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Million Dollar Arm (2014) Online

Million Dollar Arm (2014) Online
Original Title :
Million Dollar Arm
Genre :
Movie / Biography / Drama / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Craig Gillespie
Cast :
Jon Hamm,Aasif Mandvi,Alan Arkin
Writer :
Tom McCarthy
Budget :
Type :
Time :
2h 4min
Rating :

A sports agent stages an unconventional recruitment strategy to get talented Indian cricket players to play Major League Baseball.

Million Dollar Arm (2014) Online

In 2008, J. B. Bernstein is a sports agent who finds his business being seriously outplayed by his deep-pocketed competitors. Inspired by reality shows and Indian cricket games on TV, Bernstein gets the bold idea of finding cricket players in India and training them to become pro baseball players in America. After a long search, Bernstein finds two talented, but non-cricket playing, youths, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel. Together, Berthstein takes his prospects to Los Angeles where they find mastering a new sport in a foreign land a daunting challenge. As these boys struggle amid an alien culture, Bernstein must find a way to make their dream come true. In doing, Bernstein finds a deeper humanity to his work with growing friendships he never expected to have.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jon Hamm Jon Hamm - JB
Pitobash Pitobash - Amit (Deepesh Solanki)
Suraj Sharma Suraj Sharma - Rinku
Madhur Mittal Madhur Mittal - Dinesh
Aasif Mandvi Aasif Mandvi - Aash
Darshan Jariwala Darshan Jariwala - Vivek
Lake Bell Lake Bell - Brenda
Alan Arkin Alan Arkin - Ray
Bill Paxton Bill Paxton - Tom House
Gregory Alan Williams Gregory Alan Williams - Doug
Allyn Rachel Allyn Rachel - Theresa
Tzi Ma Tzi Ma - Chang
Rey Maualuga Rey Maualuga - Popo
Bar Paly Bar Paly - Lisette
Jaspaul Sandhu Jaspaul Sandhu - Grumpy Guy

Rinku Singh pitches left-handed but Suraj Sharma, who plays him, throws right-handed. They had to flip the image to make it appear as though he was pitching left-handed.

The first rap song played when JB arrives in India is actually not Indian, but Dutch/Turkish.

Cricketer spin bowlers have often traveled to America to work with curveball pitchers. They develop and hone their finger techniques to extract as much spin out of the ball as possible.

In the movie, Dinesh Patel's father is a truck driver, while in real life it was Rinku Singh's father.

The first song plays at the end credits is from the Tamil movie "En Swasa Kaatrey," composed by A.R. Rahman, who is also the composer of this film.

At Popo's house party, a USC Trojans football helmet can be seen in Popo's room. Rey Maualuga, who portrays Popo, played football at USC.

The episode of Britain's Got Talent (2009) portrayed in the movie is Britain's Got Talent: 2009: Auditions 1 (2009), the audition of Susan Boyle, a plain-looking British woman whose singing audition was the big surprise of the season. Boyle eventually ended up overall second in the contest.

The CGI Disney castle has Indian music instead of "When you wish upon a star," which is the song usually featured in the openings.

Bill Paxton plays Tom House who not only consulted on the film, but was a real Major League pitcher and coach. House is known for two things in his career: as a coach with the Texas Rangers, he helped Nolan Ryan through the end of his Hall of Fame career. As a young pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, he was in the bullpen when Hank Aaron hit the home run that broke Babe Ruth's all-time career home run record. House is seen on film catching Aaron's ball, and is then seen at home plate fighting his way through a crowd of people to present Aaron with the ball after he has jogged the bases.

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went to an advanced screening with mom and we were laughing crying and cheering all over ourselves and with the other moviegoers in the theater. i mean, seriously we all clapped and jumped out of our seats. what a treat! the premise is simple: take a self-involved ambitious businessman and stick him with three talented but hungry baseball prospects and they end up changing each other for the better. plus, the cast is superb! Alan Arkin, Bill Paxton and Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal who play their real-life counterparts, wow just wow!

my family loves sports movies and my mother loves baseball movies in particular, so seeing this with her on mother's day was perfect. if you love baseball movies or know kids who love baseball (or any sports for that matter), Million Dollar Arm is a must-see feel good film. it's The Rookie meets Hoop Dreams.... go see it


In a spate of recent sports themed movies, all of which were good, I have to say I consider this one the best. Toss together some baseball history, an excellent script, terrific casting, great acting, a bit of the squalor, beauty and toe-tapping music of India and Viola! You end up with a good film. To try and single out one single actor in this film I liked the most or was most impressed with is impossible. Every one was amazing. You don't need to be a baseball fan or even know that much about the game to appreciate this picture. I and my companion (who is about as far from a sports-minded person as you could find) for the viewing were both thrilled with this one. When the people coming out of the opposite door at the end of the picture smile and say, "Good movie, wasn't it?" You know you've seen a good movie. There are some I want to see again….this is one.


The Hollywood's exploration of India based subjects is continuing. I have been enjoying those. Something quite refreshing which traveling on a new perspective to entertain the world audience. Especially, this movie was not a bigger one like 'Slumdog Millionaire' or 'Life of Pi', but cute emotional family drama like 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'.

