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Abducted: The Carlina White Story (2012) Online

Abducted: The Carlina White Story (2012) Online
Original Title :
Abducted: The Carlina White Story
Genre :
Movie / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Cast :
Aunjanue Ellis,Keke Palmer,Sherri Shepherd
Writer :
Elizabeth Hunter
Type :
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :
Abducted: The Carlina White Story (2012) Online

Ann Pettway kidnaps 19-day-old Carlina Renae White from the Harlem Hospital and raises the infant as Nejdra "Netty" Nance in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Now an adult, she discovers her true identity, tries to reconnect with her birth parents, while also trying to choose between her two identities.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Aunjanue Ellis Aunjanue Ellis - Ann
Keke Palmer Keke Palmer - Carlina
Sherri Shepherd Sherri Shepherd - Joy
Roger Cross Roger Cross - Carl
Afton Williamson Afton Williamson - Cassandra
Heather-Claire Nortey Heather-Claire Nortey - Joy White 1987
Eli Goree Eli Goree - Carl Tyson 1987
Fulvio Cecere Fulvio Cecere - Detective Dalton
Candus Churchill Candus Churchill - Mrs. White
Heather Doerksen Heather Doerksen - Agent Johnson
Naika Toussaint Naika Toussaint - Tina
Adom Osei Adom Osei - Trey
Aaron Craven Aaron Craven - Keith Radnor
Anne Marie DeLuise Anne Marie DeLuise - Sarah
Alyssa Wellington Alyssa Wellington - Maya

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The dilemma, heartbreak, frustration and struggle of identity are all themes associated with "Abduction:The Carlina White Story."

In 1987 a baby was snatched from a Harlem hospital by a woman had previously suffered three miscarriages. She takes the child home to an unsuspecting family and for 23 years raised the child as her own.

The true story begins here once the young lady discovers her true identity and how she is torn between her real parents and the woman who reared her.

Excellent acting by all here with Aujaune Ellis stealing the show as the woman who abducted the child.

Can forgiveness for doing such a dastardly act ever be achieved? How does the young lady adjust to her new life and name? Can she forgive the woman who abducted her? What about the real parents who went on to leave separate lives? What can they say?

A truly excellent film.


Based on the real incident that happened in the back 80s in New York city. The story of missing baby, Carlina White, who finally found her biological parents after 23 years later. Totally unbearable and heartbreaking story that no one ever wants to face in their life. Almost similar kinda story to 'October Baby' which was also based on the real. In that movie where a baby is forsaken by the birth parent. After many years later the grown up baby finds her real parents. But in this one, it was same, rather abandon it was abducted. Both the movies were emotionally delightful, just like what tearjerkers expecting.

When Carlina White was a two week old baby she was abducted by a woman called Ann Pettway. Pettway who had three straight miscarriages is no longer can carry another baby. With a desperate to have a child she decides to kidnap Carlina and raises as her own by giving another name to her as Nejdra 'Netty' Nance. The real parents never stop searching for their missing child. The years pass, after two decades later they finally find her and the remaining briefs very clearly the rest.

The story does not end after the reunification of parents and child. It takes a little further where the time come for Ann Pettway to suffer for her unlawful act. And also Carlina White, who find herself in a confusion state between two identities of her. In all her life she was known as Netty, to find herself surrounded by unknown people with a birth name puts life into stake. The story explains from all the movie character's perspective. From a mother and father who lost their child to the kidnapper's view as well the grown up baby's. A movie never wants to miss which was inspired by the remarkable true story.
Knights from Bernin

Knights from Bernin

I highly enjoyed this movie. It did everything right. The acting was on target and the story was a real tearjerker. Another hit for Lifetime, of course I love love Lifemovies so I am biased. I also pat the channel on the back because they seem to have come to their senses as of late...everybody is not white in America. I'm black, and though I don't partake in very much "black entertainment", I still like to see that somebody out there is perhaps making tiny steps to understand that you can't just focus on stories involving white people.

I felt a bit sorry for every person involved the case, even Ann; she was a pathetic creature who had a lousy lot in life, and the actress made you feel more than just hate for her. At the end of the day, she still is rotten and deserves to stay in jail for at least 23 years.


This is the story of a broken woman who wants nothing more than to be loved. Unable to find somebody to love her, she decides to have a child because a child has to love you. However, after her third miscarriage, the doctor tells her she will never be able to bring a child to term. Shattered and heartbroken she devises a plan to get herself a baby... So, one night, she steals away with Carlina White and interjects her into her life. Since everyone in her family knew she was pregnant, it makes it easier to install Catalina as Nedra "Neddy"'. For the next twenty-odd years she's her cuckoo mother. All the while, her real mother never stops searching for her or believing she's alive.

This is based on a true story and was a chance to get all the parents views across, as well as that of the abducted Carlina. However, I find that the movie falls flat in doing that. What you have is a series of events, showing Ann (Ellis) bringing up Neddie at different periods of her life... and where Joy's (Shepherd) search for her daughter was at that time. This is all well and good for setting the scene... but they are just memories of a life lived, and a life missed. What would have been nice would be to get inside the characters of all involved, which the latter part of the movie feels like. However, both the story and the film fail to give any depth to the parents and child. In fact, when this gets to court the characters appear more two dimensional than they had previously. This could be because it just turned into a shouting match between Ann and Joy. If this is how it actually happened then I'm sad for both the women.

As for the acting, this is above average... for most of the movie... When Neddie finds out she's Catalina then she starts to change, though not for the better, with the stress of expectations being forced on her. Unfortunately, Palmer, who has done a good job of portraying her character isn't able to convey this mix of emotions... or it's the director's vision of the story didn't gell right. But from here on in, she starts to appear awkward in most of her scenes and her character does a complete one-eighty. This U-turn puts it at odds with what the audience has previously seen. This transition isn't carried out so well and it really does jar the pace and feel of the story and film.

In short, the first two-thirds of this flick is good. It's the last third that gets weak. Which is a shame? I was expecting not to like this movie as I usually dislike this style of storytelling. However, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. So, this last section really did disrupt my enjoyment of the movie.

If you like the "True-Life" abducted or kidnapped stories you may like this.


The intensity was present and the story line was so realistic. I can go on and on and on!! This movie is so good! It was actually better than good and I cried more than I thought. I cried so incredibly much much! Omg I truly recommend this movie! Gosh the acting was amazing . Lifetime did an awesome job with the casting and the storyline. Considering that this movie is based on a true story makes it even more better. I originally watched this movie on Netflix and I'm Glad that I had the opportunity to see it. At first I was unsure about the movie, but it's a top movie to see. Lifetime thanks again for the great movie and acting!


Carlina White abduction and subsequent events were all over mainstream media in 2011-12. It was and is an amazing story on its own. Alas, a docudrama was bound to be put out soon, and sure it did.

The major critique I have on this movie is that its writing is outright bad. Clichés, discontinued story lines, simplistic and stereotyping portrayals of people who were accessory to the story all contribute to make this feature lame, simple in a bad way, adding nothing to the main narrative, exploring no additional angles. Nothing.

Editing is also limited and hurried, especially on the later third of the movie.

I give it therefore a 5/10 score for its limited quality. Yes, the real-life story is amazing and compelling, that is no excuse for bad production, though.