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Intimate Portrait Carol Burnett (1993–2005) Online

Intimate Portrait Carol Burnett (1993–2005) Online
Original Title :
Carol Burnett
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Biography
Year :
Directror :
Richard Brown
Cast :
Carol Burnett,Tim Conway,Carrie Hamilton
Writer :
Richard Brown
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Intimate Portrait Carol Burnett (1993–2005) Online

Episode credited cast:
Carol Burnett Carol Burnett - Herself
Tim Conway Tim Conway - Himself
Carrie Hamilton Carrie Hamilton - Herself
Erin Hamilton Erin Hamilton - Herself
Jody Hamilton Jody Hamilton - Herself
Rita Moreno Rita Moreno - Narrator
Jim Nabors Jim Nabors - Himself

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This documentary on Burnett is actually less detailed than the Studio Portrait: Just To Have a Laugh, but it does have a few redemptive differences, and Burnett herself is interviewed, where she is not in the former.

Here we learn that Carol's mother was Ina Louise and she named Carol after Carole Lombard, John Foster Dollis' reaction to Carol's 1957 comedy love song, and television footage of her 1959 Broadway debut Once Upon a Mattress and different footage from the 1962 Carol and Julie at Carnegie Hall. We see Carol's acceptance speech for her 1962 Emmy, and learn that Carol quit the 1965 Broadway show Fade in Fade Out more because of her commitment to the TV show The Entertainers than to her car-accident neck injury.

The claim that no woman had ever carried the burden of a television variety show before Carol seems wrong - eg Judy Garland. The details of the CBS contract she signed before moving to Hollywood which allowed for her series are also made clearer, since CBS either had to green light it or pay her off.

We learn that the National Enquirer article that Carol sued over said that she was "raucous", had a fist fight with Henry Kissinger, tried to force people to eat her dessert, "intimated" that she was drunk, that the case took 4 years to go to trial and that her winning $1.6 million was given to American colleges, which fulfilled the 3rd condition of the benefactor who supported Carol's move to New York. There is a different scene shown from her 1979 TVM Friendly Fire. Her decision to quit her CBS series was to work on the trial and also help Carrie's drug problem. That she moved to Hawaii to keep her 2 other daughters away from Hollywood drugs, as Jim Nabors had told her of good private schools there, and also because she and Joe Hamilton were having marriage problems. And that Carol is a grandmother by Erin's son Zachary.

The people also interviewed here are Carol's sister Christine, the daughters - Carrie, Erin, and Jody, Tim Conway, and Jim Nabors, and the interviewer is heard to ask questions off camera regarding Carol's ability to play scrabble compared to Carrie.