It was a biopic-sport-drama about an American sports agent, J. B. Bernstein, who brought two young fastest arm Indians to the States to train as the professional baseball pitchers. Before that, he conducts a reality show called 'Million Dollar Arm' in various Indian locations to find the perfect one. In the end he gets two and takes back them to the country. What follows is the cultural collision where these two finds hard to fit in and perform. With many inspiring lines and tears in our eyes it comes to the conclusion.

It was a nice story and inspiring. This movie teaches many things like about family values, sharing culture, hard work for a better future, having faith, true love and all the above the most deserved second chance. It was a predictable story. The minor problem with the movie was it won't explain thoroughly some of the contents it portrays. It is due to cultural different some will have a hard time to figure it out the meaning of it. But for South Asians and Indo-American it will be a perfect movie.

The movie had more than sufficient humorous scenes and many of them were in an Indian accent. I had a great time laughing for those comedies. Those comedies are because of the difference pronunciation of the same word between the people of two countries. The character Amit is the center of the attract when it comes to the humour. In the other end, especially in the second half the story drags most of its parts towards the sentiments. I can't say it was unnecessary, but truly was impeccable and touching.

''They need to know that you care them''

I never knew this director. After checking out his filmography, yeah, I have watched many and liked a couple of his movies, especially 'Lars and the Real Girl'. He did a great job, especially shooting in Indian summer is not an easy task. He himself told in Q&A meet about his struggles. All the actors well cooped. John Hamm's one of the best performances. No doubt he was remarkable.

The boys from 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Life of Pi' are the two Indian characters. Suraj Sharma as Rinku and Madhur Mittal as Dinesh did justice to the respective roles, though they were not similar kind of face to the real ones like usually filmmakers choose for a biopic. They were really good, did key performances alongside John Hamm's JB character. Lake Bell was a surprised attraction of the movie. I found her kind of cute in some of the scenes than never before. And other major attractions were Alan Akin with his usual incredible show in the small span, and a few others, especially that Indian character called Amit.

Even before it was released many had criticised it by saying a TV movie and so 90s. But I had faith in it and watched and it never disappointed me. I have already said in my many reviews that I love tearjerker movies, so it was my perfect one. Some mighty one's are releasing on the same week this movie hitting the screen. I believe this is the only one pure family drama that one could ask for an alternate. In fact best by so far in this summer, according to the family friendly films. I highly recommend it, but all you need is to have a low expectation.


Based on a true story, Million Dollar Arm is a predictable motivating sport film from the Disney stable.

Jon Hamm with his flawlessly groomed stubble and cocky grin plays the haughty sports agent Bernstein with ease. As a groomed smooth talker in sharply tailored corporate suits, there are few to match Hamm and he does what is expected of him. The two main characters of the movie are Suraj Sharma, the star of Life of Pi who plays Rinku and Madhur Mittal, the older brother in Slumdog Millionaire who plays Dinesh. Both of them perform their roles very beguilingly and inspire affection from the crowd. The rest of the supporting cast also perform their roles very well especially Lake Bell who was very impressive in her cameo role as Brenda.

I might be a bit biased since I am from India but the comedy in the movie is hilarious...I found myself laughing throughout the movie enjoying every moment of it. The direction and editing are also pretty impressive. In a nutshell, all the elements in the movie combine really well and the result is a fine movie which has plenty to offer.

So, overall, Million Dollar Arm is a finely made movie which will impress you despite being predictable and is certainly worth a watch.

My Rating : 8.5 out of 10


OK, I admit that you could probably predict the course of the movie just from seeing the trailer. However, this movie makes you forget about its predictability. The acting was superb, you really feel for the characters and what they are going through. You want them to succeed and surpass the adversities. With that being said, this movie will make you laugh, cry, and smile. It's just one of those feel good movies. In fact, the entire theatre audibly laughed and cheered on the boys. This is the first time I've ever seen a theatre audience so engaged in a movie. I recommend this movie for everyone. If you're looking for a feel good, charming movie, this is it!


First, let me say I LOVE sports movies. Second, it is rare that I give any movie higher than a rating of 8. This movie has it all--and it's not really a "sports" movie.

To begin with, there is a great story. The characters are well developed and the scenes in India provide just the right background for what these young men must have gone through in their transformation. There was more that one heart-jerking moment without ever being maudlin. I was prepared to give this a lower score because I was sure the love-interest story was contrived just for the movie, but it turns out to be true.

Be sure to stay for the credits, which has many "real-life" photos as well as more scenes from India, and updates on most of the characters. I was disappointed to see there wasn't a follow-up on Aash who provided the initial inspiration for the concept, but I'm guessing he/that WAS created for movie.

While sports movies usually follow a tried-and-true formula, and this one hones pretty close to that formula, it is still refreshing nonetheless and quite enlightening. I was not at all familiar with this story, and am interested in finding out more.

And lastly, how refreshing it is to see a good movie (set in professional sports, no less) that has NO obscene language. Other filmmakers, take a look at how successful and enjoyable this movie is without a profanity laced (or drenched) script.


