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Si près de moi! (2006) Online

Si près de moi! (2006) Online
Original Title :
Murder in My House
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Robert Malenfant
Cast :
Barbara Niven,Gary Hudson,Daniel J. Travanti
Writer :
Robert Malenfant,Christine Conradt
Type :
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Si près de moi! (2006) Online

Lauren and her retired lawyer father, Stan, move to Philadelphia to start a new life in a peaceful neighborhood. However, they soon learn the previous owner of their house was murdered and that his wife was sent to prison for the crime. Stan takes an interest in the case, and the more he digs into the past, the more he is convinced that the woman convicted of the killing is innocent. Unfortunately, Lauren and Stan's neighbor will go to any lengths to ensure the truth doesn't come out.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Barbara Niven Barbara Niven - Lauren Kessler
Gary Hudson Gary Hudson - Brian Ellis
Daniel J. Travanti Daniel J. Travanti - Stan Douglas
Lisa Zane Lisa Zane - Roxanne
Ellen Dubin Ellen Dubin - Claire
Katherine Dines Katherine Dines - Marlee Hall (as Katherine Dines-Craig)
Sophie Gendron Sophie Gendron - Amanda Whitman
Sean Orr Sean Orr - Garrett Whitman
Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz - Stephanie
Taylor Tucker-Duguay Taylor Tucker-Duguay - Genesis
Katie Baker Katie Baker - Sydney
Caroline Redekopp Caroline Redekopp - Brittany Michaelson
Luigi Saracino Luigi Saracino - Front Desk Clerk
Peter Michael Dillon Peter Michael Dillon - Detective Bruning
Greg Hiscock Greg Hiscock - Donald Hall

User reviews



This is no mystery, for the viewer knows almost from the beginning who the killer is, but it is a fairly decent made-for-TV suspense thriller. The story premise is an intriguing one. A divorcée, Lauren Kessler (Barbara Niven), and her retired prosecutor father, Stran Douglas (Daniel J. Travanti), have moved into a new home unaware that a murder was committed in the guest house not long before. When Lauren learns of the dastardly deed she has her father check out the Pennsylvania law on disclosure. He learns that the Realtor had done nothing contrary to state law but becomes involved in reopening the case, since apparently the local authorities had botched the investigation sending the victim's wife to prison on circumstantial evidence. The couple's only child, Genesis, was placed in the custody of the wife's sister, Clair (Ellen Dubin), who works with Lauren and Stran to clear her sister and free her from prison. Stran encourages his daughter to date a friendly neighbor, Brian Ellis (Gary Hudson). Then the fun begins. The key to the mystery for the amateur sleuths is to uncover the victim's lover.

The beautiful Ottawa scenery (a stand-in for Pennsylvania) adds much to the film. The acting is first rate with a standout performance by Lisa Zane, playing the ghost of Roxanne, Brian's deceased wife. Gary Hudson makes a quirky Brian Ellis reminding the viewer of Eric Roberts, an old pro at playing such roles. The suspense never lets up, even with the commercial breaks.

Somewhat predictable and filled with plot holes, "Murder in My House" is worthwhile for fans of the genre. Not bad for a made-for-TV flick.


( Review of "Blood Stains" the movie )

This is the second "mystery" movie this week I have watched that made the same mistake ... letting the audience know who the killer is right from the start.

If they would have kept the killer in a mask, or in the shadows, it would made this film a lot better to sit threw.

As it is, this movie is incredibly boring. It reminds me of a not so good remake of "Matlock", or some other 80's crime mystery TV show.

The characters themselves act more like they are in a soap opera, than a movie.

There is no mystery, no suspense, no real drama, and no dramatic ending. I bought this movie, new, for $1.99, and it feels like I was overcharged.
The Rollers of Vildar

The Rollers of Vildar

Lauren and her father Stan move into what they believe is a nice neighborhood. What they don't realize is that a murder was committed on their property, leaving a little girl without her parents. The father, Garrett, was killed, and the mother, Amanda, was sent to prison--apparently as the result of incompetent or lazy lawyers. Stan, who was a prosecutor before developing health problems, now teaches at a local college, and he decides to find a way to reopen the case. Brian, another teacher at the college who becomes friendly with Lauren (and possibly more than just friends), would prefer that the case not be reopened. In fact, his behavior when he is alone resembles that of a stalker.

Through flashbacks, we are shown the events leading to the murder as well as the traumatic discovery of the body. We also see Lauren's memory of the tragic death of her own daughter Stephanie, who would have been the other girl's age had she lived. Lauren keeps Stephanie alive through her children's book series. She is also shown at a book-signing and one of the girls there is absolutely adorable, though she has just one line.

There's nothing that special here, though the leading actors do a good job, particularly Daniel J. Travanti as Stan. I did not recognize him, though I saw very few episodes of "Hill Street Blues." But the real standout performance here comes from Lisa Zane as Brian's ex-wife Roxanne, who only he can see. She is wacko! Could she actually be dead and haunting him, or is he crazy? Well, we know from the start that something's not right with him.


I recently saw this movie online, and it was OK. Gary Hudson played his role of the next-door neighbor with a dark secret. However, for the most part, Barbara Niven and Daniel J. Travanti's acting was wooden and felt like they were just reading off a script. But it was still a pretty good guilty pleasure movie.

The movie plot was that children's author Lauren Kessler (Niven) moved into a new house with her ex-attorney father, Stan Douglas (Travanti). Their neighbor, Brian Ellis (Hudson) starts to become involved in their lives, developing a relationship with Lauren. But after learning of a murder that occurred in the guest house, Stan starts digging into the case, wanting to clear the man's wife (Lifetime movie veteran Sophie Gendron) of the crime.

If you're like me, you could probably tell who the killer was. And the movie wastes no time revealing it. That's a big complaint I have with the movie. It has almost no suspense. We know who the killer is, and there's no twists or surprises along the way.

If you're looking for a quick movie to watch over the weekend, this is a good choice. But if you're looking for something deeper, then you should to look for another movie.


This made for TV movie isn't brilliant but it is not that bad either. The viewer figures out quickly who the murder is. But the tension does build up well. There are a few plot holes but these are made up by fair acting and good location camera work. Good after fun.