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Heart 2 Heart (2010) Online

Heart 2 Heart (2010) Online
Original Title :
Heart 2 Heart
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Nayato Fio Nuala
Cast :
Aliff Alli,Arumy Bachsin,Irish Bella
Writer :
Titien Wattimena
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Heart 2 Heart (2010) Online

Pandu and Indah, meet for the first time on a lake and fall in love after three days. When they return to Jakarta, Pandu believes that they will meet again if they are meant to be together. Later, the couple reunites but while the love remains, there is now an obstacle. Indah already has a 'boyfriend', Ramon, arranged by her mother. Then Indah has an accident and loses her vision and her voice. In despair, she refuses to be accompanied by her parents, let alone a boyfriend that her parents chose for her. So Pandu gives up his school in Jakarta to follow Indah, and shares her solitude at the villa. Pandu never allows Indah to be alone, inspite of Indah's rejection. Together with Indah's friends, he brings back the smile on her face.
Credited cast:
Aliff Alli Aliff Alli - Pandu
Arumy Bachsin Arumy Bachsin - Clara (as Arumi Bachsin)
Irish Bella Irish Bella - Indah
Wulan Guritno Wulan Guritno - Ibu Indah
Argatama Levy Argatama Levy - Dimas
Miradz Miradz - Ramon
Indah Permatasari Indah Permatasari - Gita
George Taka George Taka