I am a pretty big sports fan. Despite this, though, I can be fairly picky with my sports movies. A few general questions that I always ask. First, why was this movie made? There are a ton of great moments that happen in sports, but not all of them deserve movies to made of them. And along with that, sometimes an ordinary event is glorified in the movie, which causes you to raise an eyebrow when you learn the actual events. Next, how faithful is this to the actual events? Yes, I know this is Hollywood and they are going to change things. But if they change things too much, it can be a problem. For example, if the actual person portrayed in the movie doesn't like what Hollywood did with them, that is a problem. Finally, sports movies can be really cliché and predictable because there are only really two options for the ending -- the team/player succeeds in their goal or the team/player fails, but a lesson is learned. So what else do you bring to the table that will give your movie substance and avoid being just a cliché sports movie?

Going into Million Dollar Arm, I was actually really excited because Disney had been raving about this movie for quite some time. I'm happy to report that it passes this test with flying colors. First off, yes this is a movie that deserved to be made. And no, it's not just an ordinary event that was glorified. And while I'm at it, it seems pretty accurate to the actual events. This is a movie about a sports agent named JB Bernstein. He's in a pretty dire situation and needs to make a huge splash or else business-wise he is in a lot of trouble. Using Yao Ming's situation as inspiration, he decides to go on a quest to get the first Major League Baseball player from India. Just like all of China followed Yao Ming's journey in the NBA (he made the all-star team even when he didn't play most of the season because of fan voting in China), an MLB player from India would be equally as huge with how many people live there. With this idea in mind, Bernstein sets up the competition called the Million Dollar Arm, which is essentially a try-out where the top two throwers would get to come to America with the opportunity of trying out for an MLB team.

Is this a predictable sports movie? Of course. The events of this movie took place just a few years back and a quick wikipedia search can tell you all about these two players. But the point here isn't to throw a curveball at audiences. The main focus isn't even on telling the world about an extraordinary event that happened less than a decade ago. It's all about relationships. Bernstein is a single man that is all business at first. What he seems to have missed is that he's brought two human beings halfway across the world just to make a successful business move. These two Indian boys are still teenagers that have never been away from home, at least not so far away from home. They are scared, nervous, alone, and don't even know the language at first. This is an emotional roller-coaster for everyone involved and watching it unfold is touching and beautiful.

What makes this movie work is the performances from all the actors. It's a grand slam performance. Starting from the top, Jon Hamm plays JB Bernstein and if this movie came out in the fall, I'd say he'd be a good contender for Best Actor at the Oscars. It'd be a deserving nomination. Lake Bell plays the neighbor/love interest for JB. She does a fantastic job as the mediator between JB and the boys, helping JB come down to earth to treat the boys right. Finally, our two Indian players, Rinku and Dinesh are played by Indian actors Suraj Sharma and Madhur Mittal. These two are the stars of the show. From the very beginning, you become emotionally invested in them and their journey. You want them succeed. You cheer for them when they perform well. You are devastated when they slip up. You scream inside at Jon Hamm when he treats them poorly. You fall in love with Lake Bell when she takes them in. Sharma and Mittal are fairly new in the acted business; however, they are not unrecognizable. Sharma plays the lead role of Pi Patel in Life of Pi and Mittal shows up in Slumdog Millionaire. There's also other great performances in this movie from the likes of Aasif Mandvi, Alan Arkin, Bill Paxton and Tzi Ma, but this will suffice.

Overall, Million Dollar Arm is a movie that is a must see in my opinion. Yes, there are a ton of huge summer blockbusters in the next month or two that will all fight for your attention, but don't let this movie slip past you. If for some reason you find yourself tired of all the huge blockbusters, then this is definitely a movie that you should check out, because it will be a breath of fresh air. Even if you are not a sports fan, I think this is a movie that you will love, because like I said, it's all about the relationships in the movie as opposed to the historical sporting event that is portrayed. If this movie were to come out at the end of the year, I would think it would be the type of movie that contends for an Oscar nomination or two. It's that good. It will certainly join the ranks of all the great sports movies. My grade for Million Dollar Arm is a 9/10.

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Regardless of how people say the film was a Disney Film, predictable, etc, unaware of this true story, all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Being an Indian student in America, the film connected me to my culture in India. The background music, the sentiment, and the portrayal of Indian traditions made me feel nostalgic of how I miss my home back in India. All I can say is that watching this movie made me feel like I was in India enjoying this experience with Rinku and Dinesh! The music was excellent. AR Rahman killing it as usual! Suraj Sharma has a bright acting future and Amit looked very cute. Excellent film! Go India!


In terms of content, it's hard not to like MILLION DOLLAR ARM. There's a winning performance from Jon Hamm as the harassed agent trying his best to re-establish himself, while discovering the importance of looking after his charges; complemented by Lake Bell as the next- door neighbor, the intern who understands more about the young Indian boys' predicament of inhabiting a completely alien culture. As the two boys, Suraj Sharma and Madhur Mittal are particularly good at communicating - often through nonverbal means - their sheer bewilderment once they are transplanted from their rural Indian surroundings to metropolitan Los Angeles. Although they eventually make a success of their quest to become major league baseball pitchers, they nonetheless find it difficult to adapt to alien surroundings.

