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The New Maverick (1978) Online

The New Maverick (1978) Online
Original Title :
The New Maverick
Genre :
Movie / Western
Year :
Directror :
Hy Averback
Cast :
James Garner,Charles Frank,Jack Kelly
Writer :
Juanita Bartlett
Type :
Time :
1h 40min
Rating :
The New Maverick (1978) Online

Gambling brothers Bret (James Garner) and Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) are, as usual, hot on the trail of a fast buck when they find themselves partnered with the eager-but-inexperienced Ben Maverick (Charles Frank, son of their British-born cousin, Beau Maverick.
Complete credited cast:
James Garner James Garner - Bret Maverick
Charles Frank Charles Frank - Ben Maverick
Jack Kelly Jack Kelly - Bart Maverick
Susan Blanchard Susan Blanchard - Nell McGarahan, Crupper's Maid / Vinnie's Accomplice
Eugene Roche Eugene Roche - Judge Austin Crupper, President 1st National Bank of Deming Texas
Susan Sullivan Susan Sullivan - 'Poker' Alice Ivers
George Loros George Loros - Vinnie Smith, Train Robber hired by Crupper
Woodrow Parfrey Woodrow Parfrey - Leveque, Man from New Orleans
Greg Allen Greg Allen - Dobie
Helen Page Camp Helen Page Camp - Mrs. Flora Crupper
Jack Garner Jack Garner - Homer, Vinnie's henchman
Graham Jarvis Graham Jarvis - Undertaker Lambert
Macon McCalman Macon McCalman - Vanders the Las Vegas Hotel Desk Clerk
B.J. Ward B.J. Ward - B.J. Vinnie's Henchman

User reviews



Charles Frank, who plays the "new Maverick" rides into town. He's a young dashing man just like his two uncles. The three set out to capture the train robbers and return the gold for the reward. Garner, of course, always does a great job as Bret Maverick and when one thinks of "Maverick" they think of James Garner. Jack Kelly is back as his brother Bart and again does another good job. Susaan Blanchard plays the young love object in the movie and she is definitely a pretty woman which any young man would enjoy courting with the one exception of a "fiesty tongue." Which appeals to the new Maverick and he never lets it get him down as he goes after her. One of the funniest, in my view, scenes is when Bret Maverick has to borrow some money so he can play Poker Alice (played by a charming and beautiful Susan Sullivan). Imagine a professional gambler having to borrow money to play a hand...LOL Anyway, I would watch the movie again and would recommend it to those who for years enjoyed Maverick.