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La clownesse fantôme (1902) Online

La clownesse fantôme (1902) Online
Original Title :
La clownesse fantôme
Genre :
Movie / Short / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Georges Méliès
Type :
Time :
Rating :
La clownesse fantôme (1902) Online

The magician appears upon the stage with an imp as his assistant. The imp holds a piece of cloth in his hand. At the command of the magician the cloth is suddenly transformed into a beautiful girl, clad in tights. A barrel is then introduced and the girl enters one end. As she makes her exit from the other she is transformed into a man. The man then jumps through a paper hoop, and as he lands on the other side is changed back into the girl. The girl is then placed upon a table, the table is removed, and, to the astonishment of all, she remains in her position, apparently resting in mid-air. Two benches are then introduced and chairs placed under them, a man occupying one and the girl the other. At a wave of the magician's wand the figures fade away. When they reappear the girl and the man have changed places. Wonderful magic.
Uncredited cast:
Georges Méliès Georges Méliès - Magician (uncredited)

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Shadow-Girl, The (1902)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

aka La Clownesse fantome

More magic tricks from Melies who this time has two magicians pull a sheet out of a box and then unravel it to reveal a woman. After a few more tricks they have the girl climb through a barrel and then a man appears. Considering this film was released just after the landmark A Trip to the Moon one might call it a disappointment but it's actually pretty good for this type of film. The special effects are pretty good, although the final trick is easy to spot due to a poor edit. While the film isn't anything special and really doesn't stick out in the director's career, it's still worth watching for fans.


A lesser offering. First of all, the action has been done so much in the past. Two men start with a barrel. A man is transformed into a woman, sort of a chorus girl, and then back. By this time Melies had done this so many times. I need to investigate what the venue was for these films. Were they curiosities? Were they part of a larger performance of some kind? I must get a book on Melies.