And yet there is a strong sense in which Craig Gillespie's film serves to perpetuate rather than negotiate stereotypes about the Indian nation and its people, and the Americans' responses to it. Hamm's JB is predictably confused by the disorganized ways in which the Indian people do business, especially in his interactions with Vivek (Darshan Jariwala). By implication, therefore, the American (i.e. efficient) ways, are naturally superior. Meanwhile aging coach Ray (Alan Arkin) rejects the Indian way of life altogether, as he complains about the prospect of contracting the so-called "Delhi belly" (an upset stomach), and returns to America on the first available flight.

Once the Indian boys are transplanted to the United States, they are frequently used as butts for cheap jokes; there is one scene in a hotel, where they experience problems with the elevator, which is particularly orientalist in tone. The film seems not to be aware of contemporary realities; in economic terms India is no longer a backward country but gradually becoming an economic superpower in its own right.

Nonetheless the film does make an effort to recognize the strengths of Indian cultures; the emphasis on family stability and the ability to converse contrasts starkly with JB's life, in which he is so busy that he has little time either to consider marriage or even to talk to anyone at length. The Indian characters also take time for daily prayers; the contemplative life is as significant as the active life in human beings. Perhaps the western world has become too secular to understand this.

MILLION DOLLAR ARM is an ambivalent piece, at once celebratory of yet still reluctant to recognize the strength of contemporary Indian cultures. Yet it's still worth a look.


Actually a very effective movie. It's got some great performances along with a great script. Its funny at times and keeps you entertained At times though moments are stretched and it is very predictable. Hamm gives a good strong performance and Arkin just cracked me up! It's not the best movie in the world but its worth giving a look. I think down the road it will be looked at as very underrated and it has a reason. The reason is that this movie is how a movie should be, a funny, smart, family drama with good performances and leaves you with a feel good mood after exiting the theater. Its appropriate for all audiences And sometimes thats all a movie needs.


JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm) is a sports agent, venturing out on his own to start his own sports management agency, with his partner Aash (Aasif Mandvi). He has represented stars like Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders, but they have long since retired. JB is looking to sign a lineman named Popo (Ray Maualuga) but Popo signs with another agent, so JB is left with no clients, and no prospects. While watching a cricket match and Britain's Got Talent, JB hatches an idea to sign an Indian baseball player, and turn it into a reality contest, called Million Dollar Arm.

After finding a crotchety, old, retired baseball scout named Ray, (Alan Arkin) JB heads to India to find his prospects. He and Ray find 20 prospects, and whittle it down to two, Rinku (Suraj Sharma) and Dinesh (Maddhur Mittal) and a translator named Amit (Pitobash) who dreams of being a baseball coach. Together, the four go back to Los Angeles, where pitching coach Tom House (Bill Paxton agrees to work with Rinku and Dinesh, and they have a year to get a tryout, or the deal with their financier, Chang (Tzi Ma) falls through. Do Rinku and Dinesh succeed? Is JB more interested in the deal or in Rinku or Dinesh as people?

Disney is marketing this movie as a cross between Slumdog Millionaire and Jerry Maguire. It is very much like Jerry Maguire, but it's more like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, because the Brits are openly contemptuous of India and Indians much like JB is, but gradually a transformation occurs and the Brits in Marigold Hotel learn to love the country and its customs. Does the same transformation happen here? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But let me say this Marigold Hotel is a much better movie, a much more deep and profound movie. Maybe Million Dollar Arm is neither deep nor profound, but it is entertaining. There are laughs to be had here, and it's a different kind of baseball movie. It's fun to see two people who've never thrown a baseball before pick up a vital aspect of the game in such a short time. If you don't like baseball, this movie won't hold much entertainment for you, and while it's not Field of Dreams or Bull Durham, it is fun.

There's a lot of culture clash/fish out of water humor, both with Hamm's character and the Indian boys. I don't particularly enjoy fish out of water humor, and it doesn't particularly work here, but the movie works because of the acting, and not so much the script. Is it an entertaining movie? Yes it is. Is it worth going to the movies to see? No it's not. But it is worth the price of a rental.

Jon Hamm is good, he doesn't stray too far from his Don Draper character, believe it or not. He plays JB as a superficial womanizer who only dates models. He plays a "Grade A Jerk" in the words of this movie, and if I was JB Bernstein, I wouldn't be too flattered by this portrayal. Lake Bell plays a woman who rents a room from Hamm's character and serves as some comedy relief and eventually a love interest, but the love story is clunky. Lake Bell reminds me of Amanda Peet, a pretty girl who's trying too hard to be funny. Alan Arkin plays a crusty old curmudgeon again. He seems to have found a niche. Asif Mandvi is less funny than I thought he'd be, and therefore disappointing.

