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Snagglepuss Royal Rodent (1961– ) Online

Snagglepuss Royal Rodent (1961– ) Online
Original Title :
Royal Rodent
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Snagglepuss Royal Rodent (1961– ) Online

Snagglepuss talks his way into a cushy job at the King's palace. His task is to rid the royal premises of Bigelow, the pesky mouse. But Bigelow is not about to give up a good thing, what with all that cheese in the royal larder. Snagglepuss tries to distract the king from his poor performance by telling him a joke. The king appoints Snagglepuss to be court jester and Bigelow, disgusted at the low state of court jesting, leaves voluntarily.