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The Frank Sinatra Show Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank (1957–1960) Online

The Frank Sinatra Show Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank (1957–1960) Online
Original Title :
Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Music
Year :
Directror :
Frank Sinatra
Cast :
Frank Sinatra,Bing Crosby,The Ralph Brewster Singers
Writer :
William Morrow
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Frank Sinatra Show Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank (1957–1960) Online

In the only episode of this series filmed in color (but probably broadcast only in black-and-white), legendary crooner Bing Crosby is guest star. Crosby joins Sinatra in performing many classic Christmas songs, among them Sinatra's version of "Mistetoe and Holly" and Crosby's famed "White Christmas". Some of the songs are performed on a set with a backdrop of Victorian England; other songs were performed on a set that resembled a hip late-1950's bachelor apartment. This episode has been released in color on DVD.
Episode complete credited cast:
Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra - Himself - Host
Bing Crosby Bing Crosby - Himself
The Ralph Brewster Singers The Ralph Brewster Singers - Themselves
Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra - Themselves

The show is on film and is in color, rare for TV in 1957.

This 30-minute show was released on DVD on October 7, 2003 as "Happy Holidays With Bing & Frank". As an extra, the DVD includes an approximately 45 minute question and answer session with daughters Nancy Sinatra and Tina Sinatra after a special public screening of the long unseen show in Los Angeles in 2003.

Because Bing Crosby liked to pre-record his music in the morning and lip synch on film and Frank Sinatra preferred to record live in the evening, the musical "duets" were recorded ten hours apart with only soft piano accompaniment. Nelson Riddle overrode the piano with the orchestra during editing.

Filmed in color, although ABC originally broadcast it in black and white.

The horse statue to the right of the front door is the same statue that eventually would become the horse statue near the Brady Bunch staircase.

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Filmed in color but broadcast in black and white, HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH BING AND FRANK has a scenario where Crosby visits Sinatra's house in preparation for Christmas, and the two of them sing songs in celebration of the occasion. There is a minimal plot - as Crosby picks up a book, looks out of the window, or enjoys Sinatra's company. What matters more is that viewers should enjoy the sight of two legendary stars at the peak of their powers.

All the famous songs are there: the program ends with Crosby looking out of a window towards the camera and singing "White Christmas." Sinatra joins in to the sound of heavenly choirs off-set, leaving a general feelgood mood to end the program with.

The orchestrations are lush and romantic, but what else would viewers expect from Nelson Riddle and his orchestra, who provided the arrangements for many of Sinatra's best albums, recorded at the the time when this program was broadcast (e.g. "Songs for Swingin' Lovers")?

The mood is a sentimental one, but then as it is Christmas, director Sinatra (and writer William Morrow) were deliberately seeking to attract as large an audience as possible. Although over fifty-five years old, HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH BING AND FRANK is still worth looking at, if only for the sight of two great singers appearing together (they had previously appeared in HIGH SOCIETY (1956)).
Rolling Flipper

Rolling Flipper

WE FOUND THIS most pleasant half hour listed in the guide of Turner Classic Movies and figured that it was worth a look-see, if only once. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this was very pleasant, enjoyable and worthwhile to be recommended.

THIS IS NOT a "special", but rather an installment of THE FRANK SINATRA Show, a regular series. The program is only a half hour and that would appear to follow the customary format that was the norm for such Star oriented & titled shows. One need only look to all of the others to find the likes of: THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE RRED SKELTON SHOW, DANNY KAYE and countless sitcoms that fit into this mold. (It was some years later that so many programs went to an hour; although there were always such types.)

AS FOR THIS particular example, it is a model for a concise, no wasted time, top notch TV show. There are no other guest stars, the show revolves around the two crooners; along with an ensemble that would rival a stage production.

THE VETERAN CONDUCTOR and composer, Nelson is credited as Musical Director and the play-list runs the table from the most modern songs, kiddie favourites and many traditional standards.

AS WE SAID earlier, this was a sort of sleeper that really surprised us. But not anymore, as Schultz wanted to keep it on our VCR for future Yuletide viewings.

THAT'S THE BEST idea you've had in ages, friend Schultz.

MERRY Christmas!


Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank (1957)

*** (out of 4)

Frank Sinatra (who also directed) and Bing Crosby show off their voices in this Christmas special, which clocks in less than forty minutes but if you're a fan of either legend then you'll certainly want to check this out. At the time it originally aired, this was seen by most people in B&W but it was shot in color and this was used by the television company to try and get people to upgrade their television sets to color ones.

As for the film itself, it's certainly not ground-breaking or a masterpiece but if you enjoy the men then you should enjoy their singing here. The highlights include The First Noel, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Deck the Halls, White Christmas and of course Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Both men's voices are in fine form and the arrangements on the songs are quite good.