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Covert Affairs What Is and What Should Never Be (2010–2014) Online

Covert Affairs What Is and What Should Never Be (2010–2014) Online
Original Title :
What Is and What Should Never Be
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Rod Hardy
Cast :
Piper Perabo,Christopher Gorham,Kari Matchett
Writer :
Matt Corman,Chris Ord
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Covert Affairs What Is and What Should Never Be (2010–2014) Online

After Annie witnesses a suspicious purchase at an art auction, her follow-up brings a surprise visitor - Ben Mercer - back into her life.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Piper Perabo Piper Perabo - Annie Walker
Christopher Gorham Christopher Gorham - Auggie Anderson
Kari Matchett Kari Matchett - Joan Campbell
Anne Dudek Anne Dudek - Danielle Brooks
Sendhil Ramamurthy Sendhil Ramamurthy - Jai Wilcox
Peter Gallagher Peter Gallagher - Arthur Campbell
Noam Jenkins Noam Jenkins - Vincent Rossabi
Evan Sabba Evan Sabba - Michael Brooks
Eion Bailey Eion Bailey - Ben Mercer
Sienna Guillory Sienna Guillory - Sophie Jacklin
Saad Siddiqui Saad Siddiqui - Proctor
James Thomas James Thomas - Handsome Man - Russ Hilbun
Kent Staines Kent Staines - Auctioneer
David Huband David Huband - Balding Man
Ho Chow Ho Chow - Mick

The episode is named after a song by Led Zeppelin.

User reviews



I notice that the only other reviewer here, filmfan777, up there in Hollywood, mind you, mutters darkly here that she doesn't think much about our heroine with the big white smile.

I beg to differ. A lot can be read between the lines of that review, and there are a considerable lot of people who aren't in the mood for a pretty thing running around on their TV-screens when they've had a bad day...

The show kicks up a notch with this episode. In the pilot, we saw the Sri Lankan love affair, and Ben Mercer, clearly far from being a rat who dumped Annie by leaving a note on her pillow, coming through to dramatically save Annie, down in the subway, from being executed by professional assassin Stas. Three episodes back, "In the Light", we saw him again, doing things his way, taking out the brain behind a missile smuggling operation, against CIA protocol.

In this episode, Ben is back in Annie's life. It seems that he sets up girls to.do what he needs them to do. I haven't watched up ahead, but I don't like this guy (who is, in any case, the weak link in COVERT AFFAIRS, he looks kinda, well, certainly not the James Bond debonair type, more Mom's blue-eyed boy).

Absolutely noteworthy in this episode is the marvelous performance given by the stunning young actress, Sienna Guillory, who plays Sophie Jacklin, a total scene-stealer, AND bear in mind that almost all her scenes were with Piper Perabo, who is Grade-A Eye Candy Quality Export Class. Words fail me to describe this lovely vision. I'm gonna Google Sienna Guillory and buy damn well every show she's been in!!


This is the first episode I've watched of this show and just from it, I 'cannot' believe this got a second season, Wow!

Of course I'll give it a couple more episodes cause I like to be clearly fair yet...

The product placement stood out like a sore thumb for one. How egregious.

The main character is obviously supposed to be some talented agent or so, yet I find this character totally unbelievable in all aspects.

Her jumping from boat to boat was so 70's in unbelief. The whole art warehouse scene lacked any 'real' feel to it and again, so unbelievable. The security guards response in the warehouse was so flat and again, unbelievable. The reaction she and the FBI agent had when going out the door to find a security guard dead was so...(sorry) 'Unbelievable' You find a dead guard and you don't even look around, draw your weapon, take cover....? I mean, Come On!

This episode 'really' reminded me of a bad 70's style show with no realism, corny through and through. Seems they fixate on the leads good looking face and the rest of it... Eh, we need no smart, no substance, just a big white smile. Ugh!

I will give it 2 more episodes for a better evaluation however so far... so shallow, unreal and.... unbelievable.