The best actors in the film are the Indian actors, Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal and Pitobash as the translator. Their natural performances add a lot of depth and emotional weight to the film. The boys are away from home, they miss their families, but they have a once in a lifetime chance. Their performances are complex in ways I didn't expect. And Pitobash shows sincerity in this performance, he really wants to learn about baseball. He has a dream too, and he's realizing it through his countrymen. Bill Paxton does an excellent job as pitching coach Tom House. He doesn't want this to be a publicity stunt, he wants this to work for everyone involved. Paxton plays House with a no-nonsense intensity, which is refreshing.

Finally here's a non-animated film that you can watch with your family, and it's worth seeing. Was Disney doing a little marketing themselves? Selling this movie to the growing Indian community in the US and a huge international audience in India? I didn't see many Indian people in the audience at my theater, but it made 10 million dollars in it's first week, not bad for a film going up against Godzilla.

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This film is based on the true story about Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, two young men from India who leave their homeland after winning a baseball competition.

I'll give you a slightly different perspective, since I am not a sports fan. However, I value and appreciate a good movie with a sports theme when I see one (i.e. Glory Road, The Blind Side, etc), especially when it is based on a true story. This is one of them. I loved it.


When it comes to the try-outs for a chance to win thousands of dollars and a trip to America, thousands pitch for the cameras but don't make it. These young people might not have any "hope" of making it, but they try it. They give it their all. They have fun. A few make it to the finals, showing they have talent. Many showed potential but only two passed the test.

It's what happened next that affirmed this was a good movie - that moment when something happens to your emotion button and tears flow. I could only imagine what it might have been like for the families of these two young men to bid farewell. Disney et al gotcha! This was nicely done.

But that's not what this movie's all about. There are several important themes - sports, politics, relationships, greed, naivety, etc - that happen throughout the story, and then they all come together. And the humour is great.

One thing I would have liked it to see Rinku and Dinesh in a real game as part of the movie. Just don't leave the theatre as soon as the movie is done, as there are some film footage and photos of the real Rinku and Dinesh. That is always a bonus in a movie like this.

It's a good movie worth seeing.


Another year, another attempt from the studios to bring out a feel-good sports film. In 2014, they have succeeded with, "Million Dollar Arm," a movie based off factual accounts. I really liked this movie for a variety of reasons. I am always fascinated by Indian culture, and the movie shows the Bollywood culture to a true extent. Baseball is my favorite sport, and just seeing people learning to play the game is pure delight. The film itself is provoking, as well as intelligent, funny, and just a well-crafted movie despite its predictable outcome.

Craig Gillepsie's film is about a sports agent who is down on his luck and is losing money fast. His final play involves starting a program to teach Indian cricket players baseball so they can be scouted by MLB. But J.B Bernstein finds out it is a lot harder than he thought as these Indian players must get used to a foreign sport and an alien culture.

Jon Hamm does a great job in the lead role as J.B. Sure, his character is self-centered, but Hamm plays him well. Lake Bell had a few great scenes as a possible romantic interest of J.B. Alan Arkin cracked me up as the grumpy elderly scout. I also liked Suraj Sharma who know delivers back-to-back Hollywood performances with this film and "Life of Pi."

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Million Dollar Arm. It's a fun, clever sports movie that has a typical Disney "feel-good" tone to it. I also liked the culture clash that is presented in the movie between the Indian and American cultures. The film presents an unique opportunity to learn about Indian culture and I appreciated that. A funny, entertaining sports movie.

My Grade: A-


Million Dollar Arm is a biographical sports drama about baseball pitchers Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel who were discovered by sports agent J.B. Bernstein after winning a reality show competition in India.It stars Jon Hamm together with Aasif Mandvi,Bill Paxton,Suraj Sharma,Madhur Mittal,Lake Bell and Alan Arkin.This Walt Disney Pictures produced film is directed by Craig Gillespie.

JB Bernstein is a once-successful sports agent who now finds himself edged out by bigger, slicker competitors. He and his partner Aash will have to close their business down for good if JB doesn't come up with something fast. One night,he came up with an idea of going to India. Late one night, while watching cricket being played in India on TV, JB comes up with an idea so radical it just might work. Why not go to there and find the next baseball pitching sensation? Setting off for Mumbai with nothing but a gifted but cantankerous scout in tow, JB stages a televised, nationwide competition called "Million Dollar Arm" where 40,000 hopefuls compete before two 18- year-old finalists, Rinku and Dinesh, emerge as winners. JB brings them back to the United States to train with legendary pitching coach Tom House. The goal: get the boys signed to a major league team. Not only is the game itself difficult to master, but life in the U.S. with a committed bachelor makes things even more complicated-for all of them. While Rinku and Dinesh learn the finer points of baseball and American culture, they in turn teach JB the true meaning of teamwork and commitment. Ultimately, what began as a purely commercial venture becomes something more and leads JB to find the one thing he was never looking for at all-a family.

This is definitely an inspirational sports Disney movie.It is charming to a fault and watchable as it provides inspiration to people to achieve the goals they have set in life.Also,the movie successfully manages to mix emotion and comedy to move the viewer.Overall,it definitely scores a home run as a baseball film.


