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Les oiseaux chez eux (1909) Online

Les oiseaux chez eux (1909) Online
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Les oiseaux chez eux
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Movie / Documentary / Short
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Les oiseaux chez eux (1909) Online

The picture shows various kinds of birds in their natural environments, and in their natural colors, and at such close range that the very eyes of the little fledglings in the nest are easily discerned. Every feather seems distinct and the birds seem to be in such relief that it appears as though one could almost reach out and catch them. {locallinks-homepage}

Released in the US as a split reel along with A Wilful Dame (1910).

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Several varieties of birds are shown in their natural habitat in this short nature film by Oliver Pike.

The modern viewer will see little that is not available elsewhere in this Pathe short subject. The copy that is available on the BFI site on Youtube does have some very nice stencil coloring in most of its scenes (except for the shot, near the end, of some linnets on what appears to be snow). Most of the birds are shown with their chicks, usually in their nests, some of which are elaborately built.

This piece would have been a pleasant addition to a typical film program in its day and its individual subjects were undoubtedly used for stock images inserted into longer subjects.


A film of the educational order, admirably photographed and faithfully reproducing scenes of interest. The work of this sort done by Pathe can scarcely be overestimated. Travel is eliminated and the scenes which are depicted are made plain enough to make them clearly understood. It is well worth while for motion picture producers to bring to the unfortunate portion of the world unable to view these scenes themselves the interesting scenery from all over the world. Such bits of graphic information as are contained in films of this type are valuable contributions to the general stock of knowledge. - The Moving Picture World, April 2, 1910