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Lasse & Geir (1976) Online

Lasse & Geir (1976) Online
Original Title :
Lasse u0026 Geir
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Svend Wam
Cast :
Torgeir Schjerven,Lasse Tømte,Kjersti Døvigen
Writer :
Svend Wam
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Lasse & Geir (1976) Online

Lasse & Geir, to drabantbygutter i slutten av tenårene, lager virkelig kvalme på bussen inn til byen. Sjåføren blir nødt til å tilkalle politiet. De blir arrestert, tilbringer natten i cella, slipper ut neste morgen og drar hjem. Geir til sin alkoholiserte mor, Lasse til sin desillusjonerte far som terroriserer hele familien.
Credited cast:
Torgeir Schjerven Torgeir Schjerven - Lasse
Lasse Tømte Lasse Tømte - Geir
Kjersti Døvigen Kjersti Døvigen - Kjersti
Jorunn Kjellsby Jorunn Kjellsby - Lasses mother
Thomas Robsahm Thomas Robsahm - Lasse's kid brother
Knut Pettersen Knut Pettersen - Lasse's father
Liv Thorsen Liv Thorsen - Geir's mother
Gunnar Alme Gunnar Alme - Geir's father
Inger Heldal Inger Heldal - Social worker
Pernille Anker Pernille Anker - Social worker in office
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Torbjørn Egeberg Torbjørn Egeberg - Policeman #2
John Ellefsen John Ellefsen - Jesus freak
Berthe Engholmen Berthe Engholmen - Anne Guri
Bredo Greve Bredo Greve - Gardener
Erik Folke Gustavson Erik Folke Gustavson - Full mann i gata

User reviews



A textbook Norwegian kitchen, 1970's style:

A working-class father hurls abuse at his wayward, elder son across the dinner table: "WHY AREN'T YOU OUT THERE LOOKING FOR A JOB, YOU IDIOT!" Mother pleads with father to keep the peace.

(The menu: Stew, with jello for afters.)

Father doesn't like jello. He yells: I DON'T WANT THIS, I WANT FOOD! FOOD!! Father accuses mother of wasting his hard earned cash on "dessert". Mother is anxious and tearful. Elder son defends mother. Elder son hits father. Father and son starts fighting. Mother breaks down in a torrent of tears. Younger son looks on.

Sounds pretty bleak for an evening's light entertainment, eh?

Except that this is a film by the famous Wam & Vennerød, and they never fail to make things funny, cool and entertaining. Even in a piece of socialist cinema like this, the laughs come hard and heavy. This may well be attributed to the dialogue, which is almost always over the top. (and WAAAY down the other side of the hill!)

You see, Wam & Vennerød pride themselves in never using the subtle approach.

They are the masters of "overstatement". Invariably, their message is hammered home in conversation which is hard-hitting but utterly, completely artificial. The swearing and the coarse language adorn every line, and Marxist slogans are flung around like confetti. A real scream! W & V also have a thing going against "regular people", rendering them as little more than brain-washed zombies. And they really HATE the police! Every action-scene in this movie involves morose policemen out to arrest "our heroes", Lasse & Geir. The only people W & V appear to understand and like are the very young and the innocent, the hapless "victims" of a cruel consumer society. You know - the drop-outs and the drunkards. As for the rest - a bullet will do. It matters little that the filmmaker's intentions are noble and true; you just have to laugh! "Lasse & Geir" could well be the funniest political tract I've ever seen. Even so, most W & V- movies are treasure troves for those who care to search them out.


Lasse & Geir is an instant classic! It is so crappy made, with obvious errors and bad acting! But why should that matter, I can't believe that the budget has been more than renting a camera and buying some effects. The scene in the start of the film, on the bus, is so extremely funny that you almost die! Nice film to watch with some friends after a couple of beers! Many people don't like it, but give it a shot, and maybe you will laugh your ass off! (You can be sure I did!)





This movie is the definition of feces. Never have I ever seen worse actors, never have I seen worse script. And this movie is up against the Little Panda Fighter.

This movie has no plot, the scenes have no connection. I tried to watch it through again, so that I could subtitle it and I couldn't. I just couldn't.

Granted, it is hilarious, but not because Wam and Vennerød are good at writing scripts. It's because they are so bad at writing scripts. With lines like "Are you liberal, you f*cker?" and "All girls have a small hole in their fanny, which it blows in when they are walking!", it makes me laugh. Because it's so extraordinarily, mind-numbingly bad.

Let me die.