This movie is about an agent who has a his own agency. He has basically no client when he gets the great idea to go to India and try to find baseball pitchers. He gets the idea when he one night watching some TV, he swaps channel back and forth. He is swapping between British got talent and an Indian cricket game.

This movie is based on a true story. The two kids who gets the opportunity to go to USA and train to be baseball players can't speak any English, they have never played baseball or cricket and they have never been outside India.

you get to follow their journey to become baseball players, see their strengths and weakness, success and failure and everything els that comes in their way on this beautiful journey.

My personal opinion: The movie is well made, it's a moving story and the last thing I have to say is that this movie made me happy. I enjoyed the movie very much and I hope to see more movies like this one in the future.


Firstly I loved that movie a lot.its not a simple movie .that was over my expectation.IT WAS not a sport movie but it was full of feelings.how three unknown person struggles in life and got that achievement that was not simple TO ACHIEVE.movie is awesome.worth watching... Proud to be an Indian...... the plot of the movie was great also how the movie passionately goes in perfection is the thing which attracts the film lovers.the main reason if any one wants to see is the perfection of movie that is cocktail of love peace ,struggle,drama,action moreover a sport movie.its a full throttle

Secondly, its my first time I am giving any movie a 9 starer but it deserves that..HATS OFF YOU GUYS.sports lover will love them a lot.something new and different came to the market ...again worth watching movie....
Gold Crown

Gold Crown

I saw "Million Dollar Arm", starring Jon Hamm-Mad Men_t.v., Sucker Punch; Lake Bell-No Strings Attached, Boston Legal_t.v.; Aasif Mandvi- Premium Rush, The Last Airbender and Bill Paxton-Haywire, True Lies.

This is a Disney movie that is based on a true story about a sports agent, Jon, that goes to India to try and find the next big major league baseball pitcher. Jon is having some money problems since he lost his last big football client and really needs to get some new clients. Almost all of the major foreign countries have been depleted of future sports talent by other scouts so he figures, why not try India? He discovers that the people in India love the game of cricket-which involves throwing a ball-and he thinks that it might not be a giant leap for them to pitching a baseball. Jon takes a trip to India and has a talent hunt, in the form of a reality type t.v. show called Million Dollar Arm, in which the winner will win a trip to America and the chance to play in the major leagues . Aasif plays Jon's business partner, Bill is a trainer and Lake plays, literally, the girl next door to Jon that becomes his love interest. There is a lot of humor using the fish out of water themes, what with the Americans in India-getting sick on the food-and the Indians in America-they are not familiar with a lot of our conveniences. During the end credits, they show both pictures and video of the real players from India that the movie is based on, and they also tell you what happened to them. It's rated "PG" for some mild language and has a running time of 2 hours & 4 minutes. It's a nice Disney family style movie and I would probably buy it on DVD.


... the movie drops several IMDb rating points.

A strange little film that is not really Disney (seems to have been picked up post production) nor a true sports film nor even a feel-gooder.

Think that the critics are confused by the fact that until Alan Arkin (who just gets better with age) leaves frame at about the 20 min mark, the film is almost an "8" and then drops to a "6" as pacing and editing problems mount up.

Watch Lake Bell who steals all her scenes with finesse and grace. Cast in a Sandra Bullock role, she becomes the glue that keeps the film together as the editing fails, but she is too little too late.

They do bring Arkin back at the 1:41 mark, which once again elevates the film, but at the same time it underscores how uneven this production really is.

Could have been so much better.


. . . and his jaded, semi-retired baseball scout character "Ray" in the current MILLION DOLLAR ARM is no exception. Based on a true story, ARM explores how a vast country on the verge of becoming the most populous on earth can get about half of America's formerly good-paying jobs through out-sourcing and YET NOT HAVE A SINGLE PLAYER on any major league baseball team (or NFL football, NBA basketball, or NHL hockey, for that matter). It's not as if major league athletes are paid peanuts nowadays. Thanks to their proudly-worn Union label, the thousands of major league pros AVERAGE MORE THAN A MILLON BUCKS PER MAN!! How then has the suction effect of globalization that has swirled the livelihoods of so many non-famous middle class Americans down the toilet to the other side of the world NOT managed to fill at least half the pro athlete slots with Indians from India? (The Cleveland Indians could become politically correct by hiring 35 or 40 of them in one fell swoop.) If you watch MILLION DOLLAR ARM you'll see the solution to one of this century's great mysteries.


Once again a great musician with Australian film-maker from India done an Indo-Hollywood script. Its simple and pleasing to the senses. Its the story of converting an Indian amateur thrower into a base ball player in U.S.

JON HAMM and some few others have decent screen presence. The changeover from India TO US seems beautiful. Very close to life not mostly the story of Hollywood.

There is no single match is played in the screen. But still we can feel the importance of any sport other than cricket which is hyped much in India. Mostly the movie is funny humorous and rarely has some bits of good writing which is emotional.

In response to a question 'which god will you pray'' the protagonists says that ''I don't pray. But I do work''. Yet another impressing scene is an Indian coach given a chance not just to laugh but to encourage the players whom selected for. Its inspiring.

