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Original Title :
Blood and Bone China
Genre :
TV Series / Drama / Fantasy
Cast :
Anthony Miles,Rachel Shenton,Ryan Callaghan
Budget :
Type :
TV Series
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Blood and Bone China Online

It is 1897 and a city is in turmoil. In the smoky, dirty depths of middle England, the people are terrified. The once bustling streets of Stoke are empty, the silence is only broken by the whispers of devils, demons and vampires. Poor souls are being taken, vanishing without a trace. When the local doctor is snatched away, word travels to his brother, a young vet by the name of Newlyn Howell. Spurred on to discover the truth by the enigmatic Alexander Pyre, Newlyn's dark adventure into the depths of Victorian Stoke begins... and what he discovers is beyond belief. {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Anthony Miles Anthony Miles - Newlyn Howell 12 episodes, 2011
Rachel Shenton Rachel Shenton - Anna Fitzgerald 10 episodes, 2011
Ryan Callaghan Ryan Callaghan - The Servant 10 episodes, 2011
John James Woodward John James Woodward - Alexander Pyre 9 episodes, 2011
David Lemberg David Lemberg - Linus Hemlock 8 episodes, 2011
Simon Hooson Simon Hooson - Richard Howell 8 episodes, 2011
Ellie Astley Ellie Astley - Leonora 6 episodes, 2011
Peter Greenall Peter Greenall - Vampire 5 episodes, 2011

User reviews



Being a native of 'The Potteries' - the city of Stoke-on-Trent in the UK Midlands - I started to watch this with a sense of attachment and loyalty to the area, probably more in hope than expectation .... I suppose at first I thought I would mainly be spotting locations which I might recognise; the area is imbued with history, as an ancient centre of many industries including mining and pottery manufacture. However - I was thrilled - literally - by the whole piece. I only give accolades where they are due, and recommend Blood and Bone China as a thoroughly good watch. I felt the production values were great, and the storyline was suitably engrossing. In fact the genre of Gothic horror/anyone remotely undead wouldn't normally feature as one of my top 5, say. It just goes to show that one should keep open minds or else you may miss a little gem (note to self for the future!)


I watched this without fail every time the next episode came out.

I loved the suspense and the drama attached to the series. I thought the plot was amazing and loved all the characters.

I thought the ending was genius and hope that there will be a new series to follow. :)

I loved the realism of the sets and felt that I was back in time watching.

The costumes looked brilliant and so did the sets used. Mr Stone seems to be an up and coming director and I look forward to more of his productions in the future. !!


'Blood and Bone China' is one of those rare discoveries: a web series with genuine watchability over its entire run. I "tuned in" faithfully for each episode as it was released, marveling at the high production values, appealing acting and era-appropriate costumes. The creators couldn't have chosen a more interesting setting for their story: Stoke-on-Trent is practically a character in its own right, and the series makes excellent use of its Victorian architecture to aid the spooky atmosphere.

I'm very impressed by what the creators of this series have accomplished, and I can't wait to see what they'll do with it next!


Blood and Bone China was a surprising, breath of fresh air for the vampire / mystery genre. I have discovered that since the conception of Twilight vampire fiction has been very polarized. You either get the two dimensional, saccharine romances or you get the direct contrast where the vampires are nearly mindless, zombie-like killing machines. Gone were the days of Dracula, who could be both charming and terrifying, seductive and cruel, humanly sympathetic and vicious. You need that humanness to contrast against the darkness or you become desensitized. The conflicting character qualities are what make terrifying moments in traditional vampire fiction so disturbing.

Blood and Bone China felt like a throw back to classic vampire fiction. There is wonderful atmosphere and some of the effects are better than high budget supernatural themed TV series out there.

As an American fan of the web series I hope Blood and Bone China eventually gets a region 1 DVD release. I like Blood and Bone China more than Vampire Diaries or the God-awful American version of Being Human.

I strongly recommend this series for anyone who loves Victorian fiction, mystery, or vampire fiction. The protagonist is an adorable reluctant hero and all the characters are very well developed for a show with episodes at an average of only ten minutes each.


I instantly got hooked on this series! It is very well executed, with a wonderful location and a great cast! With all the gore that is displayed in movies nowadays it was refreshing to see a series that prided itself in a more dignified manor of displaying horror. Some may call it old fashion, I call it a great tradition! To have a location as Stoke-on-Trent is a treasure and I feel would not have been revealed if it wasn't for the genius of the director Chris Stone. His keen sense of portraying this period of time was spot on and he accentuated it with a superb cast! The costumes gave it a feel of completeness that fit right in with the location and time the series played. The storyline was compelling and gripping at the same time! If Chris Stone had in mind to give the viewer a roller coaster ride of emotions I have to applaud him with a job well done. This Series has everything from drama to action, thrills and comedy! I for one hope this series hasn't come to a complete end, because I want more of it! Either way I will be keeping an eye out for any new Chris Stone productions!


I was introduced to this series late on but I can honestly say it was worth the wait to be able to see every single episode one after the other. I am quite impatient so the cliff hangers at the end of each episode would have killed me off. Even now, after seeing it a fair few times, I still find I can not just watch the one episode. Set in the town of Stoke on Trent this series follows an interesting and suspense filled storyline which will have any watcher hungry for more. A story of greed and power with a not so obvious choice on the mystery within the story or the hero. Newlyn could not be further from stereotypical hero's I have come across but in his own unique way he not only plays the part with humor and wit he also wins all in a way I most definitely was not expecting. I loved this series and so did my family I urge anyone to at least watch the first few episodes before you know it you will be at the end and wanting to sink your teeth into a follow up......fingers crossed there is one


This was an amazing internet series and hooked you from the very start into waiting for the next instalment - the true sign of a good serial.

Some very attractive female vampires ( especially that played by Lara de-Leuw ) an some rugged male protagonists did not detract from the plot and a high level of plotting, writing and acting is clearly evident throughout all 12 episodes.

Good atmospheric locations and careful interior and exterior dressing added to the believability of the whole. Considering the subject matter there was a reasonable ( but not excessive ) use of blood.

Excellent series and I'm waiting impatiently for another series from the team of Chris Stone and Stephanie Cooper.