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Rebus (1969) Online

Rebus (1969) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Nino Zanchin
Cast :
Laurence Harvey,Ann-Margret,José Calvo
Writer :
Pietro Catella,Juan Cesarabea
Type :
Time :
1h 20min
Rating :
Rebus (1969) Online

When an international casino crime ring is planning a big score at a fixed roulette game, the casino police enlists the help of Jeff Miller, an alcoholic croupier, to nab the bad guys. Jeff is attracted to Laura, a singer at the casino, but she prefers the company of the leader of the thieving casino ring.
Cast overview:
Laurence Harvey Laurence Harvey - Jeff Miller
Ann-Margret Ann-Margret - Laura (as Ann Margret)
José Calvo José Calvo - Benson (as Pepe Calvo)
Alberto de Mendoza Alberto de Mendoza - Zakir, Police Captain (as Alberto De Mendoza)
Ivan Desny Ivan Desny - Ghinis
Camilla Horn Camilla Horn - Mrs. Evelyn Brown
Luis Morris Luis Morris - Tod
Luis Dávila Luis Dávila - Il Baro
Milo Quesada Milo Quesada - Gonzalo
Andrea Bosic Andrea Bosic - Manager of Beirut Casino
Jan Hendriks Jan Hendriks - Manager of the Playboy Club
Lisa Halvorsen Lisa Halvorsen - Infermiera

User reviews



I have just joined this site and am not sure if my contribution is appropriate but after reading Ron Angel's experience I thought I would have a go.

Way back in the late 60s myself and a friend were having a drink in a pub called the Swiss Cottage in North London.Just before closing time a chap shouted out,"Can anyone be at the Playboy Club tomorrow? We are in urgent need of extras." We were told that Laurence Harvey would be there.

Needless to say,John and I turned up on time and were taken through to the casino where several other pub regulars were chatting up a handful of "Bunny Girls." It seemed,and probably was, hours before "Larry" turned up.Apparently he had been waiting for his chauffeur-driven Rolls to arrive (although his hotel was just around the corner) but as we were subsequently told, that's what made him the star he was.

When the cameras finally rolled,Laurence Harvey - who was portraying a drunk- staggered in between the roulette tables,where myself and the other extras where seated.The dialogue was all in Italian so I had no idea of the storyline but the scene ended with a scuffle and Mr Harvey being thrown out of the casino.

This scene was played over and over again and just as I thought they had got it right, Laurence suggested there was not enough atmosphere and lit up and gave out several cigarettes to the extras - the fact that several of us did not smoke was no excuse.I was impressed with the detail that went into every segment of the scene,and realised the dedication and the professionalism that is required at the highest level.

I have never actually seen Rebus and would be very grateful to anyone who could advise me on how to obtain a copy.


This is a typical action movie of the period revolving around a casino employee who is forced to do something wrong. I was In charge of motorcycle parts of film. It was never released in uk I managed to get a copy from production company in germany a few years ago but my german is not that good! (film dubed from english)I actualy appear in film for about 5-10 seconds but you have to be quick & have freeze frame.The london filming was done at the playboy club casino in parklane (no longer in existance)Hyde park,& Flask public house hampstead north london. some of night shots were done on river thames embankment opposite houses of parliment in daylight but with smoke generator to make it look like foggy london. good comedy action thriller.I rember the late Laurwence Harvey as a man who could talk & be with people of all types & backgrounds getting on ok with everybody.a man of the people I like him very much in the short time I knew him.


This film begins unpromisingly right from the first scene, where we see members of the "international casino syndicate" playing golf and talking to each other, and their English dubbing is so poor and exaggerated that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, these dubbing problems continue throughout the movie - even when the characters actually speak English! Another problem is that the story (about a gang who rips off casinos around the world and has now set its sights on Beirut's) is mostly uninteresting, though the identity of the "big boss" admittedly caught me by surprise (which really shouldn't have, if I had remembered Roger Ebert's Law Of Unnecessary Characters in thrillers). Laurence Harvey does not show enough star power here to carry the entire film by himself, and although Ann-Margret looks very beautiful and sings two songs, she is generally wasted. *1/2 out of 4.