Above all the 'thirakkatha kattukkulle(திறக்காத காட்டுக்குள்ளே)' a tamil song runs when the screen fall was amazing to feel.

Finally I would like to say just go if you like a movie with simple real stories. The music just take care of the rest.


Disney seems to have their hands in every pot these days with animation, superhero movies, even Star Wars is in the plans these days. However tonight's review is all about Disney's sports movie genre. Now with classics like Remember the Titans and Miracle, we've seen the studios make history come alive, yet the current focus for many sports movies is moving out of the arena and going behind the scenes of the athletic world. Today I share my thoughts on Million Dollar Arm, another addition to the baseball movie franchise. .

Now we all know Disney, they like to open up a film, most of the time, by showing the protagonist being down on their luck, and this film is no different. After a client decides to look at a different company to sponsor him, JB (Jon Hamm) is forced to take a gamble on recruiting the first Major League players from India. With the help of his crew, he manages to find Rinku (Suraj Sharma) and Dinesh (Madhur Mittal), two boys with big dreams and big hearts, who are forced to take a trip that will challenge all of their characters.

Will they do it? I'm not telling you, but Disney has combined a variety of things to make a great story for you to enjoy. First thing to mention is the blending of cultures. Director Craig Gillepsie has crafted a film that shows off the lifestyles of both Americans and Indians alike. The comparison and contrast of these cultures is beautifully captured on film, often accompanied by a score that compliments the customs and feel of the scene. While Disney still has a way of adding sappy, everything is happy moments; they alleviate such antics with comedy relief, often throwing insults to both cultures in a classy way that keeps the movie fun. This balanced blend is much appreciated, as it keeps the movie fresh and avoids making the movie a two-hour snooze fest.

However the cinematography is not just about showing off the unique settings, but also assisting in bringing the characters to life. Of course acting helps with characters as well, and Million Dollar Arm has a strong cast to support the story. Hamm has the most dynamic role, forced to transition between various qualities, as his character evolves over the course of the film. Sharma and Mittal, do a nice job playing the boys discovering a new world who bear a heavy weight of making their country/families proud. Pitobash and Alan Arkin are the comedy stars, each delivering the lines with well-timed emphasis that adds the kick to make the scene funny, especially when it's not beaten over your head (take notes people, more doesn't mean better). Finally the lovely Lake Bell cleans up for the main crew. A combination of beauty and acting, Bell's character Brenda provides confidence, rationality, and fun that makes you feel energized no matter what consequences may arise. The chemistry between all of them is incredible, and very balanced to craft a family you will fall in love with.

Of course this is a Disney movie and that means, especially when it comes to real life movies, inspirational moments. Million Dollar Arm is filled to the brim with moments that will make you want to go out and fight for your dreams. As custom to Disney, these scenes are often elaborate, with great emphasis on the characters challenges, struggles, or skills. Close ups on their faces are often followed by sequences of audience members watching in suspense, including skeptical scouts and coaches, trying to bring you into the scene. And of course, Disney quickly offsets such suspense, with a light hearted gimmick that helps relieve the tension you might be feeling. Such feel good moments are old hat for Disney, especially with the music score they choose to play alongside the scene, but at the end of the movie you will get a warm feeling in your heart that might bring a tear to your eye.

Yet like their heartwarming scenes, Million Dollar Arm is a predictable story filled with obvious foreshadowing and build-up to what comes next. Those who don't pay attention to obvious cues may be surprised by the outcomes, but otherwise don't expect many twists in this story. Also the stakes for failure seem to be high in the movie, yet when they actually fail, the consequences do not reflect the tone the characters make and are often blown over. Perhaps it's because they wanted a quicker movie, or perhaps just wanted to keep it upbeat, but there is a lack of bite to this film. Even when JB goofs up and upsets his "family" there is no edge, just quick a resolve that makes everything suddenly okay. A final, minor weakness, is that this movie is like all the other Disney sports movies you've seen. The formula is still the same and the lack of a new approach takes away the uniqueness of the film

Regardless of the weaknesses, Million Dollar Arm is a good movie that is great for audiences of all ages. The chemistry between the actors should pull you into their little group, having you root for the team, as they embark on their journey. Throw in the comedy and a little love story, and you've got something for everyone to enjoy. Yes, it's still Disney's "magical" approach to everything, but I assure you that this movie will put a smile on your face and entertain you nonetheless. So if you're looking for a film this weekend, I give two thumbs up for Million Dollar Arm!

My scores are:

Biography/Drama/Sports: 7.5 Movie Overall: 8.0


Feel good, fun film, very predictable but still manages to hold attention thanks to its Indian flavor and the self-discovery some of the characters go through, particularly Jon Hamm.

Jon is a sports agent down to his last throw of dice when he convinces a Chinese entrepreneur (Tzi Ma) to fund a search for new baseball pitcher from India's vast pool of cricket bowlers, setting it up as a talent hunt, criss-crossing the country. After many a hiccup, they finally narrow it down to 2 candidates, Suraj and Madhur and whisk them, along with Pitobash (a wanna be baseball coach, translator) to the USA to get them to train, get ready for a tryout in a very tight deadline. Things don't go exactly as planned and Jon at one point complains about having signed up for a talent contest, not to become a primary care-giver.

