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Новые уловки The War Against Drugs (2003–2015) Online

Новые уловки The War Against Drugs (2003–2015) Online
Original Title :
The War Against Drugs
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Martyn Friend
Cast :
Alun Armstrong,James Bolam,Amanda Redman
Writer :
Roy Mitchell,Roy Mitchell
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Новые уловки The War Against Drugs (2003–2015) Online

Having lapsed into alcoholism, Brian is booked into a rehabilitation clinic run by an order of monks. A chance remark by Father Bernard leads Brian to telephone Sandra late at night to tell her that there was an unexplained death in the clinic nine years previously. To prevent Brian obsessively investigating by himself, the team take up the enquiry into the death of a heroin addict, and infiltrate Gerry into the clinic as a compulsive sex addict. Brian's wife Esther discovers the whole team at the clinic, and is furious, but Sandra persuades her that it is the only way to ease the strain on Brian. By the time Gerry's cover has been blown, the team have discovered that the dead man, Robert Smith, probably took to drugs as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, after witnessing or even participating in events in the civil wars which followed the break-up of Yugoslavia. They also discover that some of the staff and even the monks at the rehabilitation centre have secrets they wish ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Alun Armstrong Alun Armstrong - Brian Lane
James Bolam James Bolam - Jack Halford
Amanda Redman Amanda Redman - Det.Supt.Sandra Pullman
Dennis Waterman Dennis Waterman - Gerry Standing
Anthony Calf Anthony Calf - D.A.C.Strickland
Susan Jameson Susan Jameson - Esther Lane
Richard Wilson Richard Wilson - Father Bernard
Malcolm Storry Malcolm Storry - Brother Raymond
Nicholas Sidi Nicholas Sidi - Brother Mark (as Nick Sidi)
David Michaels David Michaels - Neil Barclay
Fay Ripley Fay Ripley - Anna Greening
Zoë Henry Zoë Henry - Natalie Joyner
Lizzy McInnerny Lizzy McInnerny - Claire Makepeace
Steven Elder Steven Elder - Alen Smith
Keith Bartlett Keith Bartlett - Norman Smith

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When I entered my review for this episode, it had 69 IMDb votes. Talking of which, Gerry goes undercover as a sexaholic (or sex addict) in the rehab clinic where Brian is seeking treatment for his alcoholism. UCOS investigate the mysterious death of a patient 9 years earlier, thanks to a tip-off from Brian.

Fay Ripley appears as one of the counselors, and she was fantastic in Cold Feet and its revival.

Also Steve Elder, who played an MI5 undercover operative in a Judge John Deed episode, appears as the brother of the patient who mysteriously died.


Have always been a big fan of detective/mystery shows from a fairly young age, well since starting secondary school.

'Inspector Morse', 'A Touch of Frost', 'Midsomer Murders' (in its prime), 'Law and Order', 'Inspector George Gently', 'Criminal Minds', 'Murder She Wrote', you name them to name a few. 'New Tricks' has also been a favourite from the start (despite not being the same without the original cast in recent years). Although it can be corny at times (in an endearing sort of way) it has always been perfect for helping me relax in the evenings. Something that was needed during all the hard times endured in school.

"The War Against Drugs" is a terrific start to Season 6. While the case is a very compelling one with plenty of intrigue and surprises, it's everything centred around Brian that gives the episode its heart and power and what makes it memorable. The stuff with Gerry is entertaining too

Visually, "The War Against Drugs" is slick and stylish as ever. The music is a good fit and the theme song (sung with gusto by none other by Dennis Waterman himself) is one of the catchiest for any detective/mystery show and of any show in the past fifteen years or so.

Writing is intelligent, thought-provoking and classy, while also being very funny and high up in the entertainment value. This is all mixed adeptly with a seriousness without being overly so that it doesn't feel like 'New Tricks'.

A huge part of 'New Tricks' appeal is the chemistry between the four leads and their performances. The chemistry is so easy going and charming with a little tension.

One of the show's biggest delights is Alun Armstrong, achieves a perfect balance of funny comic timing and touching pathos which was maintained all the way up to his final episode. It is also lovely here to see his role in the team and skills appreciated more all the time. James Bolam's Jack is the quietest, most sensible (mostly) and most composed of the team, with a tragic personal life that Bolam portrays very touchingly without any overwrought-ness.

The only woman on the team, Amanda Redman more than holds her own in what is essentially the boss role of the four. Dennis Waterman brings some nice levity without unbalancing things. Susan Jameson shows Esther's frustration, loyalty, empathy and strong will splendidly.

Overall, terrific. 10/10 Bethany Cox