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Karen's Room (2013) Online

Karen's Room (2013) Online
Original Title :
Karenu0027s Room
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Geoff Harmer
Cast :
Lauren Shotton,Andrew Coppin,Neil James
Writer :
Neil James
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Karen's Room (2013) Online

Karen wakes up one morning after a heavy night drinking alone, only to find a handsome stranger in a suit, sitting at the foot of her bed. Who is he? Why is he here? What does he want?
Credited cast:
Lauren Shotton Lauren Shotton - Karen
Andrew Coppin Andrew Coppin - Thomas
Neil James Neil James - Barney (as Neil Thomas)
Nigel Lee Nigel Lee - Crispin
Peter Bradley Peter Bradley - Dad (voice)
Joe Flynn Joe Flynn - Agent
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sam Janovsky Sam Janovsky - EBE

User reviews



I liked the premise of this film, but it is let down by dull, unengaging performances that fail to convince. The actors, particularly Lauren Shotton as the female lead, get the tone entirely wrong and ruin the atmosphere of the film, turning what should have been an interesting and unusual short that draws in the viewer into a silly childish romp.

Bad acting aside there is little to criticise in the film. The production values are unremarkable, but at least the film-makers were sensible enough to work within what was obviously a tiny budget.

Not really worthwhile as it stands, but might have been diverting with better actors.


There is the germ of a good idea in this film but the amateurish performances prevents the project from engaging the audience. There seems to be no consensus of opinion on the tone of the piece between the director and cast. Lauren Shotton is completely artificial in everything she does on screen, making even this brief running time something of a chore. I was not involved in the short and found the entire thing somewhat tiresome. Production values don't jar, despite the obviously tiny budget because the director wisely uses a readily available location, no special effects or action sequences.I am prepared to accept the possibility that the writer and director might have a future in the industry, but he needs to get a better overview of his work and stop casting incompetent performers to bring his work to life.


The two lead actors have a palpable on-screen chemistry which turns a simple science-fantasy story into a much more engaging romantic drama. The script is fast-paced with touches of broad comedy and a twist or two in its tail ... but at heart this is a story of a most unconventional meeting between two people.

After a heavy night she wakes up to find a smartly dressed stranger in her bedroom. She does not panic but starts a conversation where each tries to take control of the situation ... while all the time realising that there is a mutual attraction developing.

Technically all is fine, despite the need to film in a tight location - with that budget they were not working on a set! I find a couple of visual effects lean a little too far towards the SF aspect, when the heart of the film is its romance.

It is hard to believe that this is a no-budget movie. And watch those stars ... if there is any justice they will be picking up international awards as their careers develop.