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Surrender (2009) Online

Surrender (2009) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Action / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Damian Bailey
Cast :
Jesenia Bailey,Karina Barbosa,Nyasia Brown
Writer :
Damian Bailey
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

A troubled girl involved in a female gang called The Croniks, commits a crime and is sent to a "Scared Straight" program to meet the reformed leader who created it 25 years ago.

Surrender (2009) Online

Bess Roundtree is a addicted to crack cocaine. She is a new young mother and cannot seem to handle the task. She calls a friend of hers for a cab ride to an old church that she attended as a little girl. The cab driver is both annoyed and disgusted to have to do her this favor. Once she arrives at the church, she runs into her old deacon, whom she convinces to pray for her. A prayer for her to come back some day. The unsuspecting deacon enters into his office, which is when Bess places the young baby on the church steps. And just walks away. On the cab ride back, she argues and fights with Aaron, the cabdriver, who we discover has a special relationship with Bess. Things unfold to an interesting finale when Bess confronts her demons. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Jesenia Bailey Jesenia Bailey
Karina Barbosa Karina Barbosa - Drug addict mother
Nyasia Brown Nyasia Brown - Young Veronica
Anissa Chalmers Anissa Chalmers - Veronica / Queen V
Maryam Fatima Maryam Fatima - Rachel
Jessica Frith Jessica Frith - Victim
Jayson Huey Jayson Huey - Charles
Sandro Isaack Sandro Isaack - Lawyer
Akai Jackson Akai Jackson - The baby
Jesenia Jesenia - Shakira
Craig Kelly Craig Kelly - Correction Officer
Diarra Kilpatrick Diarra Kilpatrick - Bess Roundtree - The addict
Antonio Miguel Lopez Antonio Miguel Lopez - Juno
Jada Louie Jada Louie
Jada S. Louie Jada S. Louie - Rated-R

This film was made with the director's USD$600 stimulus package.

The first Rated R Christian-faith based film.

Pre-Production had many problems: original Cinematographer, Warren A. Painter shot only 2 weeks worth of footage (the film shot only on weekends) until he ran into some personal problems and left production. Warren loved the script so much that he lend all of his film equipment for Damian Bailey to shoot and complete the film. When the film was completed 8 months later, he gave the equipment back to Warren.

Based on Damian Bailey's Off-Off Broadway play "Surrender All" (2003).

Shot entirely in the Bronx, New York City.

The NYPD (New York City Police Department) would interrupt filming numerous times after receiving calls that a real female gang carried guns and were fighting. After they found out it was a movie, they wished the production luck and left.

Over 120 actors and actresses auditioned for the film. It was so packed, numerous actors were turned away.

The monologue Rated-R (Jada S. Louie) says towards the camera was improvised.

The gang CRONIKS is loosely based on The Decepticons.