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A Hitch in Time (1955) Online

A Hitch in Time (1955) Online
Original Title :
A Hitch in Time
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Short
Year :
Directror :
Chuck Jones
Writer :
Chuck Jones
Type :
Time :
Rating :
A Hitch in Time (1955) Online

Resigning Air Force pilot John McRogers looks forward to a lucrative future as a civilian, and he is joined by Grogan, a gremlin, who, like McRogers, has decided to leave the military. The two compare the different wages, job prospects, and retirement benefits of military men and civilians and decide to re-enlist.
Credited cast:
Mel Blanc Mel Blanc - Grogan / John McRogers (voice)

John McRogers and Grogan are based on Private Snafu and Technical Fairy First Class respectively, from the series of Snafu cartoons.

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During WWII, the US military commissioned some wonderful cartoons that were meant to be shown to the troops--not the folks at home. The Private Snafu films were a wonderfully funny series--done in black & white and filled with rather adult humor--and they can be downloaded for from from archive.org--a site often linked to by IMDb.

"A Hitch in Time" is a reworking of the Snafu films--and it's very obvious to any Snafu fan when you see this 1955 Warner Brothers short. The character looks similar and Technical Fairy First Class from the original films is now a SIMILAR looking character but he's now a gremlin who tries to steer Snafu into trouble--not the other way around.

So you'd think this would be a clever film, right? No...not really. This film (designed for recruitment and re-enlistment purposes) really lacks the humor and seems to be a very sanitized version of a once-great series. Pretty dull, actually.