His business partner, Aasif (remember him from Ghost Town ?) and tenant, Lake Bell, are the ones helping keep things on track, while Alan Arkin and Bill Paxton as the baseball scout and coach, try to help with their wise counsel, while Darshan Jariwala plays a cameo.

This is a film that doesn't really go deep but keeps things moving while skimming through what the characters are going through. The adjustment issues – Jon's to India and then later for the Indian trio in America are humorously and quickly told. The relationship between Jon and Lake – beginning with a broken down washing machine, then Skype and later at home is crucial to the plot. And most fascinating of all is watching Jon's character, the deal hungry, self-centered sports agent, try and figure out what life is about – of course, with a few helpful nudges from friends

Sport movies usually suffer from predictable endings and this one is no exception. It drags a bit in the second half too but the music score by A R Rahman helps gloss over that. It's a true story apparently but one, surprisingly not too many Indians are aware of, so in that sense, the chief objective of doing the talent hunt, to popularize baseball in India, doesn't really seem to have worked. Unfortunately, going by the low key promotion, release and the small crowds, even the film wont help do that here

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After a hitherto very successful TV career, Million Dollar Arm was presumably supposed to do for John Hamm what Batman and Robin was supposed to achieve for a post-er George Clooney. It won't. It's certainly a far, far better film (though that in itself is neither hard nor a great selling point) but Hamm lacks the charm, charisma and versatility of Clooney (who overcame almost the biggest clunk of 1997) and Million Dollar Arm is neither good enough to be universally celebrated, nor bad enough to be derided. What Million Dollar Arm is, is a pleasant, feel good(ish), based-on-truth yarn in which Hamm plays an updated, slightly softer Don Draper.

In 2008, with a sports agency floundering against the tide of bigger competitors, JB Bernstein (John Hamm) is inspired by the emerging crop of TV reality shows and hits upon the idea of creating his own in order to save his business and make his mark; essentially becoming the Simon Cowell of baseball. He quickly realises the major flaw in his plan: baseball is pretty much covered in the USA and the big boys have snapped up anyone with any talent long ago.

What JB requires is an untapped market that doesn't know it needs baseball in its life. Enter India, the home of all things cricket. After an arduous search, JB selects two aspiring cricketers, Rinku Singh (Suraj Shama) and Dinesh Patel (Madhur Mittal), and whisks them back to America where he must work to transfer their skills to baseball, make their dreams come true and, in the process, find his own humanity.

There is nothing in Million Dollar Arm that we haven't seen countless times before, but because it carries before it a banner proclaiming 'This really happened' we forgive director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) for its predictability. It isn't necessary to know or love baseball to enjoy Million Dollar Arm any more than you needed to be a quizmaster to enjoy Slumdog Millionaire, but it in this case it probably helps. That said, Gillespie has carefully crafted a film to appeal to the Sunday afternoon feet up masses. It requires little thought, only moderate emotional investment and you know from the outset, though you may try to fool yourself to heighten the excitement, that all will work out well. Why else would Disney stump up the cash? Disney doesn't do failure!

There is much to enjoy but little to inspire or satisfy. The performances are adequate but predictably overshadowed by Alan Arkin's familiar irascible old-timer cameo. The romance is plinky plonk and the against all odds, triumph in the face of adversity plot engages but doesn't tug at the heartstrings like, say, The Blind Side.

There is nothing here to dislike vehemently, but perhaps that would make Million Dollar Arm a more memorable film. There just isn't anything on display to be really passionate about, good or bad. Save it for a rainy Sunday when the belly is too full for a hike across the moors.

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Just saw this with my movie theatre-working friend. We both enjoyed this true story of a sports agent's going to India to find a couple of potential baseball players to take to America. Jon Hamm plays the leading character with charm despite his not-too-subtle way of sometimes coming off as a jerk. The players picked to play the baseball athletes and English interpreter were also quite compelling. And I also liked Lake Bell as the border of Hamm's who might just win his heart and Alan Arkin as the retired talent scout who also teaches Hamm a thing or two. Oh, and Bill Paxton as the coach. And the whole India scenery also was fascinating to watch. So on that note, I highly recommend Million Dollar Arm.


I really enjoyed this film. Its a great baseball film, a great feel good film. Perfect for Memorial Day Weekend ( as was "42" last yr). This is heartwarming , moving, inspirational, and should be seen by all' I guarantee you will love it. One of the best baseball movies I've ever seen. But not only about baseball is also about learning to respect other cultures, The entire cast was great, loved Dashin, & Runka , and BRENDA ( Ms. Lake) a real find,,, Go see it You will come out feeling happy and enthralled, as well as inspired. Its too bad was released same week as Godzilla Imax.. This film is 10 times better.. Up there with Pride Of The Yankees,Bang The Drum Slowly, Field Of Dreams, The Natural and last years much underrated film "42" Go see it you will love it!!!