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The Bernie Mac Show The Big Payback (2001–2006) Online

The Bernie Mac Show The Big Payback (2001–2006) Online
Original Title :
The Big Payback
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family
Year :
Directror :
Victor Nelli Jr.
Cast :
Bernie Mac,Kellita Smith,Jeremy Suarez
Writer :
Larry Wilmore,Bernie Mac
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Bernie Mac Show The Big Payback (2001–2006) Online

Upset that Vanessa is living the free life, Bernie Mac has Vanessa work for him. Shortly, after wards Vanessa learns that his co-workers get all this free stuff because they mention they work for Bernie Mac. Vanessa takes big advantage of this, until Bernie Mac finds out. Later on, Vanessa has to bring one of his precious statues home but it breaks in a car accident. Jordan offers to fix it, with of course a price (some of the free stuff Vanessa got).
Episode cast overview:
Bernie Mac Bernie Mac - Bernie 'Mac' McCullough
Kellita Smith Kellita Smith - Wanda McCullough
Jeremy Suarez Jeremy Suarez - Jordan Thomkins
Dee Dee Davis Dee Dee Davis - Bryana 'Baby Girl' Thomkins
Camille Winbush Camille Winbush - Vanessa 'Nessa' Thomkins
Naya Rivera Naya Rivera - Donna
Karen Malina White Karen Malina White - Denise
Mike Batayeh Mike Batayeh - Man
Richard Cross Richard Cross - Serge (as Rick Cross)
Carl Gilliard Carl Gilliard - Mike
Necar Zadegan Necar Zadegan - Sales associate
McCristol Harris McCristol Harris
Joel Weiss Joel Weiss - Man

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Vanessa goes to work in Bernie's office, and soon realizes she can get all sorts of free stuff just by being there. It begins to get out f hand. A small bronze statue of Bernie is needed for a photo shoot, and Vanessa manages to drop and break it. Jordan comes to the rescue with his tools and knowhow, but for a price. He wants in on the contraband Vanessa has been amassing. Bernie soon uncovers the kids' misdeeds, and worse, finds out that his statue isn't exactly in the same shape it was when it was back in his office. Bernie crying uncontrollably in his big, hammy way over the broken statue is the episode's highlight. Vanessa has learned a valuable lesson, I think. (Of the three kids, she probably will be the first to get arrested.)