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Torchwood Something Borrowed (2006–2011) Online

Torchwood Something Borrowed (2006–2011) Online
Original Title :
Something Borrowed
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ashley Way
Cast :
John Barrowman,Eve Myles,Burn Gorman
Writer :
Russell T. Davies,Phil Ford
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Torchwood Something Borrowed (2006–2011) Online

Gwen's most recent encounter with an alien is going to make her wedding a memorable one. Just before meeting her girlfriends for her hen night, she is bitten by an alien. The bite seems inconsequential but she wakes up the next morning quite pregnant and appears to be ready to give birth. She has a lot of explaining to do - to Rhys, her parents, his parents - but she flatly refuses to cancel her big day. As the rest of the Torchwood team try to determine exactly what the culprit might be, there's a woman at the wedding who is very interested in Gwen's condition.: the unborn alien's partner who is there to collect the soon to be born creature.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
John Barrowman John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness
Eve Myles Eve Myles - Gwen Cooper
Burn Gorman Burn Gorman - Owen Harper
Naoko Mori Naoko Mori - Toshiko Sato
Gareth David-Lloyd Gareth David-Lloyd - Ianto Jones
Kai Owen Kai Owen - Rhys Williams
Nerys Hughes Nerys Hughes - Brenda
Sharon Morgan Sharon Morgan - Mary
William Thomas William Thomas - Geraint
Robin Griffith Robin Griffith - Barry
Colette Brown Colette Brown - Carrie (as Collette Brown)
Danielle Henry Danielle Henry - Megan
Ceri Ann Gregory Ceri Ann Gregory - Trina
Jonny Owen Jonny Owen - Banana Boat (as Jonathan Lewis Owen)
Morgan Hopkins Morgan Hopkins - Mervyn

It was Eve Myles' idea for Gwen to eat a bunch of gherkins, relating to the old cliché that pregnant women always crave pickles.

The stables where this was filmed, Tredegar House, was also used in the Doctor Who show, "The Next Doctor", as well as "The End Of Time".

User reviews




I was feeling they were kinda rushing Gwen and Rhys' wedding, wanting to see Gwen more conflicted about her feelings for Jack (which may yet play into future episodes), but this episode made it worthwhile. Jack, hiding his feelings and wanting Gwen's day to be perfect, nevertheless has to put the brakes on things when she wakes up the morning of her wedding VERY pregnant with an alien!

When she demands to get married before dealing with the alien issue (oooo, that's a bad pun), Jack does his best to help her out and keep her safe. Ianto is sent to buy a wedding dress that is a tad bit looser 'round the middle (BTW, will you writers PLEASE stop making bad gay jokes directed at Ianto, who probably would not put on a wedding dress, even to please Jack!), Owen grabs his handy-dandy new toy and prepares to play alien ob-gyn, Tosh gives moral support to Gwen and showing strength and guts they rarely give her to play, and Jack starts hunting down the alien with a vengeance.

From "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant," to Tosh grabbing the best man by his gonads, to Jack's slight faux pas in calling Rhys' mother an ugly alien b*tch, this story just never slows down. Damage control? HAH!

Best surprise - Gwen hiding her gun in her bouquet.

Best moment - toss up between Gwen telling Rhys she loves him at the big crisis moment, or Gwen and Jack's dance.

Best line - Ianto: "That's what I love about Torchwood. By day, hunting the scum of the earth. Come midnight, and you're the wedding fairy."

Bye the bye, Rhys, a character I had slotted into a supporting filler character who would be given 2.3 lines per episode just to show Gwen had a home life, has turned into a marvelous character with more layers revealed in every episode he's in. Congrats to Kai Owen for hanging in there until they let him show his chops!

Gimme more TW like this!


"Something Borrowed" is destined to be remembered as a classic episode of "Torchwood". A well scripted, splendidly acted and well paced tale, my faith in this series has been fully restored over recent weeks.

When Gwen is due to tie the knot with her long suffering fiancée, things go quickly downhill with both horrific (and humorous) consequences.

With a generous helping of fun, this episode has a great cast including the one-and-only Nerys Hughes and the always gorgeous Colette ("Ultraviolet", "Holby City") Brown. Brown is a delight as the predatory alien with a grisly appetite.

Director Ashley Way has demonstrated a golden touch with episodes like "Captain Jack Harkness" and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang". With "Something Borrowed", Way continues to show a genuine talent for gripping and entertaining drama.

10 out of 10. A tale that enables all the cast to deliver memorable performances. Recommended viewing.


Gwen is late for her bachelor party. The reason for that is because she was hunting for a shape shifter who while fighting with her managed to bite her just before Jack killed him. After bachelor party she returned home, and the next morning woke up pregnant. Jack and Owen arrived and confirmed that she was impregnated by the bite of a shape shifter. After she calls Rhys he comes angry thinking she want's to bail out but then he sees her pregnant and blames Jack. Aldo Jack advised her to postpone the weeding witch was five hour away, Gwen refused because as she said to Rhys now is the right moment to get married and she wont wait no more. After Owen does a post mortem for alien he finds a disturbing facts that shape shifters have an unusual way of procreating and that Gwen is in real danger. Unaware of this Gwen has other problems for one how to explain her pregnancy to her parents. The episode was funny, sure there was action and a chase as usual. The shape shifters were disgusting. They had claws and their mouths were full of something that looked like black inc. Toshiko confided to Gwen that she has no future with Owen and that was really the sad statement. The connection between Rhys and Gwen never looked better. In the end like Jack said he was her hero and savior. Jack looked melancholy for loosing Gwen, but wished her great honeymoon. The other shape shifter had a few lines, but the actress did look like an alien with her dark eyes and black hear. Spooky. Gwen in her weeding gown, even pregnant looked gorgeous and the weeding ceremony was beautiful.