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Shana: The Wolf's Music (2014) Online

Shana: The Wolf's Music (2014) Online
Original Title :
Shana: The Wolfu0027s Music
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Family
Year :
Directror :
Nino Jacusso
Cast :
Alana Aspinall,Marty Aspinall,Delilah Dick
Writer :
Nino Jacusso,Federica de Cesco
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :
Shana: The Wolf's Music (2014) Online

The coming-of-age story about a Canadian First Nations girl who triumphs over obstacles in her young life. Her new teacher discovers her extraordinary gifts as a violinist. When Shana goes on a spiritual journey, she befriends a wild wolf who guides her and she reconnects with her ancestors, including her mother. Finally, she is able to make peace with her mother's death and, absorbed by nature and the spiritual world, Shana finds a unique way of musical expression, which will allow her to have a career as a violinist. Filmed with the People of the Creeks, the Lower Nicola Indian Band near Merritt, BC. The entire cast is local and first time film performers. The Swiss director Nino Jacusso who spent seven months with them calls them 'real actors' as they are the real people. A moving, magical, and yet authentic inter-cultural motion picture.
Credited cast:
Alana Aspinall Alana Aspinall - Mother
Marty Aspinall Marty Aspinall - Primordial Mother
Delilah Dick Delilah Dick - Teacher
Vonnet Hall Vonnet Hall
Sunshine O'Donovan Sunshine O'Donovan - Shana
Marcel Shackely Marcel Shackely - Father

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Either my monitors color range settings are a tiny bit out of sync, or the makers of this film used some light-handed artistic license with their red/orange/purple shades - perhaps the reason for the dress ... but that's not important. What's important is they made an extremely valid attempt at the replication. Quite possibly the best I've seen, and I've seen more than my share. Also, I'd be hard pressed to think of a more profound way to pay homage to my deceased ancestors,than the way exhibited by Shana.

The blending of dreams with waking reality plays an important part in the film, and the same holds true here - When l was a little kid I'd pester my parents, night and day, to take me to the zoo. I became fascinated with the wolves and would keep running over to them every chance I got, but couldn't see very well because of my size, plus they were laid up in back of their enclosure. My father grabbed me from behind and lifted me up over his head to see. Immediately the pack came over to inspect the small offering. Looking down at my feet and seeing the wolves raise their heads up towards me was perhaps the most vivid memory of my childhood.

But while a wooden wolfs head carved on the for-end of a violin may give life to some, a silver one placed on top of a walking stick brings ever lasting peace to others.