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Hip Hop Harry
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TV Series / Family
Cast :
David Joyner,Ali Alimi,Kelly V. Dolan
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TV Series
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Harry is a bear that runs an after-school community center where kids play together. Harry teaches them about healthy living, imagination, creativity and friendship through hip-hop songs. ... See full summary

Hip Hop Harry Online

Harry is a bear that runs an after-school community center where kids play together. Harry teaches them about healthy living, imagination, creativity and friendship through hip-hop songs. The series is musically based and includes dance to entertain and educate about social, emotional, and physical development.
Series cast summary:
David Joyner David Joyner - Hip Hop Harry / - 16 episodes, 2006-2008
Ali Alimi Ali Alimi - Hip Hop Harry 15 episodes, 2006-2007
Kelly V. Dolan Kelly V. Dolan - Pinky / - 8 episodes, 2006-2007
Veronicaa Miller Veronicaa Miller - Veronica / - 8 episodes, 2006-2007
Elizabeth Small Elizabeth Small - Elizabeth 8 episodes, 2006-2007

User reviews



Hip Hop Harry is very entertaining to my 1 year old. He doesn't like cartoons, or puppets, but likes to see real children having fun. He doesn't yet understand "story lines", but can appreciate the music and dancing of this show. It's over the top, but what kids show isn't. It's a great show before a nap-the dancing works off some energy.

When so much of kids music has the same sound, it's nice to have something different. It gets kids up off the couch/floor and gets them to move. When you consider young children today have parents and siblings that listen to various music types, it's good to give them some choices too-they just want to bed like "big people". Hip Hop Harry is a refreshing, age appropriate choice!


Let me begin by telling the viewers of this show that I do not think it was designed for little kids. They would not understand the complexity of the humor. This show HAD to be designed for bored insomniacs such as my buddy and I. In fact, all of my buddies! I mean, this show is a big relief to what the world is coming to! Come on, the most widely viewed shows on television are completely BORING, WITHOUT humor, and put on the airwaves to control the minds of young, sophisticated individuals such as myself. You are out of your mind if you don't enjoy Harry's rap of wisdom. Off the f***ing HIZATCH! Who needs Barney when this crazy, intoxicatin', rappin', motherf***in' cat-thing could hand Barney's @$$ to him in a HAND-BASKET? If you want to learn to bust out maddening rhymes about believing in yourself as a unique individual with high potential, stay up until 4:30 A.M! I HIGHLY recommend it.


This show is great. It's filled with positive messages and my 4 yr old son just absolutely loves this show. He thinks it's "cool" and he actually gets up and dances to the show. We watch other shows, but this is the only one that makes him get up and dance. Besides the dancing, the show emphasizes team work and always has a lesson to learn. I, myself, learned that cucumbers were a fruit from this show. I also bought a hula hoop and have been "hooping it up" and loosing some inches around my waist since watching the Fit is Fun episode. This show has honestly helped my son's social skills. He's more excited about team work and he strives to be helpful - just like Harry. Because of this, I think this show is "cool."


Hip Hop Harry is a dumb premise altogether. He's a bear who owns this recreational club where he hangs out with kids and raps and does lame dance moves with them. It's dumb, but it probably has some sort of value to small children, and adults may enjoy the stupidity of this more than they will expect.

Hip Hop Harry is a giant bear costumed character who is always very enthusiastic when talking to others, similar to Barney. He has groups of kids who hang out with him and do activities, sort of like Barney also. The difference from Barney is that this show is trying to be hipper. Not only is Harry a bear...but he raps and dances, as do his little braindead minion kids, as they learn shapes, colors and to be nice to one another.

Harry's voice will get on people's nerves. He sounds enthusiastic, but gravely voiced like he's been smoking a bit too much, and with a hint of a high pitched adult voice, like what one would expect a whining man to sound like. His voice is just awful to listen to. Where Barney would sing actual songs, Harry and the gang do raps. Meanwhile, the cameraman goes crazy getting wacky angles and shaky movements, like this is an actual music video or something. It's ridiculous how bad it looks. The recreation room this takes place in is the only setting, but at least it's big and colorful and fun to look at. The Harry costume is fine looking too, if not almost the exact same look as a Care Bear.

This show is alright for children, but parents will be dying after a while. It's funny in the sense of how bad it is, but other than that, anyone over the age of seven should beware.

My rating : * 1/2 out of ****. 30 mins. TVY


This show is really silly. Hip Hop Harry is kind of a stupid bear who dances around with the kids. I would say Barney and Friends is more better and also Sesame Street too. They maybe should of not made this show G on TLC and Discovery kids. They should of made it TV-Y for young stuff, a dancing Hip Hop Harry, and kids. The clips on the soup is kind of funny. Like the dried apples and Scott to create his own costume. I bet David Joyner is better in the Barney dinosaur costume better than Hip Hop Harry. There is defiantly not enough learning but some are fine This show is so silly watch better shows than this it is so dumb and not too educational for children.


I honestly don't understand why anybody would give this a 10. For the love of God the fact that someone allows this show to air is bad enough, but the fact that someone gives it a 10. Jesus Christ, WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS WORLD COME TO? I mean, I only stumbled upon this show because I was just going through all the channels. There are bad enough cartoons that kids are subjected to these days, but this show really takes the cake. Why any parent would ever let their child watch this is very much beyond me. Bad enough that kids these days are growing up without shows like Rocko's Modern Life and Looney Tunes. Seriously, what does this show teach anybody. That anybody can solve a problem by RAPPING!?!?!? I really just wish that channels would not subject anybody to the torture of this show. Whatever happened to the days when anybody could just sit down and watch Looney Tunes?