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Original Title :
Verdades Secretas
Genre :
TV Series / Drama / Romance
Cast :
Rodrigo Lombardi,Drica Moraes,Reynaldo Gianecchini
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Verdades Secretas Online

Intending to aid her family, a beautiful young girl accepts the job in a prominent model casting agency, only to discover their girls are also hired for something else. {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Rodrigo Lombardi Rodrigo Lombardi - Alexandre Ticiano 64 episodes, 2015
Drica Moraes Drica Moraes - Carolina Brito 64 episodes, 2015
Reynaldo Gianecchini Reynaldo Gianecchini - Anthony Mariano 64 episodes, 2015
Camila Queiroz Camila Queiroz - Angel / - 64 episodes, 2015
Marieta Severo Marieta Severo - Fanny Richard 64 episodes, 2015
Rainer Cadete Rainer Cadete - Visky 61 episodes, 2015
Agatha Moreira Agatha Moreira - Giovanna 60 episodes, 2015
Grazi Massafera Grazi Massafera - Larissa 54 episodes, 2015
Guilhermina Guinle Guilhermina Guinle - Pia Lovatelli 53 episodes, 2015
Gabriel Leone Gabriel Leone - Guilherme Lovatelli 49 episodes, 2015
Eva Wilma Eva Wilma - Fábia 48 episodes, 2015
Ana Lúcia Torre Ana Lúcia Torre - Hilda 47 episodes, 2015
Dida Camero Dida Camero - Lourdeca 42 episodes, 2015
Adriano Toloza Adriano Toloza - Igor 40 episodes, 2015
Felipe de Carolis Felipe de Carolis - Sam 39 episodes, 2015
Bel Kutner Bel Kutner - Darlene 36 episodes, 2015
João Vitor Silva João Vitor Silva - Bruno 36 episodes, 2015
Raphael Sander Raphael Sander - Leo 36 episodes, 2015
Jéssica Córes Jéssica Córes - Lyris 33 episodes, 2015
Genésio de Barros Genésio de Barros - Oswaldo 32 episodes, 2015
Flávio Tolezani Flávio Tolezani - Roy / - 31 episodes, 2015
Natallia Rodrigues Natallia Rodrigues - Estela 31 episodes, 2015
Gláucio Gomes Gláucio Gomes - Robério Sá 31 episodes, 2015
Mouhamed Harfouch Mouhamed Harfouch - Everaldo 31 episodes, 2015
Mariana Molina Mariana Molina - Patrícia 31 episodes, 2015
Felipe Hintze Felipe Hintze - Eziel 31 episodes, 2015
Yasmin Brunet Yasmin Brunet - Stephanie 30 episodes, 2015
Ana Barroso Ana Barroso - Divanilda 28 episodes, 2015
João Cunha João Cunha - Joel 28 episodes, 2015
Bella Piero Bella Piero - Nina 27 episodes, 2015

Walcyr Carrasco stated that his intention was to introduce a new "lolita" figure similar to the of the title character from Presença de Anita (2001).

Rainer Cadete prepared for his role in Madrid with Juan Carlos Corazza for three months. There, he visited gay bars, nightclubs and the Malasaña district. He also had classes to learn how to walk on high heels.

Country singer Paula Fernandes was rumored to be in considerations for a role, which Walcyr Carrasco later declined.

Luiza Valdetaro dropped out from the series for personal reasons and was replaced by Grazi Massafera.

Deborah Secco was originally cast as Carolina Brito but had to drop out following her pregnancy. Priscila Fantin, Flávia Alessandra, Marjorie Estiano, Mariana Ximenes, Simone Spoladore and Leona Cavalli were considered for the role before Drica Moraes was cast, and the character age was changed.

Rainer Cadete shaved his body entirely for his role. He joked as being the next generation's Tony Ramos (Ramos is known for his huge amount of body hair).

Camila Queiroz's television debut.

Fifteen scenes were filmed in secrecy to avoid the series finale to be leaked. The cast itself was unaware of what would happen.

Ney Latorraca was cast as the French fashion stylist Maurice but had to drop out after a preventive surgery. He was then replaced by Fernando Eiras.

Marieta Severo's character is inspired by a male real life fashion model personality which according to Walcyr Carrasco, actually hired fashion models as prostitutes.

Brazilian model and actress Letícia Birkheuer publicly stated she had never heard of the "book rosa" ("pink book") Arlete enlists herself in the series in her whole career.

Marieta Severo's first role in a Brazilian telenovela after fifteen years starring as Dona Nene in A Grande Família (2001). Her last part in a telenovela was in Laços de Família (2000).

Grazi Massafera stopped working out, coloring her hair and avoided sunlight for the scenes set after her character becomes addicted to crack. She also visited Cracolândia ("Crackland"), an area in São Paulo known for its amount of crack addicted people and prostitutes.