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Peanuts One Dollar (2010) Online

Peanuts One Dollar (2010) Online
Original Title :
Peanuts One Dollar
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Sebastián Mónaco
Cast :
Norman Briski,Patricia Byrne,Alejandra Da Passano
Writer :
Sebastián Mónaco
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 23min
Rating :
Peanuts One Dollar (2010) Online

Argentina, 2010, Dr. Defeo arrives at the mental health center to perform his audits. He is struck by an internship Lucas Del Mar, a patient who claims to be a film director and have filmed a movie in New York years ago.
Credited cast:
Norman Briski Norman Briski - Horacio Del Mar
Patricia Byrne Patricia Byrne - Lic. Vila
Alejandra Da Passano Alejandra Da Passano - Maria Rosa
Claudio Da Passano Claudio Da Passano - Santiago
María José Demare María José Demare - Judith
Malena Figo Malena Figo - Mercedes
Héctor Herrera Héctor Herrera - Panamá
Nahuel Lerena Nahuel Lerena - Rodrigo
Sebastián Mónaco Sebastián Mónaco - Lucas Del Mar
Jorge Sassi Jorge Sassi - Dr. De Feo