. The art direction, lighting, cinematography, editing, soundtrack, and the skateboarding all blew me away. I can't stop watching it. I love how trippy it is. Colors are amazing too.