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David and Goliath (1986) Online

David and Goliath (1986) Online
Original Title :
David and Goliath
Genre :
Creative Work / Animation / Short / Family / History / War
Year :
Directror :
Ray Patterson
Cast :
Robby Benson,Herschel Bernardi,Michael Bell
Writer :
Harvey Bullock
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
David and Goliath (1986) Online

The trio are enslaved by the Philistines at Sokoh in Judah but escape where they meet the shepherd David who challenge the giant Goliath. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Robby Benson Robby Benson - David (voice)
Herschel Bernardi Herschel Bernardi - Goliath (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Bell Michael Bell - (voice)
Darleen Carr Darleen Carr - Margo (voice)
Bernard Erhard Bernard Erhard - (voice)
Darryl Hickman Darryl Hickman - (voice)
Terence McGovern Terence McGovern - Derek (voice) (as Terry McGovern)
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen - Moki (voice)
Michael Rye Michael Rye - (voice)
William Schallert William Schallert - (voice)
Andre Stojka Andre Stojka - (voice)

User reviews



Back in the day, there weren't too many Christian children's animated series available, but when Hanna-Barbera stepped up to the plate, they made something special with this one and many others in the series.

First off, this is the story of David & Goliath. You don't have to be a church mouse to have heard the story of this. the story of the young man and the 9 foot tall beast, and how through trusting in god and showing courage the young David kills the giant with a rock to the head.

Second, This was also one of the first videos in the series, created by animation legends Hanna-Barbera. They're famous for other various toons over the years, including the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Scooby-doo, and the full-length feature Charlotte's Web.

Third, This was also one of famous voice actor Rob Paulsen's first of many roles, before he went on to be really popular with his talents on Animaniacs as Yakko and Dr. Scratchnsniff. He provided the voice of Moki in this series.

Fourth, Blood. I'm not kidding. If this cartoon were made today, the censors would've torn it to shreds before letting it loose. For one, the action sequence at the beginning is quite violent (Goliath and philistines invade a village and some guys get struck down and speared) but the real shock comes near the end after David slings a stone into Goliath's forehead and blood spews out. I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking just how mind-blowing how they showed that. This was a kid's cartoon for crying out loud.

Bottom line, if you happen to swing by a thrift shop and this is available, pick it up, it's totally worth a view. It's often uploaded to Youtube, so you can catch it there too.



Great adaptation of one the best Bible stories and another classic in this series of videos. Though Goliath, an angry King Saul and lions might be scary to little ones, the story has a great message to face your fears straight on. It was great to see how David faced his destiny as he knew he was the future king of Israel. It's not even dated at all, I still watch even after owning the video for almost 15 years. It is a classic '80s cartoon, both kids and parents can watch this and be entertained. However, if you child has problems throwing stones, don't let them see this! Must have for your Bible story collection and for anyone wishing to teach their children a great lesson in courage.